Let’s talk about branding - the X factor when it comes to creating a unique customer experience; the secret sauce, if you will, for creating an enduring business that stands out from the competition.

Branding is the central pillar to every established business around the world. A brand is more than just the physical design and imagery of a company - it's the emotional connect, the familiarity that you create between the company and its audience. The colours, logo, messaging, tone of voice, brand behaviour, company culture, values - it all comes together to create a story that helps your business feel familiar, bringing about a sense of quality and building trust in your target audience.

But it’s 2021. The standard route to branding won’t cut it if your business is to really stand apart.

That’s where VideoForm comes in.

videoform is the ultimate interactive video creation tool for branding
VideoForm - Interactive video creation simplified.

You’re probably well versed with VideoForm - an interactive video creation platform, designed to help your business reach out to prospects, customers and employees in a more engaging manner.

I’m going to show you how you can bring your brand to VideoForm and have create a seamless experience for your customers.

But first, let’s tackle the basics.

What Is Branding?

Branding is a marketing practice in which a company or organization creates a visual and cultural identity to help make all its offerings and actions all the more recognizable to the public. The obvious visual elements are the brand colours, logo, design guidelines, fonts etc. Brands design these visual elements on some core beliefs that the organization is built on, ensuring the message is ingrained in every aspect of their existence - from the simple visual identity to the work ethic and culture of the company itself.

branding marketing practice
Branding is central to a business's marketing efforts.

The brand itself will eventually be reflected in promotional merchandise, events, advertising, marketing efforts, products and a whole lot more.

Like I mentioned earlier, branding is a way of creating a sense of familiarity among the audience. This gives the audience an impression of what they can expect from the brand, and creates a feeling of trust among the consumers.

Now that we have the basics out of the way, it’s time to get to why you’re here in the first place - VideoForm.

Why Bringing Your Brand To VideoForm Is Important

VideoForm gives you the ability to interact with your audience on a whole new level, allowing you to hold an entire conversation in an asynchronous manner, giving the receiver the impression of your physical presence.

As you might expect, this presents a golden opportunity for brands to really create a seamless experience that matches their brand values and behaviour.

1. Your VideoForm Gets Recognized

branding improves recognition
Using branding cues will make your VideoForm easily recognizable from the rest.

This one’s a no brainer. When you add your brand design to your VideoForm, you instantly make a personalized statement. The sort of statement that grabs the attention of your loyal customers and attracts clicks and opens. Brand recognition like this is vital to making your VideoForm as effective as can be, allowing you to better hold conversations and create a more engaging customer experience.

2. Your VideoForm’s Value Increases

You’ve created a VideoForm to get a certain message across. It’s got a purpose - whether it’s to act as a customer service video chatbot, a feedback form, an interactive email campaign or anything else for that matter. You need to ensure that your VideoForm achieves that purpose. And what better way to do that than to add your brand to your VideoForm? Doing so immediately increases the value of your VideoForm, ensuring that your customers and prospects click on the play button and hear you out.

3. Your Audience Will Trust Your VideoForm

With a branded VideoForm, you give your audience the impression that the product they see on the screen comes directly from you, not from a third party. This creates a sense of professionalism to your brand. By giving your audience the impression that you created a VideoForm from scratch, you grab their attention and further gain their trust, ensuring that your audience values what you have sent them and will follow the Call To Action.

4. Create A Better Experience

Branding creates a seamless customer experience
A branded VideoForm will more seamlessly become a part of your customer experience.

Perhaps the biggest opportunity that VideoForm offers for branding is the ability to take your brand and turn it into a human experience. Simply record yourself speaking to your customers and bring your brand to life.The interactive nature of the platform allows you to repurpose a single video for multiple use cases - creating a more natural, conversational flow that is hard to achieve in other mediums. This creates a human experience for your prospects and customers, making your brand feel all the more warmer.

Now that you know why adding your brand identity to VideoForm is a good idea, it’s time to talk about the how.

How To Bring Your Brand Into VideoForm

To create a properly branded VideoForm, I recommend you opt for the $69 ‘VideoForm Team’ plan. This allows you to create Whitelabel VideoForms, ie, you get complete control over the way your brand is integrated into your VideoForm - from replacing the VideoForm logo for your own to creating custom VideoForm URLs.

When it comes to finally adding your brand to the VideoForm, there are a couple of things you need to pay special attention to:

1. The Video’s Tone

The first thing any viewer is going to notice about your VideoForm is the video. If you’re looking for a complete branded experience, then you cannot overlook the tone of the video you create. Just like your usual branded video, you’ll need to focus on whether you want the video to feel formal (to target a professional audience), or more laidback and fun (for the casual viewer). Think of what sort of video you’re creating - animated or live action? If animated, what sort of visual style are you going for?

Remember, if you want to create a consistent experience, you’ll need to ensure that the video’s tone matches the voice of your brand.

2. Sprinkle In Brand Elements

You’ve definitely got plenty of branding elements that sets your business apart from the rest. Use these elements all over your VideoForm to drive the branding home.

You can replace the VideoForm logo with your own brand logo and use brand colours throughout the video. Create a custom URL for your VideoForm that is relevant to your brand message. Throw in your tagline and there you go - your VideoForm is now an extension of your brand.

3. Bring Your Brand Values To Life

Your brand is built on some core values - principles that determine how your business functions and drive your brand forward. Without these values, your branding exercise will fall flat. That’s why you need to ensure that these values come through in your VideoForm. Now I’m not saying you need to highlight your values or recite them out on screen. Be subtle - Keep these values in mind when scripting your video and use them to guide your narrative forward. Take Nike, for example. Their core brand is all about helping individuals max out their physical potential. While they don’t mention this out loud, the idea is present in everything they do - taglines, products, sponsorships etc.

This sort of subtle messaging can be brought to your VideoForm to make your viewers connect more with your brand.

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No matter what marketing outreach exercise you are trying to do, VideoForm has the potential to get you there with ease. Adding your brand to the VideoForm you send out just increases its effectiveness while creating a seamless, smooth and familiar experience for your prospects, customers, employees etc.

If you’re trying to max out your branding strategy, our ‘VideoForm Team’ plan will enable you to create WhiteLabel VideoForms, thus ensuring that you have complete control over how your brand is integrated into your VideoForm.