Every business  - whether it’s an online business, a gym or a food outlet - needs to generate a truckload of leads if it is to grow to the next level. For most businesses out there the word “lead” is synonymous to “more money”.

The first step in any lead generation process is research. You’ve got to research your target audience in order to understand their needs, wants and preferences better.

Once you know your audience, you can start mapping out strategies that are meant to reach them, generate more quality leads in the process and boost your business to new heights of success.

There are tons of software and tools available online that can help you bring

In Lead Generation, there is no such thing as a software or tool that fits all the requirements. That’s why we created this list of the best lead generation tools out there for you to try out in your company. Be sure to check them all out - you’re bound to find the software that match your working requirements.

What are Lead Generation Tools?

Lead generation is defined as the process of sparking audience interest towards the products and services provided by your business. The tools and strategies that are used by these businesses to generate these potential leads by naturally getting them warmed up to their offerings are what we call lead generation tools.

These tools and strategies are based on a solid foundation of good content - content that is created to impart free, useful and insightful information about the companies to the audience.

The more your audience likes seeing your content, the better are their chances of getting on to tapping your call to action (CTA) and responding in a way that works well for your brand.

So just how do you pick a lead generation tool for your business?

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How To Pick The Best Lead Generation Tools?

There are PLENTY of lead generation tools out there that’ll give you average results. But for maximum effectiveness, your business needs to have the best. Here are a couple of factors you should keep in mind when looking for the Software that’ll work best for you.

1. Operational Ease & Easy Implementation

Look out for lead gen tools that have a quick learning curve. You should have a basic grasp of this software in just a few hours.

Also, stay away from lead generation tools that require you to change the foundations of your work process. The tools you pick should be easy to integrate with your pre-existing workflow for your team to transition seamlessly.

2. Good Reporting Accuracy

The reports you get from your database need to be in-depth and relevant to your company’s functioning for you to be able to make the right decisions for the business.

The software or the tool you pick should give you useful data that gives you an insight into your strategy or else rather than growing, the company might lose out on what it has created over a period of time.

3. Cost-Effective

Cost is always a factor for consideration while opting in for a new tool or software. The cost of the same should be good enough to account for a good amount of profit against the average input cost on each of the leads.

The 11 Best Lead Generation Tools

Now that you know what to look for in your lead generation software, it’s time to get started with our list. These are 11 of the most effective platforms and tools for lead generation that you can use to bring more  customers into your sales funnel:

1. Optinmonster

Optinmonster is one of the best tools when it comes to converting visitors as it brings in the factor of pop-ups that work really well for the same. Agreed, some pop-ups do feel intrusive to the user experience.

But when implemented smartly, you’ll find they create a massive lead gen boost. Most of the websites use the popups as a Call to Action to flip the exit intent of the visitors by popping out at the right time while the visitor is almost about to leave the page. In such cases, Optinmonster is the tool to use.

Pricing- It costs around $19 a month and is pretty easy to implement on any page.


2. Datanyze

Browsing LinkedIn for prospects and key decision-makers? Wish you could tap into their contact info without leaving the page?

The Datanyze Google Chrome Extension is the accurate, time-saving tool you’ve been waiting for. This simple-to-use extension lets you pull B2B contact information, including email addresses, direct-dial phone numbers, and company details directly from LinkedIn.

Pricing: Datanyze starts at just $21 per month for valuable access to the prospects you’re most interested in  reaching


3. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn sales navigator is an amazing tool for capturing new potential leads in a way that it not only gives the recommendations for the leads but also gives information about the people who have viewed the profile of your company.

LinkedIn sales navigator works the best for B2B sales. It also enables the user to save the leads directly to the CRM of their profile.

Pricing- The cost of this tool is around $64.99 per month.

LinkedIn sales navigator

4. Hootsuite

For any business, managing a social media account is a time-consuming process. When you have multiple social media accounts, however, it becomes a tedious task.

