In this digital era, connecting with the audience is crucial for brands in building their online credibility. When businesses continuously engage with their customers, they will see your brand as a reliable enterprise and won't mind using your products in the future.

Incorporating interactive videos are one of the best methods to connect with customers seamlessly. The video allows people to give direct feedback to the brand. This is an excellent asset for businesses in understanding what their market truly says about their product.

What Is An Interactive Video?

An interactive video is a new form of video content that allows viewers to interact with it through specific tools. People can interact by clicking buttons, hovering mouses, or making gestures that lead them into a different experience than linear videos.

A linear video itself is the traditional, typical video that enables users to view the entire content without having the ability to interact. It’s a passive medium where viewers can only click the play button, rewind, fast-forward, and pause to enjoy the video.

Through this difference, many marketers often used interactive videos to connect with customers effectively. Although the common type like an explainer video can help deliver brands' message concisely, having interactive videos on your marketing strategy will bring a different, better outcome.

Before making an interactive video, let's take a look at several options used in it.

1. Data Input

With this built-in option, viewers can input information like their name, email address, institution, age, and many more.

2. Quiz

Users can participate in quizzes in the video. They can answer the questions by selecting from multiple choices and typing down their answers.

3. 360-view

Viewers are able to control the viewing direction and watch the video from every angle.

4. Hotspot

These are the clickable buttons in the video. Viewers can quickly click the button to take them to separate pages.‍

Why You Need to Create Interactive Videos

Videos, in general, are great for conveying messages in the online world. The reason is that they can address the audience's pain points seamlessly in no time.

However, an interactive video is unlike typical videos. It engages the viewer better since they allow people to interact and give feedback for the brand, giving them a new, fun viewing experience.

You may contemplate whether to create interactive videos instead of linear ones. After all, producing this type of video will cost more than standard video on the internet. However, there are many reasons why you need to make interactive videos for your business.

Here's why:

1. Highly Engaging

It's evident that interactive videos are more compelling than traditional ones. With the built-in options, viewers can immediately interact and make some gestures within a video. They can fill out information or click through specific buttons.

All these activities are entertaining as you ask them to participate on their own. That way, people can enjoy watching videos like no other. When people find it amusing to view the video, leaving comments and giving votes becomes easier to do.  

Not to mention that videos are incredibly spreadable through social platforms; viewers can quickly share your videos with their closest ones. These interactions will increase your engagement rates and possibly make your video calls out more people.

2. Memorable Content

An interactive video encourages viewers to take actions like clicking buttons and filling out forms. These activities require high concentration as they conduct the actions.

For example, hovering through the video content enables you to understand the complete information. You will more likely remember the message as you click buttons whenever you're ready to move forward. As a result, you'll comprehend the message wholly than passively watch a single video.

Moreover, an interactive video often provides unlikely content to impress the viewers. That's because this type of video needs people's participation to perform well.

So, when you aim for user interaction, make sure that you create unique content that entices them further.

3. Brings Valuable Information

The perk of having interactive videos is you can collect useful information from viewers' interactions.

For example, quizzes' answers can help you make a strategic plan in the future. Information like customer data and preference is one of your greatest assets for your business.  

When viewers are willing to fill out their data and submit them to you, you succeed in collecting high-quality leads for the next campaign. You can use the information to promote your product and make some offerings through email marketing.

These leads then can turn into customers as they have already been exposed to your brand's information through the previous interactive video.

4. Trackable

When analyzing a campaign, it's essential to make sure that the content is trackable. Your work becomes challenging if you can't measure whether your campaign works. You can't strategically plan for the next project if you don't know the actual result from the previous ones.

However, using interactive videos can lessen your burden. You can now track the video performance with additional tools.

These tools will help you analyze video interactions, plays, dwell times, engagement, completion, and conversion rates. Since interactive videos can be easily tracked with a tool, you can measure the performance better to manage your following campaign.

5. Converts Better

When people are engaged with a video, they can't help but interact with it more. Viewers can share the video with others as they find it helpful for them. They can influence other people to watch the video even without you even having to ask.

As an interactive video is highly engaging for viewers, it's easier to garner more views in a short time. The more people watch your video, the higher chance to get more conversions. That's why video content can convert better than any traditional content.


Incorporating interactive videos is beneficial for businesses, especially when it comes to promoting their products.

The video allows viewers to interact with it immediately. People participate in a video by clicking the button and answering quizzes.

Interactive videos can be a powerful way to engage with customers and prospects. They are also an effective way to demonstrate your product or service in action. If you’re not currently using video to attract customers, we suggest you book a demo and see how they could work for your business.