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In this blog post, we have compiled a list of  B2B video best practices that will help you produce engaging and persuasive video content your customers want to watch.

To help you get started on your next B2B video project, here are 14 best practices that will make your next video successful!

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  • Video creates a visual record of the conversation. So, choose the content and showcase specifics to your prospect.
  • It is important to use video as an extension to your overall sales strategy, not just randomly posting videos on social media without any thought or strategy behind them.
  • Posting videos on all platforms including YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter are very important because they can be seen by a variety of audiences who may not be customers yet but could become one.
  • Get your prospects' attention by sending a 1-1 video with a personalized message.
  • Make sure that the content is compelling enough for people to keep watching.

Best Practices For Creating A Successful Video

Like any growth strategy, videos aren’t just effective in themselves. In order to truly change the game, they have to be highly tailored exactly to your overall goals.

Your videos should be aimed at your target audience and talk about your unique propositions.

So, I put together 14 best practices I follow to create impactful B2B sales videos.

1. Have A Proper Introduction

A proper introduction makes or breaks a deal. So, explain how your product will solve a problem or help your prospect’s save cost and resources. That's all a business is interested in. Create value.

B2B video introduction

Explain exactly how you are going to do it, with a few details about the process involved. This way the prospect will know what benefit they can get from your product/service. You should have a clear value statement at the end of your Video.

2. Video Should Have A Clear Purpose

Yes, the primary focus of your video is not to entertain your audience (although entertainment can be built into a video too). It’s all about increasing leads and sales for your business.

So, the first thing you need to do is determine why you are creating a video and what problem you are solving for your customers.

What’s the purpose of your video?

Answer this question first in detail before moving on to any other activity. Make sure you are mentioning your USP.

3. Keep It Short And Simple Silly!

Your videos shouldn’t last for more than 1 to 2 minutes, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have enough time or space to tell a story and communicate your message effectively.

If it takes more time than 2 minutes to communicate your message then you must be doing something wrong. Remember the short attention span story? Humans of the modern world have the attention span of a goldfish!

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4. Video Should Focus On Your Target Audience

You must be very clear about who your target audience is and what problems they have. That’ll drive your entire video creation process. Then you can decide on the best approach relevant to your prospects.

Who is it for?

Think of this question very carefully, because it will affect every other decision you make in creating a video. Your prospects might get distracted if you choose to beat around the bush.
So, answer specific problems and focus on their needs.

5. Focus On Information Points And Have A Clear Structure

If your video doesn’t have a clear structure or offer the information your prospects are looking for, then it won’t be able to convert them into customers.

One way of keeping the prospect’s interest piqued is through asking the right questions.

How do you find the questions?

Ask your customer success team on the challenges they come across from existing customers, interview internal teams to get a particular solution to a challenge and share those videos.

The intent is to answer specifically on how your product/service provides a better solution than the competition.

6. Create A Hook For Your Audience

Add a catchy phrase or sentence that catches your prospect's attention. The key is to tickle curiosity and get their attention to watch your video till the end. Such hooks help increase the effectiveness of video.

One way to do it is via coming up with catchy video email subject lines.

7. Tell A Story!

Use storytelling techniques by telling a relevant tale as best you can, even if it’s fictional.

Stories are a popular way to communicate with people because they make it easier for you to tell what your brand is about, so try telling a story in an interesting way and deepen the engagement between your prospects and you.

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8. Use Call To Actions

Make your video interactive by adding a call to action which can help drive engagement and increase conversions on your website.

It's always a good idea to end your video with it. The call to action should be relevant and compelling.

24% of businesses plan to include interactive video in their 2021 video sales & marketing strategy.

9. Create Demand And Capturing Demand

The main difference between creating demand and capturing demand is that most B2B videos are usually aimed at SEOs, paid searches, and lead generations.

One place where you can set your strategy apart is by not following the herd but by thinking of solutions that actually create demand for your product.

  • Share testimonial videos, case studies, and specific product explainer videos to create demand for your business and drive sales instead of boring tactics.

  • Use 1-1 personalised video emails to pitch to a prospects with a powerful call to action for prospects to click.

  • Humanise your content by addressing your prospect with their name in your 1-1 video and make a personal connection. Remember! You are representing your business in your videos. So be confident!

10. Test It Before Releasing It

After you’re done with your video, make sure that you test it before uploading or sending it to your prospect.

It is a good idea to get feedback about the message in your video because this way, you will be able to improve and adjust your content so it becomes more effective.

11. Create Original Content

Always create original content. While inspiration is always applauded, copying competitors' content to the T can be a big mistake.

However, you can always have your angle to a concept that has been used before. Create your unique style in the video and make that your USP.

12. Repurpose Existing Content

Repurposing the existing content you already have saves time and is a cost-effective solution. Pick an existing video and make micro-cuts of it. For example, make a 1-min video or mini video and share them as informational content.

Ex: Make relevant cuts & edits to a 5-min long video to make 1-min informational videos or video shorts. This way, you create more video assets out of an existing one.

13. Be Topical/Seasonal

Nothing grabs your prospects' attention like seasonal offers. Make use of those national events like Super Bowl, Black Friday, American Thanksgiving, and Cyber Monday to share the offers you have for your prospects.

Give a free trial on your products to convert them to paying customers. Also, don’t shy away from sharing your thoughts on current affairs and use current event references whenever possible.

14. Promote Mindfully

Promoting your product/service via video doesn't mean spamming. Make a strategy and follow a timeline to share your B2B videos regularly. Promote with a meaning and a purpose.

Did you know? A survey revealed 24% of video marketers have used video for the first time in 2020. Of these, more than half said video has become easier to create in-house. (Source)

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