That’s where Hootsuite comes in. Hootsuite allows you to manage multiple social media accounts from one single platform and also provides insights into the performance of your entire social marketing strategy in one place.

A major perk of this tool is that you can also schedule your posts and publish them across your social media outlets automatically rather than posting them manually on multiple platforms.

Pricing- Hootsuite starts from around $25 per month.


5. Unbounce

Unbounce cannot really be called a beginner’s tool, but it is one of the most advanced builders that you will come across. Unbounce does a lot more than just build pretty landing pages - it puts in all that is required for a landing page to actually convert as here, you can create your custom landing page with no coding required.

It features one of the best drag and drops builders in the game. Unbounce can actually be deemed as one of the best all-rounder tools especially for landing pages that prompt your visitors with one focused goal instead of leaving them to wander a site full of distractions.

Pricing- This tool cost around $79 per month as the base.


6. Hunter

Hunter is an outbound email tool that allows you to type in any sort of web domain and scour for the email addresses that are associated with the same.

Using this tool, you can manually control your ideal email targets and access the contact information of individuals in that organization without having to look for each of them separately or one at a time.

Email campaigns can also be easily done using Hunter.  It’s the perfect tool to find the right audience to better target your cold emails.

Pricing- Hunter costs around $49 per month.


7. SEMrush

SEMrush is very well known for its keyword search capabilities but it works even better for on-site auditing.

This lead generation tool is capable of providing your business with a clear picture of all the SEO opportunities that are available for your website. SEMrush basically keeps a check on the website's technical search engine optimization.

Pricing- This tool costs around $100 a month.


8. Yoast SEO plugin

If you are someone who is new to the business and are running a website on WordPress then this is a tool that you really need to have when you start out. Yoast’s SEO plugin helps to optimize all the basic essentials of the web pages or posts that you’ve published.

It’s also a really useful tool to have if you’re employing a content creator who isn’t very familiar with SEO. Yoast SEO plugin not only analyses and optimizes the content on every page but also offers suggestions that you can implement to improve the SEO and the visibility of the website.

Pricing- This tool is available in Both free as well as paid versions The paid one costs around $49.93 per month.

Yoast SEO plugin

9. Google Analytics

Though Google Analytics is not really easy to use and might need a developer at the initial stage (especially for event tracking or some custom metrics) it is definitely worth the investment.

Google Analytics provides you with detailed information about the visitors on your web page, where they are coming from, and what exactly they are looking for on your web.

This further helps not just optimize the landing page but also set up effective strategies for advertising or marketing and several other parts of a website for the best possible performance.

Pricing- This one comes absolutely free of cost.

Google Analytics

10. Hubspot

Hubspot is an all in one solution for all the lead generation software tools that you might need. With HubSpot, you get access to a set of useful integrated software tools.

The only issue faced by HubSpot clients is that once you start using the software provided here to get a higher volume of leads, you will end up having to pay a large sum for the monthly bills. This, however, depends on the scale of your business.

Pricing- HubSpot is available with free tools but once you start getting the bills, they might turn out to be really pricey for you.


11. VideoForm

VideoForm brings in the power of videos to conversational content to help guide the prospects with an absolute personal touch and approach to it.

It is the perfect platform for creating personalized videos and images. Our easy-to-use tools make it easy to create amazing videos and images from templates or from scratch.

Plus, our powerful customization options let you make every video and image truly unique. So whether you're looking to create a special keepsake for a loved one or want to add a personal touch to your next presentation, Videoform is the perfect solution.

Pricing- The starter version of the tool starts from $49 per month.


Well, that was our list. Armed with these amazing tools, you'll breathe new life into your lead generation strategy and grow your customer base like never before. Remember, don't just go after all these tools blindly.

Try them all out and see how they fit into your current workflow. Pretty soon, you'll have a well-oiled lead-generation machine that efficiently converts new prospects into loyal customers for your business.