A great way to engage your prospect is by adding a sales video into your outreach sequences.

If you have ever worked in sales yourself, then you know that personal and humanized interactions are very effective to get prospects interested.

This article helps you understand the benefits of adding videos in your sales outreach.

What Is Video Outreach?

Video outreach is the process of creating, distributing, and promoting video content to increase awareness about your brand.

Video outreach involves reaching out to your prospects via videos instead of just cold calls or text emails.

Sales teams use these tactics to build rapport with prospects by sharing valuable information through videos.

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Why Videos For Sales Outreach?

If your sales team's pipeline is feeling stuck because of social distancing and shelter-in-place orders, it's time to roll out a strategy and use video.

Sales teams who previously relied on in-person meetings may not be back "to normal" anytime soon.  So video outreach is the new way to reach your prospect.

1. Remote Selling Will Continue Indefinitely

Most experts predict remote selling will continue indefinitely. The majority of the prospects are showing interest in online services rather than offline.

So it's time sales reps should make changes in their sales process as well. Sales leaders should empower their teams using personalized videos as part of an overall business development plan.

2. Videos Increase Conversions

Videos are not only fun to watch, but they can also increase conversions exponentially. The work from home movement has led more people than ever into dependence on video content!

3. Videos Build Trust

Video messaging allows sales teams to build trust with prospects and cut through the noise of today's sales environment.

For example, sales reps can show compassion by telling a short story about how they help their clients or give an uplifting thought to prospects who might be having a bad day.

Showing your prospect that you are there for them is extremely important right now. This can build trust with potential buyers!

4. Send Videos From The Tools You Are Using

Videoform is a new tool that allows you to send personalized video emails from the tools you already use. You can personalize your videos and start sending them now!

5. You Can Reach The Top Leaders

Business executives are more likely to share work-related videos than any other group. Forbes says that nearly three-quarters of business executives watch work-related videos weekly, and 55% of them said they share those with their colleagues every week.

6. Stand Out In Your Prospect's Inbox

Include a video in your email to increase click-through rates by up to 300%. Videos can capture attention better than images and text, so including one will help you stand out from the competition. If done correctly, it could also significantly improve the conversion rate!

7. Push Stalled Sales Cycles Forward

Videos are a great way to push stalled deal cycles forward and make cold intros warmer. In addition, they take out the unnecessary back-and-forth email communication that comes with traditional sales methods so that you can shorten your deal cycle time.

8 Benefits Of Adding Video To Your Sales Outreach

Sales Video

Building relations is the first step in selling. It allows you to connect with your customers personally and build trust before asking prospects for anything.

Using videos in your sales outreach can help you connect better. Let's drive in & learn the benefits of adding videos to your sales outreach.

1. Sales Videos Connects The Digital and Physical World

Sales videos can provide more immersive experiences to help prospects connect with sales reps. Whether it's an interactive demo of a software application or a property you want to sell, videos are one way to connect.

In a simple way, video outreach is revolutionizing sales by changing the way we communicate with prospects and allows users to feel a sense of realism.

Providing sales video outreach training to your reps can build deeper customer engagement than ever before.

2. Video Outreach Drives More Engagements

Video outreach is an excellent tool for sales because video drives more engagements than any other form of content. These stats show how popular videos are:

65% of prospects make their purchasing decision after watching a product demo video

According to a study, 84% of sales teams are using video strategies on Facebook for outreach

87% of sales reps report that video outreach gives them a positive ROI

3. Videos Convert Complicated Messages Into Clear Takeaways In A Short Time

If you need to deliver a detailed message efficiently, it is best done through a sales video. Videos are short and sweet, so they can communicate information clearly without the audience spending much time on them.

4. Sales Video Are Easy To Share

Using video content is a great way to share ideas and increase brand awareness.

Video outreach has become popular in the past few years as sales teams seek new ways to engage their prospects.

Using engaging videos on your blogs, business email, social media, landing pages etc. can help spread your message across multiple platforms!

Here is an example:

5. Sales Video Can Engage Even The Laziest Prospects

A video is a super easy and effective way to capture the attention of your target audience. Make sure you include captions so that even the laziest person can understand what's going on!

Video outreach captures broad audiences, works at many levels, and gets double power from sight and sound.

6. Video Outreach Shows Great ROI

82% of businesses say that they have seen a positive ROI due to their investment in creating videos. This is because with video, you can reach an audience much more effectively and efficiently than other mediums such as text or images.

7. Using Video Outreach, You Can Tell A Story

In today's crowded business space, companies need more than just an excellent product to survive. They also need stories that evoke emotion and influence how prospects see the brand in three minutes or less. Great video storytelling can communicate an entire company's character much faster than other forms of media.

Brands are using cute animations and documentary-style videos to share the powerful themes we can all rally behind.

8. Create Personalized Sales Videos

Videoform can help you create and send personalized video emails with just a few clicks in the email tools that your business already uses like Gmail, Outlook, or HubSpot CRM.

Why Videoform For Your Sales Outreach?

1. Record Your Screen & Video Simultaneously

You can record your webcam and screen share video at once to create compelling videos for your business!

2. Integrate Videos to Sales funnel

You can quickly create high-quality videos for your business. You can guide customers through the sales funnel with dynamic content and CTAs integrated into every video in real-time.

3. Create Workflow Builder & Customize Videos

You can customize your videos to suit the goals of different users. With workflow builder, you can guide each user towards a goal in multiple steps to engage them throughout their journey with video and make it more successful outreach.

4. Track Video Analytics

Videoform's real-time video analytics to track the effectiveness of videos & to improve future content, and increase user engagement.

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