The amount of traffic attracted to your website is absolutely immaterial if you’re unable to convert them into leads who can one day become loyal customers for your brand.

To convert these prospects into new customers,  you need to embed high converting web forms across the most crucial bits of your website.

These web forms help in capturing leads, collecting contact information, maximizing signups and promoting free trials. Lead generation forms also improve feedback and survey performance and help grow email lists to boost email marketing efforts.

What Is A Lead Generation Form?

A lead generation form is a web form that is designed to capture the contact details of website visitors. Effective lead generation forms are able to convince the website visitor to give you their contact information in return for something that is of value to them - coupons, free demos, resource materials etc.

Lead generation forms come in several types - contact forms, registration forms, basic signup forms, etcetera. To create a seamless customer experience, you need to put some thought into the lead generation form you are designing. But building a form from scratch isn’t difficult - not if you have the right tools.

To help you get started with lead generation, we’ve listed the 10 best form creation platforms online today.

Let’s jump in...

10 Best Lead Generation Form Platforms

The lead generation platforms listed below have been picked based on their ease of use, quality of output and flexibility of features. Armed, with these tools you’ll be able to create lead gen forms in a matter of minutes.

1. Typeform


Typeform has proven to be one of the finest platforms for surveys and questionnaires, helping you create a conversational experience that is very effective in capturing contextual information from the audience.

The format used by this platform is really great at building surveys and questionnaires, be it for sign up, purchase, newsletter subscription, feedback etc. Typeform’s builder has a great interface that provides its users with an intuitive experience from the first session itself.

Featuring a smooth user interface with an intuitive learning curve, Typeform lets you create surveys and questionnaires in a matter of minutes. With plenty of built-in templates to choose from, Typeform ticks almost every box to come out amongst the top lead generation form builders out there.

2. Google Forms

Google forms

Google forms is a great platform for creating lead generation forms as it is absolutely free and all you need is a Google account to start off with it.

Compared to the other form creation platforms in this list, google forms may feel and look basic, but don’t be fooled - this form builder offers a large amount of flexibility.

Google Forms is incredibly smart and fast in terms of adding the form fields and editing them. The best part about using Google forms is that it automatically saves the results of the form to a Google sheets spreadsheet for proper analysis of the forms.

This lead gen form creation platform gives you multiple options to choose from for your questions, by providing fields for short and long answer text boxes, check boxes, multiple choice selections, file uploads, drop down menu and a lot more.

Google forms comes in with the right type of pre-built templates that you can use very easily in your form with questions. Also, you can easily customize the colors and theme of the form as per the requirement and you can also share the form with your team to collaborate on it simultaneously while you create it.

3. Forminator


Forminator is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create contact forms, quizzes and polls. The best part about forminator is that it’s all absolutely free of cost and allows customization to a great extent using its drag and drop form builder.

This platform offers a great deal of diversity when it comes to creating and customizing the forms making it more of a solid choice for your form builders.

Not just that, but it’s great at functionality as well as it allows you to even accept payments through Stripe and PayPal, that too for free. We can surely say that it is one of the finest feature rich platforms out there that costs you nothing.

4. JotForm


Jotform is one of the best online form builders for creating lead gen forms as it allows you to customize your form and make it look exactly how you want it to look and do everything you need it to do.

The forms created over this platform are much more customizable than the forms created on Google forms or Microsoft forms. Additionally, JotForm lets you accept payments and collect signatures without having to upgrade to a premium plan.

JotForm has a good template library with more than 10,000 form templates to choose from for different genres, be it employment applications, contact forms, research surveys, etc.

You can also accessorize the form with an additional progress bar, validate emails and much more.

5. Optimonk


Optimonk is one of the best online platforms for ecommerce sites that are looking out to collect more emails and grow their leads.

It comes in with 4 different form types to choose from namely, Popup, Nano bar, full screen and side message.

Some of the key features of this platform are the countdown coupon on radio options. Optimonk allows you to create simple and complex forms without any requirement of technical expertise to create one and basically has a very user-friendly dashboard.

It also has different tools to track the user behavior and display the appropriate pop up offers at the right times. This platform is capable of integrating with all your other favorite tools like Shopify, Magento, Unbounce, etc.

6. Convertful


Convertful serves like an all-in-one tool to turn all your visitors into leads and sales.  It comes out as an excellent platform for ecommerce as well as agencies, bloggers, etc.

This platform is basically a very powerful form builder with great onsite conversion rate solutions.

It has an extremely user friendly interface and an easy feature of drag and drop that lets you create  subscription forms to boost the website and make your landing page creation extremely easy.

