A good product demonstration video illustrates your product’s features and shows it’s capabilities and working in real-time. Demo videos are a compelling way to communicate your product’s value to prospective customers. Product demo videos are visual based logical content which talks about the working process of any product and helps massively with client onboarding and can also be considered as quality material for the customer success team since they can now share it with new prospective customers for them to now understand the overview of the product in very little time.

Creating A Product Demonstration Video

When creating your product demo video, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind:

  • What is the Goal - It is very important to ensure that the video serves its basic purpose and therefore should be recorded only after the final goal is clear. By final goal, what is intended is that you as a brand are completely aware of what your video is trying to achieve and what you want the video to go away with. Also, what action you expect from your viewers once they’ve seen the videos should be well accounted for. For Eg: After watching a product demo video, you expect your viewers to buy it from you or maybe request for a demo.
  • Know your Audience - Targeting the correct audience becomes very important in order to convert them into a prospective customer for the company. Before creating a video, ask yourself who your target viewers are, what are you exactly bringing to the table through the video, how long would they like to watch the video, what is the buyer persona that you are catering to, etc. Answering all these questions would give you a better insight on how your content should be presented. For Eg: If it is a baby product that you’re advertising, you’d prefer a softer tone to the video while having some fun voice-over of little kids and not something with a straight tone that is used for the corporate videos.
  • Choose between Animation and Live Action - Animated videos can sometimes prove to be cheaper than live action videos and one must choose the kind of videos that are required while considering the budget allotted for the clipping. Along with the budget, the story that needs to be put out plays a big role in choosing which one to opt for. While Live Action works really well for hardware products where you can show the product work in a real environment, Animation can be used to portray anything that you can imagine, be it something abstract like block chain technology or something like  cloud computing,etc, Animation proves to work best for complex products too.
  • Include a Call - to - Action (CTA) - Including a CTA in the video proves to be an efficient way of encouraging the viewers to convert into a prospective customer for the company. So at the end of the video, provide a clear and specific next step or the call to action, like download a trial, request more information, or maybe buy now. (P.S: Do not forget the power of emotions in a video and so do not just rely on the CTA’s but actually both of them together to create an impactful video.)
  • The choice between in-house and agency – This choice completely depends on how much your budget is. If you’ve got a good budget for your project and require a lot of work to be done, it is always advisable to lookout for agencies that can give you a set of efficient quotes and create effective pitches for your project too but If you are running low on budget then there’s certainly no point hesitating creating a video over your Iphone or some good phone with camera because what at the end matters is the content and well you are able to present it to your audience and the subsequent response.

The 10 Best Product Demo Videos Today

There are several brands that have created some really amazing product demonstration videos which have resulted in positive results for the company and have also improved its clientele to a great extent. Some of these examples include the following.

1) Beauty Bakerie

A recent demo from Beauty Bakerie's CEO and Co-Founder Cashmere Nicole Carillo highlights the brand's new concealer, foundation and makeup setting mist. Cashmere begins the demo with no makeup on to show her fans what the makeup will look like realistically as she puts it on her face. While the demo allows viewers to see what the products will work like in real life, Cashmere also gives instructions on how to use it so they'll also know just how easy it is to add to their daily beauty routine.

2) Survey Monkey

A nearly two-minutes long, this is a lengthy product demo video but it packs a powerful punch with text-based benefits and features, and a walk-through of the product interface. Viewers see just how easy it is to send a survey using SurveyMonkey. They even see how it integrates with other platforms like Slack. This is a workhorse of a demo video, but the viewer witnesses how SurveyMonkey can integrate into their daily workflow -- and how easy the product is to use, from sign-in to send.

3) Apple’s iPhone XS,XS Max and XR

The Brand has released a new video featuring the latest launches done by the brand. This glossy product video introduces the new iPhone XR by showing what it can do. Simple text alerts the viewer to the features this new phone possesses (e.g., “liquid retina,” “face ID,” and “water resistant”), and the benefits are communicated through the vivid visuals. The goal of this product demo is to create the feeling of "wow" rather than to educate, and that’s exactly what it does in a seemingly effortless manner.

4) Slack

Slack uses a brightly hued video to break down a common misconception about their platform: that it’s only for sending private messages. They walk viewers through how teams can communicate using their interface. “It’s way more than just a place to talk,” explains the actor, “We keep all of our files here too.” The video is feature-heavy, but the actor chimes in with how those features translate into benefits as he walks viewers through a demonstration of Slack. A simple “Get started with Slack, today” closes out this informative video.

5) Duo Lingo

Duolingo kicks things off with social proof. “Far and away the best free language-learning app,” says The Wall Street Journal. What follows is a description of how the platform works, backed with more data on how effective it really is. If you want to prove that your product works, sometimes facts are more alluring than a demo of the product itself - and the video and its reception by the viewers has surely proved this fact in the best possible manner.

6) IKEA Place

There’s nothing wrong with stating your purpose up front. “Hey, IKEA would like everyone to know about Place, our new augmented reality app,” explains this demo video. What follows is a demonstration of the app, and a video montage of people struggling to design and furnish new spaces. “We want to make it easier for people everywhere to imagine a better place,” the narrator explains. That’s exactly what this video demo does.

7) Nose Frida

Your baby is cute, until she’s not. The narrator explains what happens to a baby’s nose when they’re sick -- and why your baby gets fussy. Immediately, they identified the viewer’s pain points and explained the problem with NoseFrida’s competitors. The narrator begins to explain how to use the NoseFrida -- a device that allows parents to physically suck snot out of their baby’s nose and effectively runs your days of carefree milkshake sipping forever (take it from me). It’s here that the company does something brilliant. They know their customer’s biggest purchasing block is the gross-out factor this product elicits, so they confront it head on. “Breathe easy, we know what you’re thinking.” The narrator then explains how NoseFrida is designed to be hygienic and safe. Know your product has a big red flag for customers? Try addressing it bravely, like NoseFrida does, instead of tip-toeing around the elephant in the room.

8) Bluprint

How do you get people to part with their most valuable asset: their free time? Online learning platform Bluprint does just that. They overcome viewer objections early on. Think you don’t have time? “There’s always a way to get your creative fix,” the narrator explains. The video takes an aspirational lens, showing people cooking, painting, and dancing. It ends with a call to action, “What will you do today?” Bluprint knows what they’re up against, and their demo video is a strong rebuttal against inactivity.

9) Ring Door View Cam

This is another great example of showing instead of telling viewers what your product can do. The video shows everyday people using Ring’s Door View Cam in a variety of ways. We see them use the mobile interface, benefit from the speaker, and avoid danger using the camera.

10) Lime (Electric Scooters)

Text that reads, “How to Lime” kicks this video off and tells viewers exactly what to expect. We see a step-by-step demonstration of how to use Lime, their safety recommendations, and some basics on their mobile app.

Create Interactive Product Demos With VideoForm

“Lead Generation has a new face” which is actually yours. VideoForm allows you to generate leads with the utmost human touch possible through the web. You can now just convince your prospects by actually conversing with them and also provide your pre-existing customers a platform to share their experiences they had with you through the same platform. It facilitates your users to respond the way they wish to, be it through text, audio or video. One of the main reasons the sense of human touch is appreciable to these videos is the sense of trust that people naturally tend to have once they are “behind the scene”. Such types of Video Demos certainly add to an effective interaction workflow which is what is actually required.

Product Demo videos, when done properly and minutely, can result in truly marvellous results and have proven to be one of the major tools used by companies as their marketing strategy.