Videos are an excellent tool for converting more people into customers - it increases customer engagement by 2x and boosts conversions.

This is why adding videos to your website is a great way to impress visitors and it's really not difficult to do so.

With Videoform, you can easily embed videos on websites and increase conversion rates.

Let’s Dive in...

5 Reasons You Should Use Video on Your Website

  • Videos are an excellent means of telling a narrative, and they're particularly powerful when it comes to selling.
  • Prospects stay on your website longer and are more engaged if you use videos.
  • A video is an excellent technique to get your message across in a way that visitors will quickly and easily understand.
  • A great website homepage video may boost your SEO efforts by ranking higher in Google and has a better chance of featuring on the front page.
  • Use of videos on website increases brand awareness and credibility.

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How To Add Videos On Websites?

  1. Record or upload a video that you want to add to your website.
Upload Video

2. Click on “Embed & Other Sharing Options.”

Embed & Other Sharing Options

3. Go to the “Embed” option and click on “Embed VideoForm as a section on your website.”

Embed Option

4. Copy the code to the clipboard

Copy the Code

5. Copy & paste code on your web page to embed Videoform - Here is an example of Videoform embedded on a webpage.

Add Videos on Website

All in All

If you are looking for a way to make your website more engaging, adding videos is the answer.

However, you must make sure the videos are well designed, so they do not interrupt the user experience on your site.

Use Videoform to add videos on websites and stand out from your competitors.


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