Imagine you are a business owner. It's a Sunday morning, and you're just waking up. You stumble into your kitchen, make yourself some coffee, take a few sips, and then head to the computer to open your inbox and catch up on emails.

Your inbox is flooded with notifications and emails - A lot of them are sales pitches and follow-up emails, saying "Hi, Do you have time," or that says "Hey! Just Checking in," which you typically consider "junk" unless something else catches your attention.

But one email stands out among all the other ones in your inbox because it felt personal. So you can't help but open the email and respond.

The Solution!

Now, put yourself back in the shoes of a Salesperson. Think how you would want your mail to sound if you were a prospect, now that you have some perspective.

I am sure you wouldn't want to see a "just checking in" email in your inbox. It sounds redundant. It sounds robotic. It also sounds counterintuitive.

Furthermore, this subject line doesn't mention the value you can create directly. Instead, it sounds like you are beating around the bush or trying to apple-polish.

Whether it's in your sales email subject line or the email body, "Just checking in" as a follow-up email strategy is overused.

Instead, you can get more creative and establish a personal connection that will make your prospects feel valued.

As salespeople, following up with prospects comes in as a basic instinct. If you wonder about the best way to follow up on sales, influence the decision-maker and get that much-awaited response, read this blog post and get more ideas about follow-up email etiquette.

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List Of 30- Alternative Follow-up Strategies To "Just Checking In"

"Just checking in" is one of the most frustrating phrases for prospects to receive because they know it likely means more than just checking on their well-being.

If your "just checking in" email never landed you a response from your prospects, try the below phrases when writing your next email.

We listed alternatives that you can use in the email body or email subject lines. These are tried and tested and are guaranteed to get you results.

Personal Check-ins

Follow-up emails provide a great opportunity to get a little more personal with your prospects.

  1. "I know it must have been a busy week for you and we didn't hear back from you. Hope all is well."
  2. "I hope your week is going well! I just wanted to say "Hi" and see if there was anything we could do better?"

Updates On Product/Services

  1. "We appreciate your interest. We are in the process of making improvements to our products & services that will be rolled out this weekend. Would you like a demo?"
  2. "A new feature, “Add CTA to Email” has been launched on our tool. Now you can make it easier for your clients to respond to you.”

Ask For Feedback On Any Of Your Products/Services/Business

  1. "We're looking for more feedback on this layout we tried on our website. What do you think about it?"
  2. "We're excited to share the new and improved website. Please let us know what you think!"

Bring It To Their Notice About Offers And Free Trials

  1. "Happy Thursday! Hope your week is going great! I wanted to remind you about the trial period that ends by the weekend. Let me know if you want me to extend your trial"
  2. "You are now eligible for our exclusive VIP Program. Get access to all our premium plans free of cost for a week!"

Create A Sense Of Urgency!

A sense of urgency might make it likely to close that deal by making your prospects believe that they need to rush into decision making.

  1. "Hurry up! Your trial ends today."

Guilt-trip Approach!

While Guilt-tripping your prospects into responding to you is said to be the worst approach ever, it has its own benefits if done subtly and gets you responses. Be specific and to the point while doing so.

Be very smart at drafting your emails when you want to cash on the guilt-trip scenario and spin a positive approach on it. Few examples are:

  1. "Hi, I haven't heard from you all week. I scheduled a meeting invite and haven't received any response from you. Would you like another meeting that works around your time?"
  2. "Hi, looks like we missed catching-up yesterday. Hope you are not too busy tomorrow at"

Send Them Tips And Advice

  1. "Hi, I saw a small glitch on your website when going through it the other day and wanted to bring it to your notice."
  2. "Hi, I found this tool interesting & useful. I am sure it will make your work easy."
  3. "Hi, are you still looking towards reaching X target? I saw [reference] achieve theirs through [tool/suggestion]. It might be useful to you. Let me know if we can discuss this elaborately?"
  4. "Hi, I remember you showing interest on [topic] in our last meeting. If you are still keen on it, I have great information. Let's set-up a time to discuss this.'

Share Some Short Videos Over Emails

  1. "Hi, you might find this video interesting. It is related to your field of business."
  2. "Hi, here is a demo video on our products/services. You might find them useful."

Share "How To" And "Why Us" Guides And Presentations

  1. "Hi, Here is how to add video to your email. This makes it easy for you to speak your mind, share proposals and updates."
  2. "Hi, you might be wondering why us [company name] over others. Here's why!"
  3. "Hi, Here is an interesting guide on How to [topic]. You might find this useful."
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Respond To Their Social Media Activity And Mention The Same In A Follow-up Email

  1. "Hi, I share the same viewpoint as yours about your post on social media platforms (like Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter). I re-shared it and wanted to convey my interest in person."
  2. "Hi, great job on the article you posted on Medium. I like your viewpoint and share the same with the rest of my clients."

Share News Updates And Coverages Of Your Company

  1. "Hi, Did you know that we are mentioned by [media source] as one of the best companies to work with? Thought you would like to know."
  2. "Hi, we are featured on Forbes for our amazing quality of service. Have a look."

Recommend An Event Happening In Their Area

  1. "Hi, I recently came across an event happening at [location]. Thought you would like to visit. Let me know if you want me to arrange for the passes."

Invite Them To Webinars And Online Events You Are Hosting or Invite Them To Be Key-note/Guest Speakers In Your Events

  1. "Hi, We are hosting an event on [topic] and would like to invite you to be the key-note speaker. Would you oblige our request?"

Share Some Recommendations On Books, Podcasts, And Business News That Your Prospect Is Interested

  1. "Hi, I found this [book/podcast] interesting. It's related to [topic] that you might be keen on. Have a look."

Share Some Information About Their Competition And What They Are Upto

  1. "Hi, I came across [competitors name] performance increase, using [tool/services]. We have something similar and would like to run you through a strategy I developed for you to increase your sales. Let's set-up a time and discuss."

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Announce To Break-Up If You Haven't Heard For Very Long From Prospects

Despite repeated follow-up emails, some prospects never care to respond. So it's time you know it has gone cold and send out one last email announcing your breakup with the prospect. Remember to be subtle though.

  1. "Hi, I haven't heard a response from you since [date]. You must be busy and no longer interested in our products/services. Do you mind if I go ahead and close your case? I am leaving my contact information if you want to touch base with us in future. Thank you."

Check-in On A Conference/Event Your Prospects Recently Attended

  1. "I've been meaning to ask, how did the conference go? I loved seeing the photos you posted on social media! "

If your goal is to impress your potential decision-maker, aka prospects, make them have a good time reading your email and want them to respond to you. To do so, you should definitely try these phrases.

You might pick them up straight from our blog post or get inspired to draft a much interesting follow-up pitch.  All we ever want is for you to succeed and be profitable.

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