Here’s a myth-buster - You do not need a large budget for Video creation and marketing.

Of course, if this was a decade ago, I would say that video marketing comes with a hefty price tag. But today, a little strategy and good context can drive your videos to excellence.

The fact that marketers who use videos generate 49% more revenue than those who don't, is proof enough.

Video marketing tools come in all shapes and prices

Animated videos, Interactive videos, Product Demo Videos and live-action videos are some popular types of video content that any marketer will employ in their strategy. Thanks to technology, there is software for each of these video types.

Before we get started with the tool suggestions for each of these types, let me give you a heads-up of what it takes to make a great video.

1. A Huge Budget? No!

Great video marketing needs a strategy. So, before anything else, define a strategy for your video creation. This helps you define goals and stay focused. Once they fall into place, set aside a little budget for the same.

2. Identify Tools

There are plenty of tools in the market for facilitating your video creation needs. These include tools that provide stock BGM, footage and even premade templates. It is important to identify these tools before you decide if you need some additional support or not.

3. Invest in Basics

What equipment you’d want to buy is subjective to the kind of videos you’re making and the tools you’d be using. Most of the time, you might already be having them. But in case you are shooting real footage, then investing in a tripod, mic set and basic lighting can be a good idea.

Best Budget Video production Tools

Good news is that you need not depend on an external video production team to get started with your video marketing.

We have plenty of tools in the market that can help you to create as well as market your tools. The below list clearly establishes why a little budget can go a long way.

The list contains tool suggestions from possibly all categories. Take a look.

DIY Animation Video Creation Platforms

The below DIY tools are absolute must-haves in your video creation toolkit.

1. Animoto

This tool works explicitly well for photo-based video. Animoto offers two kinds of video creation options- Slideshow and Marketing Video.

The Marketing Video side of this video creation platform will let you take a little extra control over the production of the video. Animoto is easy to use and super fast. The drag and drop interface ensures that all you have to do is upload the images, text and music. The tool integrates them together and gives out a beautiful output.

It also has plenty of preset templates to choose from. However, the price is a little hefty for a photo-based video.

2. Renderforest

A light-on-pocket alternative to Animoto is Renderforest. The tool works just like Animoto.

Choose a template and customize it with your photos, music, text, etc. The video creation tool has five pricing plans. So there's something for everyone. The free plan too is quite generous and would be sufficient enough if you want to make videos for up to 3 minutes.

3. Promo

Promo is one of the most popular video creation tools that can help amateur creators and expert brand marketers create captivating videos in minutes.

Be it a YouTube promo video, YouTube intro, Facebook ad, Instagram Stories campaign, Shopify promo, or scroll-stopping GIFs – our video creator has it covered. With a suite of tools and customizable templates, you don’t need any previous video creation knowledge or pricey equipment.

With Promo’s suite of tools, everything you need is easily accessible, and your custom video can be ready in minutes and in just a few clicks.

4. Powtoon

As the name suggests, Powtoon is a combination of video PowerPoint presentation and cartoons. It has an easy interface with a drag and drops editor. The tool lets you add graphs, charts and figures to your presentation. It is indeed a great tool for making engaging and captivating presentations.

Powtoon also has a library of unlimited royalty-free music. The free version of the tool is quite sufficient for one to access most of the features.

5. Rawshorts

Rawshorts is an AI-based video creation platform that lets you make professional videos. Compared to the previously mentioned tools, Rawshorts provides templates, pre-made music, images and scenes on a much larger scale.

You can convert your content into impressive videos with your branding audio and visual elements.

6. Biteable

Biteable is hands down one of the most popular video creation platforms in the market. You can make presentable and efficient videos with minimal effort from your end.

The tool offers a free version initially. Biteable’s catalogue offers an extensive variety of video templates.

Biteable is also great for editing the videos you shoot in a compelling way.

7. Invideo

Invideo is an extensive video creation platform with 5000+  templates to start with.

The tool offers a text to video service that you can use to quickly whip up new videos from existing content

Invideo is also great for editing videos with ease

8. Canva for Video

Canva for Videos

Every designers' favorite tool, Canva now has video editing

While it's quiet early, Canva could leapfrog all tools for video editing because of its sheer simplicity

Subtitling tools

We have only one suggestion for this and it’s certainly worth your time.

9. Kapwing

This online tool is a beginner’s best friend. It is super effective in editing your videos. You can trim, filter, resize and do possibly everything that you’d need to edit basic videos.

However, Kapwing is immensely popular for two of its unique features - subtitles and meme generation.

Meme creators have been raving about the tool since its inception and it’s certainly worth it.

The freemium plan is more than enough for one to get started with. The Pro plan too is pretty cheap and offers you a few additional features.

Screen recording tools

Here’s a hand-picked list  of the best screen recording tools. These work brilliantly for creating product demo videos. Read on…

10. Soapbox by Wistia

This end-to-end video marketing tool is user-friendly yet quite advanced.

It's a chrome extension that lets you record your screen, record videos via webcam or system’s camera and edit them end to end.

Soapbox does more than just screen recording. In fact, it is multi-purpose. You can create product demo videos, video podcasts, tutorials, brand video, etc. The editor is there to back up your basic skills.

