Have you ever had a sales lead just stop contacting you? It can be really frustrating, and it's not something that should happen unless the person is no longer interested in your product.

There are many ways to keep leads engaged, so they don't disappear on us.

In order for businesses to grow successfully, prospects should become customers. But, new customer acquisition is challenging for businesses of any size.

Every sales representative must devote time to nurturing the lead, converting a lead into a paying customer, and providing an exceptional client experience and satisfaction.

This blog post will discuss 7 techniques to keep your leads engaged and turn them into customers. Engaging content is key in turning your potential prospect into a loyal customer for life.

Let's dive right in! You'll have fun doing it!

Technique - 1: Nurture Your Leads!

A survey of nearly 600 unique marketers conducted by HubSpot in 2017 found that video marketing helps potential customers understand your product better, increasing sales.

Lead nurturing is a customer engagement strategy and engages with your leads/prospects who interacted with you somehow. A sequence of communications should be established to build and maintain the lead's interest until they make a sale.

Use creative and unique prospect engaging tools like asynchronous videos, video emails, video prospecting tools to establish an initial relationship with prospects and make them your best friends (figuratively).

Also, a lead marketing score helps determine which customer lifecycle stage they are in and which customer engagement strategy you should use.

The good idea is to bucket your leads into phases.

  • Awareness Phase

In the awareness phase, identify prospects' pain points or interests and create awareness through utilizing proper content to get new business from the prospect.

Plan your content accordingly, send out video email messages asking crisp and specific questions, and engage them in conversations. Ask as many questions as possible to gather more information in their own words.

Use personalization techniques to gain some instant attention. Share a compelling video sales proposal and list out all the details. You can also attach presentations and record screens for any content you want to share with your prospects.

Don't forget to add a call to action in your video email, so your prospects can let you know their decisions immediately.

  • Consideration Phase

In the Consideration phase, it is important to educate leads about your products and services. Talk about how your products/services can specifically help them increase their profitability or address their current business needs.

You can also share some demo videos or how-to videos to let prospects understand more about your products/services.

Set up a reward engagement system in this phase by encouraging your prospects to use your services/products for free or offer trials.

You can also engage your prospects in social interactions by responding to their activities on their social pages. It's all about reaping the benefits of customer engagement in this stage.

  • Decision Phase
Decision Phase

In the decision phase, the lead/prospect needs to be convinced that your product or service will be helpful for their business. To drive prospects towards this phase, share positive reviews about your products and services from existing customers.

Your existing customers act as the brand ambassadors for your products and services. They can make a lot of difference via their video or text recommendations or simply by their word of mouth recommendations.

Share video testimonials, responses from your customers (who are your fan club by now), and engage your prospects in different channels and social media platforms to be on their radar.

There are many different ways to nudge your prospect to make that sale. One such way is to share information about your customer support team to guarantee a great customer experience and satisfaction once they are onboarded.

This will nudge your prospects to think about your brand further since customer service is considered a deciding factor for a purchase.

  • Post Purchase Phase

Once a customer has made a purchase from you and is satisfied, customer loyalty starts at 100%. If customer loyalty drops below 100%, you need to figure out why they are dissatisfied.

A dissatisfied customer may lead to a disengaged customer, and you might fail to get a second purchase order.  A best practice is to address the issues through customer engagement strategies such as customer surveys or a customer service call center.

The presence of live agents who can provide individualized attention to all your customer base is a great idea.

Technique - 2: Create An Omni Channel Lead Magnet

Let's face it - most lead nurturing strategies in the past have been rather simple. You would set up an email drip campaign that sends out generic emails to prospects, but with new tactics and technologies at our disposal today you can execute a multi-channel strategy.

Omni Channel Lead Magnet

This involves marketing automation platforms like HubSpot, Hootsuite, Buffer etc., alongside more traditional tactics such as social media retargeting powered by Google Analytics Adwords campaigns.

These methods not only increase conversions but also improve conversations.

They provide more opportunities for upselling by targeting prospects at different points in their purchase cycle with personalized messages that match where they're on their journey towards making buying decisions.

Combine this knowledge with direct sales outreach tactics like sending cold video emails, and you can successfully target your most qualified leads via multiple channels.

Technique - 3: Optimize Digital Engagement Tools

Optimize Digital Tools

Utilize most of the digital technologies and sell remotely to your prospects from any part of the world. This way, you can expand your customer base and be able to sell more units.

Use visual aids to make impressive pitches and proposals. Using asynchronous videos makes for a greater pitching tool since they are delivered in real-time, and there are no dependencies on your prospect's availability.

Video proposals are superior to text emails since video emails establish a personal connection with your prospects and come with various options available to give an extra edge to your videos, like sharing and recording your screen, adding attachments/documents, infographics, and images to your video pitch.

Video sales prospecting is an extremely effective way to get the attention of your buyers and quicken your sales process.

It is no surprise that sales reps using video in emails see at least 5x higher open rates and 8x more replies than those without it. The benefits of this are one way to grow your client base rapidly!

Use one-on-one video emails and video prospecting tools to get to your prospects and make that sale.

Technique-4: Offer Personalization

Personalized video is a great way to provide viewers with an engaging experience. By inserting personal information from the viewer into your videos, you can make it feel like they are watching their personalized video instead of someone else's generic version.

Personalizing each viewing experience will allow people to connect more closely and deeply with what you have created for them since it feels like something specifically made for them!

In a world inundated with marketing messages, personalized videos can help you connect and build relationships. Benefits include breaking through the noise to increase email open rates & click-throughs helps build your brand's reputation.

This way a brand can be driven by customers' needs rather than manipulating them into buying something they don't want or need.

Technique-5: Make Use Of Analytics

Video Analytics

Research shows that people prefer watching videos over reading text, so companies use video analytics to create more engaging content. For example, short videos and animations can increase a customer's chances of making a purchase. This information is only possible with analytics.

The information a salesperson gets from analytics proves useful if there's an decreased level engagement. It provides insight into what went wrong during those moments and how they might be fixed for future videos.

Without analytics, finding why people are abandoning your videos would take far longer than necessary. By making use of analytics tools, you can gather data quickly to use it to your advantage. You can create more opportunities to improve upon existing content and make new content.

Check out this article on Virtual selling techniques and increase your conversion rates.

Technique-6: Take Advantage Of Interactive Conversations

Interaction is key for any successful sale. With the pandemic, personal interactions have become challenging. But you can always use technology to bridge the gap and video lets you fill that gap.

Interactive videos are a new form of content that enables viewers to interact through specific tools and provide interactive experiences that offer people the ability to engage in a conversation back and forth.

They let the audience give feedback and provide a fun viewing experience. Plus, Interactive video comes with analytics that marketers or sales personnel can use to make better content thereafter.

Marketers often use two types - linear & non-linear videos. A linear video is traditional and does not allow the viewer to express or interact with the content. A viewer can only take certain actions like play, pause, fast forward or rewind with such videos.

These videos are typically good for marketing but when a sales rep wants to engage his audience, interactive non-linear videos work best.  

Here are some video prospecting ideas you can use.

Technique - 7: Effective Follow-Ups

Improve your follow-up game if you want to keep your prospects warm and convert them to paying clients. You can create warm and nurturing follow-up videos to share with prospects and be in their good books using various follow-up content ideas.

Communication is key throughout the buyer's journey with a lead--from initial contact until purchase. Using Videoform makes it easy for your company to communicate effectively right away! With video email, you can immediately confirm leads and follow up to nurture them through their buying process.

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