A call to action is one of the last (and most important) steps in creating an engaging video that prompts the user to take an action.

It's like when you meet someone new and shake their hand at the end. It seals your relationship and gives some commitment that the prospects will be back and follow up with whatever was said during the conversation.

It's no secret that sales video is crucial for any successful business. But what many salespersons don't realize is just how important a strong call to action can be. A great way to stay on top of your game is by utilizing a strong call to action.

What Type Of CTA You Should Use In Videos?

When figuring out what kind of call to action you should include in your video, first consider the purpose. Ask yourself:

  • Do I want prospects to come to my landing page?
  • Do I want prospects to book a meeting with me?
  • Do I want prospects to watch more videos?

When deciding on what call to action (CTA) you should include in your video, it's important to consider three key points:

  • The prospects' ideal next step
  • The nature of sales content you want to write
  • Types of CTAs that can connect more prospects

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CTA Best Practices For Virtual Selling

It's important to make sure you follow up on all your leads in the virtual sales world with an appropriate CTA, or you might lose them.

If it's a prospecting video and you're only using email for follow-up, then include that prompt in your video so viewers can book their meeting right away.

Remember, these videos aren't just about generating new business but also retaining existing business as well. Here is an example of video CTA from Videoform- "Start Personalization Free."

Video CTA

The next time you shoot a video using Videoform, consider adding these CTA's for your viewers:

1. Book A Meeting

Prompt the viewer to book a meeting with you right away. Make it easy for them and create custom CTAs that link directly to your calendar.

2. Get A Custom Demo

If prospects have watched the entire video, they are interested in what you have to say! Use this moment as an opportunity to get them to sign up!

3. Free Trial

Give your potential customer a free trial! Put them on the road to success by giving them ample time with your product or service.

4. Sign Up For A Webinar

Try a new way to grow your business with webinars. By signing up for the next event, you can learn about the latest tips and tricks on how to get ahead in today's digital world!

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Why Call To Action In Your Sales Video?

Your primary objective in a sales video is to generate interest and urge prospects to move to the next step. The call to action fulfills this task, enabling you to convert your website visitors into customers.

Effective CTAs must direct people towards either satisfying their curiosity or taking them further down the conversion funnel by asking for their email addresses.

For example, if the CTA "sign-up for updates" isn't signaling its intention, it's probably not going to be very effective. It will ultimately lead to increased abandonment rates and lower ROI.

The viewer just may not know what they're signing up for until they click on the button, which happens with an inconclusive CTA such as "watch now."

The text seems like it's asking you to watch a video, but there is no clear indication of what the viewer will get by watching, thus reducing trust and confidence in your brand. Here are stats to back up the importance of CTA:

  • A simple CTA within a video is 380% more effective than the typical sidebar ad. (QuickSprout).
  • Your headline is the first step in your sales video to catch the prospect's attention. According to research done by "Unbounce", 90% of visitors who viewed video headlines will also check out for a call to action button.
  • Nearly all businesses place their has call to action at the end of videos because it ensures that viewers will be highly interested before being presented with a CTA. In a study conducted by "Wistia," about 95% did so.

Use Videoform to track, measure & analyze the effectiveness of your video content. You can tell at a glance which videos are performing well and which need to be improved.

  • Check your video impressions
  • See the number of viewers who interacted with your video
  • Analyze how many users have replied after watching the video

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Some OF The Best Call To Action Phrases

A. Action Buttons With Examples

1. Book A Demo

If you want your prospect to book a demo in your sales video, it makes sense that they need an example of what's being sold. Generally speaking, companies and individuals use demos with something unique about their product/service offering, which is difficult to explain verbally.

For example, when selling software and cloud solutions for engineering through online videos in B2B markets, they would commonly want first-hand knowledge of how these tools work before signing up for licenses. In this case, booking a free demo would be an excellent way to give a glimpse of your software.

2. Join Us

"Join us" can help accomplish goals when you want to contact prospects through personalized videos so as not to miss out on opportunities like events being held by businesses.

3. Explore More

You often see "Explore More" CTA in an online video trying to create a relationship with the prospect. That way, it creates interest and encourages prospects to explore further by clicking on the link for additional information or asking you questions about your product/service.

4. Book A Meeting

Book a meeting with me right away by clicking this link: [Link]

Looks familiar?

Booking meetings with your prospects shouldn't be complicated. The most effective way to book one is through your sales video. You can save time on back-and-forth emails or phone calls about where, when, and how prospects want to meet.

Ensure that you include an easy CTA (call to action) in your video, linking straight into the calendar. Because sometimes people are just too busy juggling multiple tasks at once.

5. Subscribe Now

Subscribe through sales videos: Do you offer a subscription-based service? Let prospects take your product on a test drive with a trial period.

B. Free Stuff CTA Phrases

1. Try Now; It's Free

Many companies today have free trial offers for their product videos. Each of these are calls to action, and they allow people the chance to try a product before deciding if it's worth paying for.

2. Claim Your Free Coupons

The sentence "Claim your free coupons" is a call-to-action (CTA) in a sales video. It asks prospects to click and get the offer for themselves. It includes discounts on products or services offered by the company.

3. Check Our Free Plan

When explaining your services to a client, you must be clear about the free trial or demo they will receive when signing up. Pique their interest by using "Check our free plan" CTA in your sales videos.

4. Fear Of Missing Out Effect (FOMO) CTA Phrases

When you want to get someone's attention, fear is a strong motivator. That's why FOMO CTAs work so well in sales videos—they tap into prospects' fears of losing out on something important like networking opportunities or the freshest updates from your industry.


"The price will increase next week - so take advantage while you can."

In this case, potential buyers will be enticed by the promise that there would be a price hike soon, and they need to act now or risk paying more later.

Fear is enough here, but adding scarcity increases its power because it suggests that if someone does not buy now, they won't have another chance (and might miss something wonderful).

This works especially well on limited edition items, where people are motivated to buy before their favorite item sells out forever! Here are some FOMO CTA's you can use in your Sales videos:

Deal For Today!
Flat 10% Discount, Offer Ends Today.
Last Chance!
Only Few Left
Today Only!
Expires Soon
Limited Time Offer

Tip: You can use a call to action click button to grab attention and encourage your users. CTA Buttons should not be buried in paragraphs of text. Make them stand out! Use complementary colors or have the buttons change color when hovered over for increased visibility.

Tips To Hook Your Prospects

1. Freebies

One way to get your customers hooked on a product is by offering freebies. If you are selling a subscription-based product, allow the prospect to try it out before buying anything. Alternatively, offer discount codes that can be utilized at any time during their first trial period of service.

Creating a sense of urgency is another great tactic because sometimes deadlines make us do things we might not otherwise want! An example could be "sign up today for 10% off!" which creates a sense of immediacy surrounding signing up now rather than later.

2. Push Users To Take Actions

Don't just write what you want people to do - tell them how and why! Action verbs (such as download, subscribe, shop, and call) are a great way of getting the ball rolling. You can also get creative with your phrases by including words like "let's go" or "start today."

3. Keep It Short & Sweet

Viewers should be able to read your CTA at a glance. This CTA is short enough for viewers to take on board quickly. When writing your CTAs, make sure it's not too long - keep the message clear with as few words as possible.

4. Experiment With Minor Changes

For example, instead of "Get the free guide," try something like "Get my free guide." This change in perspective will help create ownership before they even get your product and create a sense of urgency by making them feel like what you're offering is exclusively theirs right now!

Use Videoform's video CTA feature to stay connected with your potential customers. With the growing popularity of videos, we can help you stand out as an innovative company.

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