As new technologies emerge, it's important to stay on top of the latest innovations in marketing and sales.

Artificial intelligence is one such technology that has recently seen a surge in popularity with marketers who are eager to experience its benefits firsthand.

The advent of artificial intelligence (A.I.) has changed how we think about approaching marketing and sales.

With AI, marketers now have access to an infinite amount of data that can be used for everything from targeting audiences and optimizing content to automating repetitive tasks.

Importance of A.I. in Sales and Marketing

A.I. can be used for all kinds of tasks, from compiling data about your prospects' interests or buying habits to making suggestions about what content they might want to read next.

Using AI-powered systems may seem like overkill at first glance—but these machines have some serious skills when it comes to helping you sell more products to an ideal customer profile!

Part of the reason behind A.I.'s effectiveness stems from its ability to quickly assess potential leads.

AI for sales prospecting

With advancements in predictive analytics, A.I. systems can provide recommendations about whom an individual should target based on numerous criteria such as account age, purchase size, etc.

These recommendations essentially help marketers tailor their promotion strategy, which increases the probability of maximizing return on investment (ROI).

At this point, there are three main ways human beings still outperform A.I.:

  • Understanding context or 'reading between the lines to infer meaning from conversation
  • Being creative or coming up with new ideas that have not been thought of before
  • Taking actions that show care for other people.

However, as A.I. for sales prospecting evolves, these distinct advantages will disappear because A.I. can be applied on any topic.

Here are 5 ways artificial intelligence is transforming the sales and marketing experience:

6 Powerful Ways A.I. Is Transforming the Sales and Marketing Experience

1. A.I. Email Writer

Intelligence algorithms are good for creating novel content and generating suggestions to help the user generate something using all their stored material.

A.I. email writer is one such investigation that manages to thwart repetitive tasks and efforts by salespeople.

AI Email Writer - Let AI Write Emails for You
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Because this A.I. has the power to generate email content for any situation, all a salesperson has to do is certain input information so that the email is personalized to the prospect's interests.

2. Improves Productivity

Marketers adopt artificial intelligence (A.I.) to increase productivity, measure success faster, and revamp sales strategies. A.I. is assisting with everything from website optimization to social media updates.

The sales and marketing automation revolution has given people more time to do what they love: selling.

Improve Productivity

AI-powered CRM helps salespeople stay one step ahead by giving back more of their precious hours, allowing them to focus on the customers' needs while leaving all tedious work behind like sending emails or updating prospect information with no human interaction whatsoever!

This is why VideoForm has made it a lot easier to send video emails with automation. With easy-to-use templates, marketers can now automate the sending of video messages to easily reach prospects on different phases of their sales cycle.

3. Make Analytics Actionable

A.I. is rapidly changing the way business data is being used. Increasingly, analytics are being executed by A.I.

Not only do these new algorithms have an edge in speed and accuracy, but they are also able to process high volumes of data collection easier than humans can.


This is exactly what you need when your company's bottom line depends on real-time insights and historical data.

This doesn't mean manual analysis will be outdated anytime soon. The manual analysis will likely always have a role to play for qualitative problems that require human thinking.

But with so many advanced tools like machine learning at your disposal, it can help make sense of vast amounts of data quickly--and automatically enforce predictive rules founded on experience (think "if this then that") without judgment.

The metrics will show you how your customers are responding to different marketing initiatives and what needs attention.

You can then use this information to make adjustments or changes for the strategy to work best with them - or potentially even come up with new strategies altogether!

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4. Nurture Leads

Customer engagement is improved by chatbots, which employ A.I. to conduct engaging and informative conversations with current and potential consumers with the right marketing alignment.

A chatbot can help clients navigate the marketing funnel at any time of day to address their inquiries. They may also make customized recommendations based on a customer's purchasing history.

Not only chatbots, but you can also include a video bot with a face on it. With VideoForm, marketers can include an video popups asking the prospects for a meeting or other information.

You can even engage your existing customers with exceptional customer experience with videos.

5. Enhance Customer Experience with Personalization

Personalization is the process of organizing, storing, retrieving, and delivering information according to an individual's interests or activities.

It provides a custom-tailored experience that satisfies customer needs. A personalization strategy must be mission-driven and company-wide with deep insights about customers' needs in all its customer interactions.

Customer Experience

Personalizing can include adjusting language, content, navigation options, or site design to match the calculated current context of the user based on their location within your website or apps, time of day they are using them, or other data requesters.

There has been a growing trend in marketing towards personalizing customer services by adapting communication strategies to suit each customer and deliver a fantastic video or message to them.

Businesses that do not use A.I. spend a significant amount of time and manpower gathering this data rather than improving the customer experience.

Your team may focus on creating a strong strategy that improves customer experience and increases engagement and sales if A.I. collects the data for you.

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6. Boost Conversation Rates and ROI

Email marketing and artificial intelligence are closely linked. A.I. may analyze your email campaigns to determine the best times for sending them; you could take this a step farther by automating emails to individuals.

This is why you'd rather not send messages to everyone on your list at the same time—you may choose times when people have been less likely to engage with content, such as during holidays.

Also, when their engagement was high enough that an automated message would be most effective!


A.I. is changing the way we think about sales and marketing by providing a more personalized experience, better insights into customer behavior, and leading to increased revenue for companies that adopt it.

The 6 ways in this blog post have just skimmed the surface of how artificial intelligence will impact your company's bottom line. If you are interested in personalizing your video and video automation, sign up for a VideoForm!