Cleverly using alternatives of "Please Find Attached" in your sales emails will make you appear more professional to your customers.

The use and occasional misuse of words can affect how a reader views something, including an email.

Using the alternatives we mention in this post makes any correspondence seem much more polished than just saying that they are included with this message.

Why Should You Use These Alternatives?

Here are the 4 reasons why you should use the alternatives we wrote here for the sentence “Please Find Attached” in your sales emails.

1) The recipient will not be confused about what they need to find when opening an email.

2) It can help with word count by replacing cliche phrases like "attached" or "enclosed."

3) You won't have to worry as much about typos since we've written good lines

4) Most people already know these words, so it's easier on them.

11 Better Ways to Say “Please Find Attached”

1. Here is your request for XYZ company

When do you use the sentence "Here's a link to the document you requested"? The answer is simple- when sending prospects information, they have asked for it. The best-case scenario will be if your prospect requests that certain documents are sent over and does not respond after receiving them.

Suppose there has been no response from the prospect within 24 hours of the initial contact or inquiry.

If you need to follow up via email, it may seem strange at first, but relevant to ask what the prospect thought of those attachments.

2. Below is the list of documents

As with any sales process, there are times when it becomes necessary and appropriate to provide documents. For example, you can use this sentence when following up an email or phone call where your prospect expressed interest in the deal.

They are probably waiting for more information on your proposal before making their final decision. So, it is best to attach the docs with "below is a list of documents that we have included in this email"

3. Let me know if you have questions about the attachments

Have you ever had the perfect sales email that just didn't convert? No matter what you tried, it was a dud.

One of the reasons is because your prospect might have been too busy to reply, and there are so many emails coming in they can only respond occasionally or when their schedule allows.

When this happens, try asking them if they still want more information about attachments, for example, by adding "Let me know if you have questions about the attachments?" near the end of your message as an option for how to get back to you instead of expecting responses.

4. Sending you the copy of the invoice

In my experience as a consultant for Fortune 500 companies, I have found that there is one particular sentence that will help motivate them towards action: 'Sending you the copy of the invoice attached'.

Why should we use this phrase? Well, firstly, because people who receive invoices expect their questions or queries about these documents answered immediately.

Using phrases such as 'Sending you the copy of the invoice attached,' indicates that there is a document for them to look at, which should give their brain something to do.

5. Have a look at the inquiry proposal attached

The most challenging part of sales is getting your prospect to engage. If you have a lot of experience, this might not be as big an issue for you, but if it's been a while since the last time someone bought from your company, then chances are they're hesitant about making that decision again or at all!

To keep them engaged and interested in what I can offer, I like to try saying things like, "Have a look at our proposal attached".

This simple sentence adds just enough detail even though prospects will likely want more information on who and why after reading the first few words- there should be no problem with their curiosity being piqued along with interest.

6. Here is an attachment to show you what I'm talking about

Sometimes, it can be hard to get your point across. For example, you could use this sentence when you want a prospect's attention and you're not sure how to phrase what needs clarification in the email without sounding too pushy.

For example, say someone wants more information on our product line for their company but isn't ready yet with purchasing decisions, you can send this phrase in your email.

7. Sharing the information you requested

Remember that a prospect will be more likely to listen and engage with you when they feel like the value of what you are sharing is worth their time.

For example, if your product or service costs less than $5, then it would not make sense for them to invest in your information because the return on investment does not justify spending money without knowing how much they can spend.

Once you have established which price bracket most closely matches yours ask, so for example:

Sharing these useful recycling tips to turn your habit into routine behavior?

Sharing relevant information to your prospects is a great way to turn them into customers. It can be one of the most effective ways you can use it for sales.

8. Check your inbox for tender document

When you're emailing potential customers to see if they want to buy, use the sentence "Check your inbox for a tender document" at a strategic point.

9. Please find herewith the Annexures for the upcoming project [ABC]

You can use it by including attachments in an email and then following up shortly after with a phone call or text message asking if they have received them.

Some people do not have the time to open attachments and might even mark them as spam. This phrase will help you stay on your prospect's radar by making it easy for them to check in before moving on.

10. No attachment, just click here

"No attachment, just click here." is a common sentence that's often used to grab someone's attention.

It works by getting the reader curious and then directing them towards what they should be clicking on - which could lead them straight into your sales funnel!

This tactic can work for you in many ways, from advertising new products or services, offering freebies like eBooks or other informational content, promoting special offers available only through an email sign up. The possibilities are endless when it comes to marketing with "no attachments!"

11. Sending you the docs right away - Sorry for the delay :)

When you were on your way to the prospect's office yesterday and realized they wanted a document that would have been much easier had it come in their email but forgot, use this sentence:

"I was on a long drive yesterday and did not have a chance to send you the docs. Sending you the docs right away - sorry for the delay."

This sentence is helpful if someone forgets about an email they were supposed to receive, but it does not need additional information. It just makes up for the lack of information in the email.

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