11. Videoform

Comprehensive video platform for sales, marketing & customer success teams to create personalized videos from scratch.

Videoform is a personalization platform that helps you to create thousands of creative videos quickly.

The name of your business, as well as personal information like birthdays and anniversaries, can be included in the video.

By addressing your audiences individually by their names and other personal details, these videos create a sense of one-on-one communication that feels much more up close and personal.

Such a high level of personalized video may be used to nurture your leads.

You can use the CRM data to personalize videos by creating a video template on which it is integrated.

Book a demo today!

Royalty-free Music & BGM

The below tools can help you make your videos even more impactful with licensed soundtracks and effects.

12. Epidemic sound

The tool lets you buy royalty-free music and BGM starting at just $15.

Its library is eclectic, extensive and ever-growing. It has only high-quality music from all genres.

The specialty of Epidemic sound is that you can only download the parts you want from a soundtrack. The search tools too are a great advantage for the users.

13. AudioJungle

AudioJungle can be a great add on to your video creation toolkit.

It has a huge library of sound assets that cover everything from jingles to full-length songs. AudioJungle is a part of Evanto and it certainly carries forward the legacy.

One can download quality music for as low as $1 per soundtrack.

The tool also comes with a 15-day trial.

14. Pond5

This royalty-free music and BGM providing software is a big player in the field of Video Creation. They have up to 900k music tracks and more than 1 million soundtracks.

Pond5 would be one big asset in your Video Creation toolkit as it provides amazing soundtracks alongside stock videos and photos.

At times Pond5 is all that you need for making your video.

15. Artlist

This subscription-based platform provides only original music.

Once you pay the yearly subscription, you will get to download as many soundtracks and BGMs as possible.

Artlist’s library is fast growing and the search oilers enable you to choose just what you want.

Stock footage

Here are some tools that provide copyright-free stock footage for your videos.

16. Jumpstory

JumpStory is certainly one of the best tools to buy stock footage from. It has quality footage in all sizes.

But what is more striking about JumpStory is customer care. A user gets to take the help of a search assistant to find footages. All you need to do is send him specifications of what you're looking for and he’ll get back to you in no time.

17. Pexels

Pexels is all you need to make brilliant videos within no time.

Most Of the content is for free making it the best choice for projects of all sizes. Pexels is a rare combination of quality and affordability.

18. Pond5

Like it has been previously mentioned, Pond5 provides quality stock images on one side and amazing soundtracks and effects on the other.

Pond5 is certainly an asset in your Video Creation Toolkit as it has everything you need at one stop.

19. Getty

Getty is a premium player in the stock footage game. The tool has something for everything.

The tool provides over a million stock images to choose from. All properly licensed and full of value.

Getty is a great choice for creators of any size.

Bonus Tool - VideoForm

This new generation video-making platform is all you need to level up your video personalization efforts. With a huge number of free templates and several use-cases, VideoForm lets you make personalized videos with ease.

35% of marketers who’ve used Interactive videos in their marketing have witnessed a 25% increase in their conversions.

VideoForm lets you harness this very characteristic of the market.

Book a demo today.

Best Practices For Budget Video Creation

Thanks to technology, Video creation has become an easy-peasy task for Marketers.

But making a video that actually brings fruition to your efforts is still quite a task.

Here are some best practices for you to keep in mind while making your video. Read on…

1. Understand Your Target Audience

The moment you decide to create a video, it can be tempting to directly dive into the script, production, etc.

Well, that is just the wrong way of doing it.

The first and foremost step of any video making efforts would be to identify your target audience.

These are the ones who qualify to see your videos. You can go ahead and make imaginary characters out of your audience.

Once you do that, write your script for those imaginary characters. This way your entire process would be focused to convince that particular person.

2. Write A Script

Content is king!

And videos are no exception to this. A good script can fetch your brand sales, consumers and fans. A bad script can do just the opposite.

In fact, the amount of effort you put into the script is directly reflected in the video.

The secret or a great script to write one that would provoke your audience to share your video.

Figure out your central concept, and try to write it down as simply as possible.

Try to draw parallels between the message you are trying to get out there and the concept that you pick.

Use strong, emotive words that drive users into action and frame visuals that match those words.

Also, make sure you keep an eye on the video length! Most viewers do not like to sit for more than 30 seconds watching a video. Try to keep it between 15 and 30 seconds if possible. Explainer videos, educational videos and product demos can go push that time limit.

3. Make It Memorable

Only videos have the power to evoke visual stimuli. These visual stimuli in return evoke emotions. These very emotions build a bond between the brand and the consumer.

You can use this ability of videos to emotionally target your audiences. Interactive videos are a great choice.

Create videos that touch your audience’s sentiments and make a lasting impression on them.

4. Drive strong CTA

The importance of having a powerful Call-to-Actions is no secret.

However, understanding what action you want your viewers to take even before filming the video can be a game-changer for video marketers.

Because that way, all your effort will be directed into convincing the viewer towards that action. So plan this step in advance.

A Final Note

Armed with tools listed above, you're ready to create video content for almost every stage of the marketing funnel.

Remember, every tool has its own highs and lows. Be sure to check them all out and shortlist the tools that work with your style the best!