Whether it's helping brands explain the ins and outs of their products or services or helping sales teams close deals with ease, video marketing is at the door of every business. Video has offered companies a better way to capture visitors’ attention than conventional text-based marketing.

Featuring a sales video on your website is one of the best ways to quickly address visitor objections and quickly turn them into paying customers. So if you're thinking about creating a sales video, this is the resource for you.

By the end of this article, you'll learn the secrets of an effective sales video that hooks viewers and naturally leads them to buy your product. But let’s start with the basics.

What is a Sales Video?

A sales video is a commercial video that exhibits the necessary aspects of a product/service to convince the viewer of its usefulness and that it is the best one to meet their needs. It is an undeniable asset to charm your prospects and make a quick sale.

Why is a Sales Video important for Your Business?

It is hard to overstate the value of a sales video to a business. Sales videos allow companies to strengthen their brand image, forge a closer bond with their prospects and stand out from competing companies. But that's not all, they also help boost a company's across-the-board marketing strategies. Here's how.

Boosting conversion rate or generating more sales

Be it an explainer video or a sales video, a well-designed video with good call-to-action has the conversion power to turn viewers into customers. It’s no secret that people engage better with video materials than any other type of content.

In fact, customers agree (56%) that a company should feature video content on its website. Interestingly, Data from Unbounce shows that videos on landing pages can increase conversion rates by up to 80%.

Building trust and boosting word-of-mouth

Of all marketing collateral, sales video is the most likely to touch the hearts of viewers and get them talking about a product around them. In fact, it has been proven that video can increase word-of-mouth by 20 percent.

Helping your SEO efforts

While boosting conversion and building trust with your audience, a sales video will also keep your company in the good books of the search engine algorithms. Attaching a video to your website dramatically increases your chances of appearing on the first page of Google.

Moreover,  Hubspot has observed that 75% of internet users never go beyond the first page of SERP. So, your sales video will also do a great job of furthering your SEO efforts.

15 Example of Sales Videos That Convert

Now that you know why a sales video is essential to growing your business, here’s 15 of the best sales videos you can take inspiration from.

1. Snowflake

This is our pick for the best sales video because of three reasons: it's beautifully designed, it's fun to watch, and it has a clear and straightforward call to action. Snowflake partnered with C-Suite, a customer company, to tell their story on how the cloud-based data warehouse has helped them give their customer a seamless and appealing experience to their customer.

2. .Co

You probably know it, .Co is a top-level domain in the Internet's domain name system. This sales video features a handful of the company's customers from different backgrounds sharing their experience with the company and how it helped them easily set up their business. These are votes of confidence from companies with different pedigrees, instilling confidence and trust around the company.


Lyft's sales video is one of the best out there. The sales video moves LYFT from a brand that produces an app that helps people give each other rides to a brand with a human heart. It appeals to the viewer's emotions and positions the app as a hero by telling a moving real-life story.

4. Parsec

Flying in a plane is fun, building one should be too. Parsec's video shows how its software facilitates the visual monitoring of workflow as an integral part of digital manufacturing operations. Their sales video converts digital manufacturing operations into a simple game of placing counters in order, expressing the usefulness and importance of their service.

5. VideoForm

If your goal is to handle visitors’ objections, turn them into customers, stick out of the competition and do it all with fun, this is the sales video to learn from.

VideoForm’s sales video portrays a potential customer in need of their service but having many doubts about it. The sales video showcases the advantages of their services, answers all his objections, and shows how he can use it to obtain his much-desired outcome.

6. Outreach

Outreach is a sales engagement tool that automates the processes associated with sales and marketing. Outreach's video is one of the best sales videos out there and it introduces the company, gives a tour of the software, and explains how the software is able to manage workflows, follow-ups, emails, etc.

7. Drift

Drift brings out its amazing team to explain everything you can expect from its application and how they help you achieve your goals with the app. They set up the expectations and present themselves as friends to help you every step of the way.

8. Oliver Hume

Oliver Hume offers residential property funds and property services. They designed a sales video featuring experts from the company sharing what they do and their story over the years in the face of endless challenges. Their sales videos portray the company as a group of experts capable of providing you with the best solutions.

9. Breezeway

Breezeway makes property care a breeze. They designed an app for their services and created a unique sales video to make it sexy. The breezeway sales video introduces their app and showcases its different features and illustrates the user interface along with all the pros of the app.

10. Smiths Detection

Smiths Detection is a company that specializes in detection and screening technologies. They worked with the Melbourne Airport and made a case study out of the experience. What’s interesting here is that the video featured all parties involved in the use of their technology to tell how it makes life easier for them.

11. Brex

Brex is a cash management app. Their sales video breaks down the different perks of the software through its UI and presents it as the ideal financial operating system for entrepreneurs and businesses.

12. NSW Department of Education

The NSW Department of Education is the largest provider of public education in Australia. This video is an illustration of their philosophy and commitment to providing high-quality public education to the NSW student community. The video sheds light on their drive and philosophy, making The NSW Department of Education appealing in the eyes of viewers.

13. SPS Commerce

What better way to make your case than having your top-performing customers tell their success stories with your company? SPS Commerce partnered with THE ICONIC, a leading fashion company, to tell a story about their success with the company.

14. PayRight

PayRight is a payment solution that helps you buy on the go. They employ humor and good dancing beat to quickly portray the utility of the application to users. While we can all discern the usefulness of the app, the fun and the ambiance make the video one of the best out there.

15. Samsara

Samsara helps companies improve the efficiency of their transport operations. Samsara’s sales video features a customer telling their story with the company. The happy customer shares how Samara took the guesswork out of the equation and provided them with informed data for better decisions.

What makes a good sales video?

Reeling the visitors in

Think about it, even when you want something, the main reason you don’t buy it is because of the many objections you come up with. A good sales video handles all those objections and gives viewers a clear next step to follow.

Humanizing businesses

One of the reasons sales videos are so darn effective is because they humanize businesses. And that’s the key to inspiring trustworthiness. People don’t immediately trust brands or corporations. People trust people. Thus, a good sales video needs to bring out the human side of a company to be the most effective.


This is as important as your purpose with the sales video. If your sales video is not interesting enough, no one will watch it to finish. You need to stop selling and add value with playfulness. This will allow you to make your case and still win the hearts of the visitors.

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What types of Sales Video should you consider?

- Live-action Videos

This is the most common type of sales video. It features humans and helps businesses make their case by telling stories viewers can relate to.

- Screen Record Videos

This is a screenshot video. This is the type of video that you record yourself to show and tell about a specific product or service. This type of sales video also uses some edits to make it look professional and appealing.

- Selfie Videos

Selfie videos are great for getting customer testimonials. You collect selfie videos from several people and use them to build a sales video. You will still need to use great video production skills to make your video perfect.

Wrap up

Using sales video is no longer an option for companies. Its conversion power makes it more compelling than any other marketing material. Now, make sure you follow good conversion and marketing practices to make your videos even more appealing.