As a marketer, the efforts you put into your content planning and marketing strategy defines the success of your business. Now that we’re in 2022... what’s next? 2021 was quite monumental for the business landscape.

With that established, your content marketing strategies need some fine-tuning to continue its impact till the end of 2022. This blog is going to provide you with all the ingredients for a massively successful 2022 marketing strategy.

9 Types Of Content You Need To Be Leveraging In 2022

Here are 9 content types that you ought to begin using for your brand in 2022. Use them to outline a brilliant content marketing strategy that would sweep the market off its feet.

1. eBooks

Netizens have become extremely picky. With so many options at their disposal, they are less likely to spend time going through content that is sale-sy. The masses now view your promotional or advertising content only if there is an exchange of value.

With that established, an eBook is one stellar way to cut through the clutter and reach their inbox. It is the best lead magnet. All you have to do is curate knowledgeable content on a topic that might interest your target audience.

This should be coupled with an attractive designing of the cover along with a decent pop-up on your website. You can also propagate your eBook through social media links and ads.

However, a well-designed pop-up on your website is the best way to get your audience to grab a copy of it. Here is when your audience becomes leads by sharing their contact information with you.

This technique has been working extremely well for several businesses. And this trend shall continue in 2021 as well, for netizens have become even more dependent on the internet for their quest for knowledge,

For your eBook to become a bestseller, here are some pro-tips to keep in mind-

  • A marketing eBook should ideally be free.
  • The content should be straightforward and simple.

2. Infographics

Remember the old adage, “Pictures speak a thousand words”? Cut to 2021, nothing has changed. Our brain still loves pictures and graphics more than text.

Infographics take this tactic of attracting an audience to a whole new level. In fact, visuals increase learning and retention by 78 %.

Unlike regular creatives, infographic mailers are long with several pieces of information put together.

These pieces are crisp, to-the-point and mostly statistical. When the same is made for social media, they follow the dimensions of the platform and are popularly known as Carousels.

Infographics have several formats and that is the best part of this medium. You can use it to convey your story through a play of words, numbers and visuals or break down information/instructions or even put together statistics.

This versatility of infographics have made them popular among marketers and 30 % of those who used it have reiterated the fact.

The X-factor about Infographics is that they are highly shareable. They open up a whole new avenue for backlinks and references.

If your SEO game is strong, your infographic will most probably show on the first page of google images. On social media too, carousels have become a good marketer’s go-to for establishing authority and increasing engagement.

3. Video Testimonials

It's no secret that consumers have started to inclined more towards videos. The fact that videos attach 300% more traffic and help to nurture leads, speaks volumes about the same. Video

In such a scenario “Content Marketing Strategy” is an understatement for Video Testimonials. Video testimonials have become direct conversion tools.

These videos trigger visual stimuli,  give social assurance and garner attention all in one go. Be it B2B or B2C, consumers trust social proof more than anything else. And when this social proof is in the form of a video, it becomes fool-proof.

Another great advantage of video testimonials is that they are very convenient to share on platforms. And they work equally well as website embeds, social media stories and even posts. If you are a marketer, then video testimonials are one content strategy that you cannot afford to miss.

4. User-Generated Content

User-generated content is awesome. It increases your credibility massively. It works particularly because of the envy and sense of urgency it creates among the audience. And as a smart brand, you should surely cash upon it.

Any content that is posted or created by consumers and not the brand, falls under User Generated Content. Social Media is one medium that is gaga over this trend.

To encourage your buyers to post content for your brand, it is very important to have a stunning social media presence. A presence that constantly engages its audience and keeps up with the market and social media trends.

Another great medium for user-generated content is review blogs. Influencers critically review brands and share their opinions on their blogs. Masses tend to rely on these reviews more than anything else. They also provide great scope for backlinks.

User-Generated Content is free for a brand and needs very minimal effort.

5. Behind The Scenes Content

There are probably hundreds of brands that are selling the same service/ product as you. Why do consumers have to choose you? That is because they are buying your brand more than anything else.

