What’s the best way to remind someone of an agreement they made? If you want them to remember something, that's when "As per our conversation" is most useful. To illustrate, say a potential customer has agreed over email or text message and then forgotten their obligation. For example, you might write:

As per our conversation last week, I am sharing my initial proposal detailing how we can position ourselves as being well-versed in new technologies and advancements.

Why You Should Look For Alternatives?

The sentence "As Per Our Conversation" might be a normal phrase, but it could also be the worst possible thing you could say in your B2B sales email.

Every time I see that line at the top of an email from someone who hasn't responded to my last message or call yet, I know I won't get a response again - because this awful filler is used when you don't have anything else better to say!

The fact is: Your prospects are busy people with full schedules and stacks of other emails waiting for their attention. So if you want them answering back every time, then there needs to be something more than just these two words.

Let's look into some of the best alternatives for the phrase "As Per Our Conversation", which helps to stay connected & keeps prospects engaged in your B2B sales.

1. As discussed

The sentence "As discussed" is often used in business email conversations to remind the recipient of what was previously spoken about. This helps you to stay on top of prospects' needs and keep them updated with any changes that may have happened since the last conversation.

An example of a good time for this sentence would be answering their questions about product features and benefits during your sales email correspondence.

For example:

“As discussed in your last message, I am making some tweaks to the pricing model. Let me know if you have any questions!”

2. As per your request

Asking for permission to stay in contact is a great way to start an email. It's polite, and it lets the reader know that you value them enough as customers or prospects, so they will want to hear from you again!

Use this sentence if you were asked to send some documents to a meeting:

Hey John,

As requested, I have sent your sales documents to your email and also a hard copy to your office.

In case of any errors in delivery, don't hesitate to get in touch with me at [email protected] so that we can quickly correct it and get back to you!


3. As per the contract

This phrase is a hassle-free way of staying in touch with prospects if they're not ready for business yet!  

As per the contract, we will stop followups with your sales team us.

4. As instructed

The sentence "As instructed" is a friendly way to show that you follow the instructions your prospect provided in their initial request.

It's also helpful for staying on top of things because it helps remind them that they made an inquiry about something and might have forgotten what specifically they wanted.

This sentence can be used in the following scenario.

“As instructed, we have been following up with you to see if there is anything new on your end.”

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5. In line with what we discussed

The sentence "In line with what we discussed" is used when a sales team gets in touch with their customer and are about to send over the final details of an agreement.

The use of this phrase demonstrates that both parties have had the previous discussion, which will help create trust between them and make it easier for the recipient to believe they made good decisions.


In line with what we discussed at the meeting, I wanted to follow up and let you know that _____________.

7. In line with the terms & conditions

One of the best ways to strengthen your B2B sales team relationships is by making sure you're always up-to-date on the terms and conditions.

This way, if there's ever a conflict or question about something in between the customer & the vendor in violation (or not) An example of this situation would be:

In line with the terms & conditions of the contract, we have found solution for ____________

We take this opportunity to remind our most valued customer that we are committed due diligence at all times

8. As agreed

"As agreed" should be used sparingly in a B2B sales email. For instance, if you ask the customer to do something and want them to know it is normal protocol, you can use this term.

You could also use "as agreed" as an agreement of terms on your end when there was no verbal conversation about those same terms beforehand.


As agreed, I understand that you are worried about the future of your business.

8. In line with the minutes of the meeting

In line with the meeting minutes, should you use "in line" to create trust and a sense of belonging?

The sales team can make your bond stronger by using this sentence in their b2b emails. Here is an example:

“You know our goal is simple - we want this to be done in line with what was agreed upon during last week's minutes of meetings."

9. As promised

Promised is a word that can be used to emphasize the trustworthiness of your company. It also strengthens the bond with customers by making them feel more valued and appreciated, which encourages loyalty over time.

For example, in this sentence, you may want to use promised when:

  • You follow through on something promised at an earlier date or event
  • A customer has requested information from you about their account status, but they have not yet received it
  • When discussing what you need to fulfil before a sale goes final

"You did forget :)... but let me remind you, We'll take care of shipping cost as promised."

10. Last time we spoke

The phrase "last time we spoke" should be used in your B2B sales email to reaffirm the connection with past conversations and strengthen that bond between you as a representative of company x.  

"Last time we spoke, I have given a brief of our new product line. Happy to share that we're ready for the launch."

Final Thoughts

In the spirit of our last conversation, here are 10 alternatives to "as per our conversation." If you have any suggestions for other phrases that could be used in place of this, please share them with me. I'll keep this list updated and add anything that is particularly clever or insightful!