Sales reps are creatures of habit-- send messages, book meetings, and repeat.

To introduce something new, you have to disrupt the current habit. What if you could sell more by using video to make your sales pitch?

Fortunately, there's a solution for these ills - and it lies within one of the most advanced tools available today.

Videoform is designed to help you replicate your face-to-face approach for remote sales.

Why Are Sales People Reluctant To Use Video?

Many sales executives simply do not know how to create great videos or feel that this is an unnecessary expense.

Others may be scared of the potential changes that could happen if they change their current process.

Video is a powerful tool but it does require expertise, time, and money to use successfully. Let's see some of the reasons why reps are reluctant to use video for email in the sales process.

1. Camera shy

Some sales reps often get camera shy while recording sales videos because they are not used to being on video and may feel insecure about their appearance.

Camera shy

People tend to be less comfortable when appearing in front of a camera than other forms of communication, such as speaking face-to-face or writing text messages.

But, using videos in the sales pitch can be a great auxiliary benefit especially during this pandemic where in-person interactions are becoming less common.

2. Lazy Bee

Despite the fact that sales videos have been proven to be effective in closing deals, a lot of reps still do not use them.


Some are too lazy or simply just don't know how to create and edit their own video. While others may think it takes up extra time in their day when there's already so many other things on their plate.

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3. Not Inspired To Try

There are two primary reasons why sales reps aren't very inspired to try video in their sales funnel.

The first is that they feel like it takes too much time and effort, which means more work for them with no additional commission or compensation.

Second of all, many believe there's a disconnect between the value of what you're trying to convey through your message versus how well the audience understands this on camera.

4. Don’t Believe That Video Emails Actually Work

Some reps think that people prefer a phone call. They also feel like prospects rarely watch their videos carefully despite the rising statistics and it's not worth the time to communicate through video email when you can just speak on the phone or meet face-to-face.

No belief in video

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Why Should Sales Reps Use Sales Video?

A video is a visionary and imaginative form of storytelling that has the power to influence and persuade. Here's how you can convince them!

  • It can establish your credibility and create an emotional connection between you and the viewer.
  • Text messages can be impersonal or cold. To convey empathy and make a human connection, people remember faces better than words.
  • You have to use more text in an email because it's hard convey information about the product in few words. Video emails allow you to convey message within 2 minutes and engage the prospect.
Sales Video
What's even more appealing about video email is that it is affordable, making it highly cost-effective.

Another great thing about using videos to sell products is that they stand out in stark contrast to text or images, allowing them to draw more attention from potential customers who consume lots of information daily.

A study by HubSpot revealed that videos increased sales by 80% in 2020.

Video is quickly becoming the most common format for sales teams. With promotional videos and brand storytelling taking precedence, sales teams are getting used to the new trend.

So like the Nike slogan, "just do it," sales reps should just go ahead and incorporate video into your marketing campaign because you won't regret it!

Benefits of Using Videos For Sales

1. Effective Communication

A lot of things are lost in the text. From tone to body language to the nuances and emphasis of specific words. Written words are left up for interpretation more than video or face-to-face communication. These poor communication techniques can disconnect your prospect very quickly.

With a video, you can communicate your point exactly as intended with precision which leads to less back and forth, better understanding, higher level of confidence, all while translating into sales!

Switch to video prospecting and start recording your sales videos. Create personal connections, build trust, and sell - face to face.

2. Videos Build Authenticity and Trust

In business, you must communicate in a way that builds trust. If your emails are getting deleted without even being opened, then prospect's will not be confident about the authenticity of what is on offer - and they'll stop trusting you too.

Video can make all the difference to these things: adding credibility when establishing relationships or building confidence over email, for instance! Moreover, you can check how many emails were opened and clicked on with video analytics.

3. Activates Sales Ethical Cycle

For salespeople that don't intrinsically believe in the video, time eventually changes their mind. But if you don't have time to spare and can't let early errors turn into program-killing gossip, launch a campaign to spread video using bottom-up or top-down - even the most reluctant salesperson will be selling better.

4. Sales Testimonials to Connect Emotionally

Sales reps should know that one of the best ways to build a strong relationship with prospects is through sales video testimonials.

Video testimonials will increase trust, show how you are different from your competition, and connect emotionally, which may lead to more people purchasing your product or service.

What To Consider When Creating Sales Videos?

Don't overcomplicate things here. Anybody with a computer and a good camera can create sales videos using Videoform. Just remember these few tips:

  • Make eye contact like you are speaking directly to the person on the other end.

  • Introduce yourself and company while staying brief (2 minutes max), even if this is not your first time meeting someone in particular online.

  • Make sure that all instructions about what prospects should do next are clear and concise.

  • Create a script before shooting the video

  • Don't overwhelm prospects with too much product info. Try building relationships first.

Bring Deals to a Close

When you employ video in your sales approach, prospects get more used to seeing your face. Customers that have spoken with a sales rep using video emails feel as if they already know each other by the time of their meeting!

If you are interested, get started with a free trial!

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