You walk into the office and open your laptop! You got an email from your marketing team with an attached file full of potential leads that you should be cold calling!

Do you go "Oooo Fun!?"

If you are stressed, and the thought of planning your cold call campaign drains all your energy, this blog post is for you!

We have compiled some fun ways of doing those the best cold call opening lines. Not the old-fashioned, boring ways, which neither get you results nor excite you about the job in hand.

How to Make Cold Calls Fun?

Often, we do things that are not fun because we are doing it the same monotonous way!

Cold calling for salespeople is one such mundane activity. Unless you change the way it's done, you'll never find joy in it.

Try changing the tools you are using. Phone calls for cold calling, however counterintuitive it sounds, is an age-old method and found to be redundant with passing the time. It's a new age, and new tools are introduced every year.

Cold calling doesn't have to be a chore. Here are some ideas for making it more interesting and enjoyable.

1. Include Videos in your Cold Calling!

Try videos for cold calling this time and see for yourself how the wind begins to blow your way!

Why should you use videos in your cold-calling?

"It makes for a more engaging experience."

"You can show off what makes your company/brand/product/services great!"

You might be thinking, "But I don't have time to create video content!"

We get it. That's why we wrote this blog to help you with 'Cold Call and Capture.' Not only do these video messages need to be refreshing, but they also must include an opening statement (a qualification) body language/gestures while speaking on camera.

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2. Include Exciting Opening Lines

You'll want to start off conversations with potential customers in a way that is engaging and creative.

Keep things light fast-paced - you know how it goes! It helps if we introduce ourselves by saying "Hey!" or something else casual before diving right into an introduction like:

We should probably tell these people what they'd get out of working together first anyways, so let me give them my spiel as quickly yet comprehensively!

So, give them the best you can!

3. Use Call to Actions

Customize each video message by using call-to-actions such as "I'm available now" or "Schedule a meeting to talk," or you can link any other copies that will elaborate your efforts.

Call to action saves a lot of time, and don't come out too pushy in your first cold call. You are giving your prospect time to think to respond.

4. Use Social Media Channels

Social media is a deep sea of information. You can know and learn a lot about your prospects from their social media profile and activities. You can personalize your cold call pitch and videos by gathering the information.

You can also contact your prospects on channels like LinkedIn or Twitter to make a good first impression.

Did you know that Videoform lets you send a video message directly from your LinkedIn profile to prospects or potential clients you want to introduce yourself to?

5. Do Your Research and Keep Information Handy

The best way to network is by being personable, socializing with peers & prospects, and making an effort. Remember that a cold call is just one way to get in touch with people.

The more research you do on your prospects, their interests, and the kind of products or services they are looking for, the more personal you can make your pitch.

Before making this kind of approach, make sure your message isn't too salesy and can instead focus solely on building relationships for future business opportunities.

6. Smile & Sound Confident

When you're making your video message, make sure to smile! It will not only improve your voice and attitude but also create a more enjoyable experience for both parties involved.

You may want to start humorously telling stories or talking about what's going on in life right now just because it sounds like fun--and who doesn't love being happy?

10 Best Cold Call Opening Lines with Scripts!

Cold calls are the worst, but you can make them exciting with some creative opening lines.

Do you know how everyone always says that cold-calling is boring and not very fun? Well, using some witty or funny opening lines will break the ice and establish a personal connection.

Your prospects already know that you are trying to sell something. So, the first few lines have to grab their attention span quickly. Every marketing and sales rep knows this, and here we have collected a few opening lines you can use in the next personalized video you share with your cold calling list.

Videoform lets you personalize one step further by embedding your recipient's name in your message so it feels personal and customized. You can simply integrate Videoform with your existing CRM and share your emails.

1. Introduction

"Hi {Name} - the personalized element in your cold call is addressing your recipient with their name that will create an instant bond between the both.

Welcome to Videoform {company name/product/brand name}, My name is Lisa {marketing/sales rep name}, and I am thrilled to get to know you! I hope you will find my products/services useful, and do feel free to reach out if you have any questions!"

Don't forget to add those call to actions, so it makes communication better and seamless.

2. The Free Trial

"Hi, Ken {Name} - You can write your recipient's name on a piece of paper and hold it!

Welcome to Videoform! {company name/product/brand name}, My name is Lisa {marketing/sales rep name}, and I know that you have been looking for a product like ours!

Would you give it a try? It's absolutely free for the first couple of weeks.

Let me know what you think!"

You don't have to create a different video for every recipient. With Videoform's personalization technique, you can just export your list in bulk and get videos made for every recipient in a few seconds.

3. Asking For Time

"Hi, Ken,
I am Lisa {marketing/sales rep name} from Videoform!

Are you free this Friday morning to chat about your marketing needs! I promise this won't be long and you'll have learned something new by the end of the meeting.

Looking forward to it!"

4. Commenting About Their recent activity

"Hi, Ken,

I am Lisa!

I saw your recent post on LinkedIn, and it was illuminating. Can we discuss the points you shared in detail over a quick meeting? The coffee's on me, of course!"

5. Sharing a Demo Video!

No! It's not too early to share a demo video in your first cold call video email/message. In fact your prospects might appreciate your directness in doing so!

"Hi, Ken,

I am Lisa from Videoform! We have an amazing marketing product that will be useful for your marketing campaigns. We assure you that our product won't disappoint.

Would you be interested in subscribing to our product?

This Demo video will give you a detailed understanding of how it works!


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6. Complementing Your Prospects

"Hi, Ken!

I can't help but notice how effective your social media strategy is! You are doing a great job!

If you want to entice your audience even more and keep them engaged, I have a brilliant product in mind for you! Let's discuss this when you have time.

Please select a time you like from the calendar call to action."

7. Direct Pitch

"Hi, Ken!

I am Lisa from Videoform! I don't want to take up a lot of your precious time. So, I will be direct. Are you interested in a marketing tool that will get you to convert deals faster with personalization techniques?

If you are interested plz schedule a meeting with your available time from the calendar link attached below.

I would love to have a conversation with you"

8. The Offers

No one can resist a good offer. A personalized offer? Even more so!

So, go ahead and convey your exclusive offer to the bunch of your cold call recipients and make that sale happen with very few next steps!

"Hi, Ken!

We at Videoform are running exclusive offers for a select few people. You are qualified, and I would love for you to try our products and give us feedback!

Here are the offer details. Hope you'll have fun trying our product!"

9. References, Recommendations & Reviews

You can take the names of older clients who would be happy to refer or recommend some new clients/prospects from their circle and make a personalized video.

You can also use a personalized video to ask for reviews or testimonials.

Your video can sound like:

"Hi, Ken!

I am Lisa, and I had a word with Sam yesterday, who recommended that you give our product a try! Sam saw great results and is excited for you to get a good deal. So here I am, offering you what we offered Sam!

Let's discuss further!"

10. Pitch that testimonial

"Hi, Ken!

All our clients are happy with our personalization tool and recommend it 100% to their peers. Hear from our clients to see if our product helps you with your business goals.

If you are interested, you can either subscribe to us from our website or schedule a meeting with me to talk further!"

Use the above pitches to make a video and send it across to your email list! You are guaranteed to see some results.

Happy selling!