They are placing their bets on your vision and you have to give more reasons for them to do so. One great way of doing this is by humanizing your brand. Your audience should know who's behind the making of the products and services, how are the products being made, etc.

Behind the Scenes, content does exactly that. It gives your marketing a face. They are the most value-driven content that attracts your audience. And if they like it, they might just end up sharing them too. The audience loves them.

Here are Behind the Scene Ideas -

  • Work Culture Videos
  • The Making of the Product
  • Interviews
  • Magazine Articles
  • Brand Story Videos/Blogs

Storytelling is a powerful marketing tool and history has proven it time and again. BTS is one great way to incorporate storytelling into your marketing strategy.

6. Blog Articles

The world of business has an ever-changing landscape. New trends and new markets do rounds every day. The responsibility to update your audience with every new piece of information falls on the shoulders of your brand.

With that established, building a strong internet presence and audience engagement is not something you can compromise on.

While your website does half your job, it is mostly static. The dynamism of the market needs to be communicated to your audience. That is where blogs come into the picture.

A blog is the most inexpensive way to keep your content up to date and engage your consumers daily. It helps your brand awareness campaigns immensely and empowers your website’s content. 82% of businesses admit that blogging is critical to their business.

However, any other kind of blog is not what the internet wants. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) should be your main priority while maintaining a blog. It is a great way to drive traffic to your website, generate inbound leads and build brand awareness.

Blogs too, like user-generated content and BTS, create immense scope for your audience to share.

Another reason why you should create and start blogging for your brand ASAP is that it helps you to establish authority. It lets your audience know that you are the ones who they should turn to for expertise in the domain.

7. Interactive Videos

The business world is going gaga over interactive videos. Rightly so! These videos have completely changed the landscape of content marketing by making the medium two way.

The audience no longer has to watch what the brands are showing them but can now choose what they can watch. Isn't that amazing?

Interactive videos change the linear video arc into an interactive one by letting the viewer actively take part in the flow of the video. The viewer can do more things apart from pay, pause and rewind.

He can look in the direction he wants, create his own adventures, click on the characters/elements in the video and even shop directly from the video.

70% of Markets who tried their hand at interactive video have found it to be very effective. There are a very few platforms that allow marketers to make interactive videos. VideoForm is one of the most versatile one that allows one to add a lot of interactive elements including contact forms, directly on the video.

2021 is certainly the year for you to explore the world of interactivity and give your audience a delightful watching experience.

8. Influencer Content

Influencer content is certainly a must have in your 2021 content marketing checklist. The trend is huge on social media and is a quick way to win the trust of millions.

When an influencer with a million followers watches the influencer using your product and appreciates it, most of them would want to try their hands on them. And since the influencer has already said good things, they are less likely to give it a second thought.

This tactic has worked incredibly for brands and it's going to continue for a generation now. 89% Marketers have said that ROI from influencer marketing is comparable to or better than other marketing channels.

The key to successful Influencer Marketing is to find people who are regarded as the experts of your industry and the ones who have followers that resonate to you.

9. Audio Books and Podcasts

The best thing about the new gen marketing is that there is something for everyone. There are blogs for those who read, videos for those who scroll. The latest type of content that the world of Marketing has been leveraging is to capture the ones who like to listen.

Audiobooks and Podcasts are certainly not new on the block. People have been listening to stories and news since the beginning of time. But the world of Marketing has just started to explore its beauty.

The best thing about audio content is that it does not need the full attention of the audience.

They can be attending other tasks and yet give a part of their attention to what they say. It is a great way to slowly make your way into the minds of your audience. Because the next time they come across your brand, they would say, “I heard about it somewhere”. And if they really like you content, they would feel like an insider already.

Thanks to the rise of smart speakers. This trend is not going to die anytime soon. Also, making these audiobooks are podcasts are super easy and you need no manpower to do so. It's pretty much DIY.

Anchor is one great tool for Podcasts. And for Audiobooks, you could use-


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