Convertful is great at customizing your designs completely, so you can expect your form design to perfectly match the language of your brand and its tone. This platform till date has turned out to be a great one for both novice and advanced users who wish to attract new leads through their website.

It works perfectly with different ecommerce platforms and email marketing software like Sendinblue, HubSpot, MailerLite, etc.

7. MailOptin


MailOptin is a WordPress form builder plugin that has the ability to make your life easier by helping you increase your newsletter signup rate. This platform is free to a great extent and requires you to just download it and activate the plugin to start creating.

This free form build up plugin Offers you several form templates that are easily customizable based on the liking which means that you can change the effects, images, or colors very easily. It comes in with great features like advanced trigger rules, healthy reporting and built in analytics.

Talking of the integrations, MailOptin is capable of integrating with significant number of CRM's, WordPress solutions, and popular email marketing platforms such as MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, etc.  

8. Paperform


Paperform is an excellent tool for small businesses and teams looking to create forms without having to be tech-savvy. Designed to be as simple as writing a document - but a lot more fun.

A key attribute of Paperform is its versatility. While some form builders are either smart or beautiful, Paperform is both. With more than 25 question types, you can create different forms that absolutely suit your needs. The SaaS platform has enough juice for all your needs, from conditional logic, guided mode and calculations to rating, rank and appointment fields.

The powerful editor also allows you to create fully customizable solutions that are on brand and truly feel like yours. Curate your unique look and feel by tailoring your color palette, embedding content, and adding branded fonts, layouts and themes.

In need of inspiration? Paperform has 600 templates and over 50 lead gen templates that give you the freedom to create anything from a simple signup form to complex payment forms and bookings.

9. Formsite


Formsite is one of the most attractive platforms for creating forms and surveys like never before.

It is one of the platforms that is usually accessed for creating simple customer feedback surveys and contact forms though it is very much capable of offering all the essential features that are required for designing a unique web form that converts the audience very easily.

This platform does not really have any fancy drag and drop tools or any wizards to get you started, making it to be the one absolutely for tech savvy people.

Forsite lets you secure your form data by encrypting the text in specific form fields which cannot be accessed by people without permission.

10. VideoForm


Of course, we had to add ourselves to this list. VideoForm is the next step in the evolution of lead generation.

By combining the abilities of personalization with the engagement of interactive video, VideoForm allows you to bring new life and truly involve your audiences like never before.

Impress prospects with an interactive video, talking directly to them and convince them personally to drop down their contact details or ask queries directly to the video, and grow your database like never before.

Whether it’s a survey or a questionnaire, VideoForm allows you to maximize the power of your lead generation and make it a brand experience that converts leads into customers.

Best Practices When Creating VideoForms

Now that you know about how unique your forms can be, here are some of the tips that you can incorporate and practice while you create your VideoForm.

1. Talk To Your Customers, Yourself!

By putting yourself in the video and having a direct conversation with the audience,  you're not just directly conveying what you wish to convey but also adding a human touch to your approach.

By giving your video a face here, you are using the power of emotions to drive the audience forwards to your call to action, be it subscribing to your channel, sharing your video or making a purchase of the product that you are offering.

2. Use GIFs Contextually

Camera shy? No problem! Use our Giphy and pexels integration to use GIFs instead of a recorded video to give your message some context. They act as a great help in explaining the ideas and adding a sense of emotional touch to the conversations.

Not just that, but it does add a little drama to the videos that helps in attracting more attention of your audience. With GIFs being added to the video, even the most conventional video clips can become a fun viewing experience so you should consider adding them while you create videos for better lead conversions.

3. Add Personality To Your Videos

Your videos are not just a way of lead conversion - They’re also great at promoting your brand!  It is, therefore, very important for you to understand that a video needs to have a sense of personality to itself.  

There are multiple things that can be done to add this element like,  the narrator can be very professional yet friendly for the audience to actually reciprocate in the right way, make sure your content doesn't really sound scripted but actually very natural and effortless.

Also, don't forget that the videos that you create need to be aligned with the ideologies and objectives of the brand in order to do justice to both, the brand and the audience who are viewing it.

4. Give Them Multiple Steps To Play With Your VideoForm

While creating forms, it is always a better idea to give multiple steps to your form in order to create a sense of involvement for the user.

Consider using a progress bar or a graph that shows how much of the form is done and how much more is supposed to be done in order to complete it.  

This way you don't just have people responding to the forms in the right way but actually in a good quantity.


And there you have it!

Those were our picks for the best lead generation forms online today. With all the different features that all these platforms offer, it’s best to take a few minutes to try them all out to figure which lead gen form builder best suits what you’re looking for.

It's time for you to get going and create some of the most effective forms that not just convey or put out questions for your audience but also acts as a great branding and promotional strategy for your brand.