As customers increasingly turn to video to communicate their needs, it's more important than ever to equip your customer service team with the tools they need to provide great customer service.

In this blog post, we'll outline some best practices for using video in customer service and some tips for getting the most out of your customer service videos.

What is Customer Service & Why Does it Matter?

Customer service is a vital part of any business. It helps you keep your customers happy and coming back for more, which means they'll be the ones ordering new products from you!

Customer service is the key to ensuring that your clients are satisfied and come back for more.

The world of e-commerce has changed how we do business, but it's not enough just having good products or low prices - if customers can't find what they need online, then there will be no reason why they should purchase from you!

How to Make your Customers Happy with Video?

Have you ever felt like your customers are too far away and couldn't connect with them or engage with them?

Are your efforts lost in translation? Unfortunately, this happens to everyone trying to retain clients or who is trying to troubleshoot a customer's query.

Customer service with video

Video is an effective means of communication that helps translate the information you want to share with customers and make a humanizing impact on your approach. Video makes it simple to share information and engages better than any phone call, email, or text-based communication.

Video makes those business interactions more personal and engaging while also increasing conversions because people want simplified solutions & shortcuts.

To make your customer happy with video, start by understanding their needs and wants. Video is an affordable means of communication that can be used globally to reach people on the go or in remote areas. That's why, video marketing is an effective strategy for customer service.

3 Tactics To Capture Your Customers With Video Marketing
There is no better way to connect with your customers than by creating videos.

A strong voice should have a friendly tone; it also offers many benefits, such as increased engagement rates because videos are more realistic than written content when looking directly into someone's eyes.

Let your customer service agents or customer support agents use video for their next communication, which is a great way to make personal connections with your clients and users.

10 Secrets That will Make your Customers Feel Like VIPs!

Here are some helpful tips for great customer service and to attain customer loyalty and repeat customers for you, using video!

Video Marketing

1. Know the Customer Psychology - Heard & Understood

Your customers want to be heard all the time, especially when they face a problem with your product or service. If they are dissatisfied and unhappy about your services, it's important to sound calm and balanced in the videos that you share with your customers.

It is a priority to have knowledge about your customers and know your customers' psychology in order for them to be satisfied. In addition, it's important that you hear and understand what they are saying, so this will help create an environment where everyone can enjoy themselves, including the customers!

A well-crafted video message is one that not only meets customer needs but also delights their senses. This means creating memorable soundbites and content in an engaging tone of voice which will convince them they're making the right choice by continuing to do business with you instead of someone else!

2. Ask Questions and Know Precisely What Their Issue is!

The first step to customer satisfaction is asking questions. You need an informed understanding of the issue, not just guessing what might be causing it!

Knowing what the customer needs and wants by asking questions is crucial to providing them with a satisfying experience.

Happy customers

In addition, asking questions will allow you to know precisely how best to satisfy your clients, so they come back time after time!

Create videos with a set of questions that gives you information on drawing the right solution.

3. Show Some Effort into Addressing the Problem

Clients want to be cared for and feel important. So even if requests can be accommodated, they will appreciate your effort in trying to resolve their issues. Your customer service experience can be more frustrating if you're in a hurry.

Customers would like to see some effort and feel delighted when you value their time and money spent doing business with you.

Address customer's problem

They expect you to communicate effectively and show consideration by being courteous when dealing with issues that may arise while using your products/services, thereby improving the ease of use.

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4. Smile

Smiles are contagious. Smiling represents your brand in a delightful way to your customers. So, wipe the grin off your customer's face with your smile in your video. Smiles are the best way to communicate that you care about your customers.

The right smile can make all those negative thoughts disappear and turn them into loyal followers who will return time after time!

When someone smiles at you, It changes your whole vibe and makes everything seem better!

The same goes for resolving issues in your businesses. If you speak kind words and helpful advice with a smile, customers feel more confident in you as a business.

5. Eye contact & Empathy

Make eye contact with the person on your screen, and show Empathy by smiling in your videos to connect deeply with your customers- it'll make a difference!

Empower your customers to feel like they are the only person in existence as you show them Empathy and attention.

Look into the video, understand your customers ' points, and try to connect with them by agreeing with them. Don't outrightly dismiss their views. Instead, try and express your opinion in a composed way in your reply videos.

6. Comment Appropriately

Some people have the misconception that if they are nice to a customer, it'll make them come back more often.

This couldn't be further from the truth! Be polite, professional, and kind when interacting with your customers for good service across all business areas.

Include videos in your customer service communications and add them to your social media platforms to quickly answer any questions without waiting around. It will also help build stronger relationships between you and your clients.

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7. Come Up with a Creative Solution

Look at customers' history and develop creative solutions to satisfy your customer. The days of customer service being an afterthought are over.

The best way for your company to stand out in today's digital age is by implementing creative solutions that make life easier, safer, and more engaging with clients on every level.

From call center representatives who help people through problems quickly or via social media responses when they need assistance immediately; up top executives providing quality control across various departments including marketing campaigns designed just right so you don't get caught off guard again!

8. Give Offers or Free Trials

Give offers or free trials if the customer is extremely dissatisfied. Sometimes apologizing for the mishap and redeeming yourself with a free trial or extended offers makes sense to calm your customer when they have an issue with your product/service.

If you want to get the most out of it, use a personalized video to convey the message. Every part of your message must be clear.

Offer free trail

You can also use free trials/offers as part of your marketing strategy and get your business in front of customers. This can be done through video content on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube!

9. Review Remedies With Customers

Review remedies with customers once they seem ok with your solution. Re-check if they are satisfied with your solution.

Reaching out to potential clients is important - it shows that their needs are at the forefront of what we do!

This can help them feel like they're getting watered, too, rather than just being sold something directly from sales associates who may not have even known about all applicants' situations before meeting up one-on-one, which often makes people feel icky.

To ensure you provide great customer service, review remedies with customers for good quality and professionalism in the video.

10. Follow-Up With all Your Customers

The key to providing good customer service is following up with your customers. This can be done with a personalized video drafted especially for your customers. Send a video email thanking them for their services.

Follow-up with customers

Make a drip campaign offering coupons, special offers, and inviting customers for webinars. Offer them something valuable and provide insights to let them come back and make a sale. Don't forget to get a testimonial.

Closing Note!

If you follow all the tactics mentioned above in the blog, your efforts will be paid. But the most important question is, how do you measure or monitor your reach with video?

VideoForm offers video analytics to measure your reach, open rates, and many other advanced analytics to design your marketing campaigns successfully. It also provides CRM integrations to plan a campaign with your existing CRM's.

Use VideoForm to achieve great customer support, service, and satisfaction.

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