From its earliest origins, music has been shared amongst humankind as an expression of emotion.

Whether we're listening to Eminem's rap while doing chores or dancing to Beyonce on Instagram reels running on a background of a video you are watching is soothing.

There are countless ways people all over this world connect through their love affair with one sound: Music!

The background music is as important as the content of the video, and it's no surprise that a video without music is very boring.

This blog post will discuss picking the best background music for your videos!

Background music for videos


Tips to Choose the Perfect Background Music for Video

1. What Message Are You Conveying?

The background music should match the message of your video. Several tips help you choose what's right, including understanding who will be watching and how they'll react when listening (elevating moods? More emotional?).

Try not to use too many generic or forgettable tunes to make an impression on viewers.

Be mindful that different types need specific backings--like jazz required Chinatown drums while countries prefer steel guitar rhythms.

And remember there isn't just "one" perfect solution; no two people have an identical taste, so don't feel pressured into thinking ideas must align perfectly.

2. Define The Role Music Plays In The Video

One way to define your background music selection, whether for an explainer or promotion short film on Facebook will be by considering what type and style you want.

From there, we can identify which sound palette would best match these requirements - such as dark, discordant tones in this case!

3. The Tone of Voice

The perfect background music for videos can be tricky to find. Many factors go into deciding what your video needs, but the tone of voice comes first and foremost when considering which type will work best with your story or message.

4. Define The Mood

Background music sets the mood, tells you what's going on in it, and can even help your memory by providing distractor elements that keep viewers engaged!

The key to creating the perfect mood is finding that just right song. Then, make sure it has elements of rhythm, melody, and instrumentation for your videos or blog posts to be enjoyed by viewers!

5. Pick The Right Genre

It's important to know the genre your listeners prefer in order to create a playlist that they'll enjoy.

The right genre

For example, if I wanted my video background soundscape (the footage) played on nerves with an intense instrumental rock song instead of turning up during funny moments, this would not work well because people might get bored quickly and stop listening!

But let's say instead you're producing videos about animals - you could use something lighthearted such as jazz standards or even classical pieces performed by violinist Joshua Bell at New York city fame concert hall -- make sure it matches what type of imagery/ideas that go along.

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6. Select The Relevant Track

The background music for videos should also be tailored towards your target audience. It should connect with your audience and should sound relevant to the content you are showing.

Think about your target audience and what message you are conveying when choosing the right music for your videos.

If you are making educational videos for kids, pick the music or songs kids like to listen to.

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7. Avoid Plagiarism!

The best way to avoid plagiarizing someone else's work is by getting permission or purchasing the license. If you love a track and want to use it in your video, just ask nicely--you'll be glad that they allowed this!

Apart from being wrong, there could potentially even be harsh consequences depending on where YOUR videos end up hosted: whether taken down because of copyright infringement; legal action filed against those who host them without royalties paying out.

Also, give necessary credits while picking music from free sites.

How to Find Background Music for Videos?

When looking for background music for your videos, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, think about the mood and tone you want to set for your video.

Is it serious? Happy? Sad? Dramatic? Romantic? Once you have an idea of the mood you want to create, start looking for music that matches that tone.

Another thing to keep in mind is the licensing and rights of the music you choose. Not all music is licensed for commercial use, so make sure you are using music that is legal to use in your videos. There are a number of websites where you can find royalty-free background music for your videos. Here are a few:

- YouTube Audio Library

- Free Music Archive

- PremiumBeat


Search music by genre or mood

Pick your budget and shop for music accordingly. Purchase and download the song to use in your video.

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Top Sites for Royalty Free Background Music for Video

1. YouTube Audio Library

A screenshot of Youtube Audio Library homepage which offers background music for videos.

YouTube is a treasure trove of great music. It offers royalty-free tunes to listeners and viewers alike, with its expansive library being unique in that it allows you to check out the copyright status for each song on your channel!

2. Bedtracks

A screenshot of Bedtracks homepage which offers background music for videos.

Bedtracks is a godsend for anyone who is looking to make videos. The visual detail about each song's progression allows you to see if it fits into your video arc, and there's even an app called "Storytellers" with tracks that follow common narratives!

3. PremiumBeat

A screenshot of Premium Beat homepage which offers background music for videos.

PremiumBeat has a well-designed interface, with easy searching and figuring out the licensing. Search by instruments, moods, or genres of music you want to use in your project - there's even beats per minute (BPM) detection!

Its owned by Shutterstock

4. Artlist

A screenshot of Artlist homepage which offers background music for videos.

Listeners can enjoy unlimited music downloads with Artlist. The company song-by-song licensing is more flexible than other services, providing the listener ultimate convenience and peace of mind.

You can listen in the preferred format without worrying about monthly fees or long-term contracts that may come along later on down the road if they're not satisfied right away!

5. Freeplay Music

Free Play Music Background Music Page Preview

Freeplay Music has some seriously awesome tracks that will make your video stand out. From the more costly options to free personal use music, FreePlay offers something for everyone!

6. Audioblocks

A screenshot of Audioblocks homepage which offers background music for videos.

Audioblocks is an awesome place to find instrumental loops and sound effects. It has a really powerful search feature, so you can easily discover what's out there without having any trouble finding your tunes!

7. Audio Jungle

A screenshot of Audio Jungle homepage which offers background music for videos.
Audio jungle

With over 100,000 music tracks to choose from and easy payment plans that can be started without any credit card needed!

AJ has everything you need when creating your next YouTube video. From rap songs for beginners, all the way up through symphony orchestra hits at speeds of 0-300BPM.

It's hard not to find what you're looking for here in their huge catalogs full of high-quality audio files designed specifically with professionals like yourself in mind ̶ Audiojungle offers something everyone needs: great-sounding royalty-free content delivered right when they want them.

8. SoundCloud

SoundCloud Background Music Page Preview
Sound cloud - background music for videos

SoundCloud can be a great source for background music that sounds more realistic than the traditional looped clips.

Most of the tracks on there are licensed under Creative Commons, which means you're free to use it as long as you follow some guidelines established by artists (more info below!).

It takes work upfront, but once mastered, Soundcloud has tons of amazing tunes worldwide!

9. Bensound

A screenshot of Bensound homepage which offers background music for videos.

The music library at BenSound is full of songs perfect for any corporate video. It features everything from jazz, ambient electronic, and funk to give you tons of options in creating your next great promotional campaign or explainer animation!

The site also allows users to check the copyright status on their YouTube videos so they don't get taken down because it's not properly labeled as monetized content which can be important with all these pesky lawyers around nowadays.

10. Getty Images Music

A screenshot of Getty Images Music homepage which offers background music for videos.
Getty images

Getty Images Music is a great way to find sound effects and rights-managed music. You can search through its extensive library using keywords or phrases, which will return results from both their catalog as well other third-party sources such as Anpled Fishkin's Bry BM lieder coverage on YouTube, for example!

The Bottom Line

When it comes to adding background music for videos, the options can seem overwhelming.

But with a little research and some trial and error, you should be able to find the perfect tune that will make your video stand out from all others.