In a world paced this fast, where people are just living a life of a race with all sorts of material attached to it, it is not practically possible for you as a business to make them sit back and ask them to spare a few moments to actually talk to them and help them drive around it.

Especially when it comes to brands, be it in the digital space or not, for it to grow, the craft of generating leads out of the people running this race is actually a quintessential part of it.
At times, this process does get a bit too tedious but following the right strategies can help you guide a lot of people / audience in a direction of your choice that too for your benefit.

What is Lead Generation?

Lead Generation helps you capture the interest of the audience and pull them into your sales funnel, so that they can be guided through the buyer’s journey until they finally purchase your product, service or a brand. The methods through which leads are generated usually falls under the dome of advertising and can include both, pad as well as non-paid sources. In this process, the aim of the marketing team is to create an interest for the products and services offered by the business, and get the audience to make further inquiries. followed by multiple stages before the product is actually sold. In short, an attract and convert strategy.

Creative Lead Generation Strategies For Businesses

There are several lead generation strategies that are capable of generating thousands of leads for businesses. We've shortlisted 8 lead generation tactics that are proven to not just attract attention from prospects, but are also offer them value:

1) Create Interactive Videos

Interactive Videos are deemed to be a pretty strong media of communicating that’s not just entertaining but easily understandable as well. These videos have the power to generate a good portion of potential leads that can translate into sales by the end of a sales funnel. By being well-edited and spot on with the content, these tend to work effectively in translating the leads to sales.

VideoForm comes in with an intent to build a great face to face connection with your prospects, be it in the form of a pre-recorded video or a video conversation in real time. This works great for Commercial business as it acts as a great icebreaker with your prospects and also the response received by them from your end sounds much more natural and convincing.

2) Offer Expert Advice

Things show up on the best pages with experience and for that you as a business should consider the words of the industry experts, not just to add uniqueness to the content but also to unleash the strategies they have been practicing to reach to the top. Doing this, the customer base that you have created over the years also gets the essence of certainty and dedication from your end for the commitments you make.

3) Create Offerings To Attract Leads

No single person likes doing things for free, so the best way to keep the leads coming can be by offering these prospects some coupon or discounts. Lead magnets like these will get people primed to buy that product and service - not just for the short term sales associations but for the long term associations too. These coupons and discounts work the best for people who are already towards the end of the sales funnel, as for them it also works as a push to just go for it.

4) Freemium Products And Trials

Freebies are a great way of attracting prospects to your business, especially when it's about free trials for products or freemium goods that are capable of giving your audience a real experience of owning or buying something. This works as a catalyst to up the lead generation and consequently the sales game by teasing paid features and drip email campaigns(a communication strategy that drips a pre-written message to the prospects) that are capable of speaking on the behalf of the brand and products alongside.

5) Create Chatbot Conversations

You must have come across the chatbots on the websites that can incite the audience to put forth their queries about the product, service or brand in real time and get an answer at the very moment itself which is basically providing them with the needful with zero-waiting time. These chatbots are capable of delivering personalized experiences that is very much a thing that people look out for. It can also be leveraged for lead generation in a way that whenever the live chat window is opened, the prospects can be asked about their personal contact information which can be used in the future to follow up with them through calls or e-mail campaigns.

6) Audience Retargeting

If your target audience isn’t convinced from the first interaction, don't worry you haven't lost it but can actually redeem the chance. Retargeting can be used to reconnect with the audiences who at some point have shown interest in the brand and engaged with the brand’s website or social page but haven't been able to take the next step towards the end of the sales funnel. Retargeting is a strategic way to continuously guide the customers down the sales funnel as most of the times they need to see or come across the brand multiple times in order to convert in the favor of your business.

7) Create Audio Content

The main element that holds the customers to a brand is a consistent and flowing communication from both the ends and now that the people are having an extremely busy lifestyle, gearing up in different ways to stay connected is the key. Irrespective of the size of audience you’re connected to, you could always reach them through audio messages, be it in the form of communication through speakers which they could hear while on a daily commute, or releasing your own episodes or podcasts on your channel which people can subscribe to and which intends to basically solve the challenges faced by your audience.

8) Send Personalized Emails

All you need to do is incorporate maybe just the first name of the user, which would get them to notice the message and read it further, this one being the easiest means of personalization that could be done at your end. Such mails not only help gain attention at the earliest but also makes your audience feel important. Who doesn't like feeling special? Make them feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Now that you’ve got a clear and sheer list of generating leads in a creative manner, just get on to the pages that do justice to the objective and strategies of your company and make the most of them!