The benefits of using video for small businesses are immense. They can attract the attention and interest of prospects and provide more information about your products through demonstrations on how each feature works in an easy-to-understand manner.  

With YouTube being such a popular platform and its ability to show all these videos compiled under one branded channel, it's no wonder why so many companies start here first - simply put: visibility rules everything around these parts.

However, most businesses know that YouTube player is very limited and does not provide any customizations. In addition, video players on YouTube or other popular video hosting platforms do not offer brand customizations nor provide a personalized experience to their viewers.

Let's see how VideoForm helps you customize your video player!

Customized Video Player

When you think of Nike, What comes to your mind? The iconic ✔

That's the power of branding. There is a reason why logo and brand colors exist. You need to always share your content with prospects and audiences in a customized way.

When you strive every day to provide personalized experiences to your prospects and use a personalized video to provide that interactive personal experience, why use the video player with a default appearance?

Once your video player is configured to your liking, you can embed it in your website and blog or share it with your network on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other favorite social networking and social bookmarking sites.

When you share a video in your custom player, users who share that video will also share the player.

Video player customization is a must to improve brand awareness and to match your website & brand styling.

The good news is, you don't have to build your custom video player from scratch. Video tools like VideoForm offer customization solutions for your video players

With VideForm, you can fill the gap with unique features like:

  • Being able to customize video players with branded themes or colors
  • Easy to make thumbnails
  • Clear calls to action button
  • Videos delivered across channels like emails, websites, and social media

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How-to Customize Your Video Player (with VideoForm)

Follow the below steps to customize your VideoForm video player.


Sign in > Open the video on the VideoForm dashboard you need to share with prospects to customize. Then, scroll down to the themes section and click on it.

Open VideoForm


Select the player theme you prefer from the 3 available options, i.e., default, classic and modern.

Choose any option


Add your brand color in the color picker to customize your video page according to your custom brand definitions.

Add brand color


The theme and brand color will be updated for the video you just edited. Share the video via email or copy the link to share it on social media or as a personal message.

Updated brand colors

Key benefits of using Customized video player

1. Add Custom Branding

Not just the company logo, it can also include ad banners, colors etc., and makes it easy for your direct viewers/prospects to recollect your products and services, thereby leading to becoming a qualified lead.

2. Increases Value of Video Content

With the branded video player, you can create a more compelling and engaging content experience for your viewers.

Be it a 1-1 personalized video or animated content, an explainer video or a video tutorial, the powerful imagery will draw them in a while, providing an easy way to share on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter with just one click of a button!

3. Provides External Linking

Customized video players provide an opportunity to add external links of videos you think your prospects might enjoy or content that helps you cross-sell.

Video players that link to specific landing pages will increase your conversion rate, especially if the video is tailored for a professional presence online. This way, you can stand out from competitors and encourage more time spent at our site!

4. An Ad-Free Experience

The number of people who hit the skip button when watching video ads is 65%. This explains how viewers don't want their experience interrupted by an advertisement.

By using your video prospecting tool, you can avoid the hassle of ads and wasting time. Isn't that what every party involved in the business deal wants?

5. In-depth Video Analytics

Video marketing is a great way to connect with your customers, but finding out how you're doing without metrics can be tough.

The most seasoned marketers know that tracking video performance isn't easy – even if there's data available on the platform, it doesn't provide in-depth analysis on open rate and engagement rate.

With VideoForm, in-depth analysis becomes easier. The analytics dashboard provides all the information one needs on videos shared.

6. Call to Action Buttons

The best feature about a customized video player is to add CTA function. CTAs are helpful in many ways. For example, you can let your viewers schedule a call back with you or take a desirable action on your video.

7. Customized Thumbnails

Adding & editing thumbnails is a task in itself and takes as much effort as making a video. With VideoForm, you can customize your video player, pick a desirable thumbnail from the video duration and edit it with custom brand colors and design.

8. Subscriber and Lead Generation Forms

When businesses invest their time and money into using videos, they want everything from production quality to top-notch distribution channels because if there's no customer engagement, then nothing will matter anyway.

With video marketing, the key is to find that connection between viewers and customers. It's never been easier with a custom-made player for marketers like VideoForm!

You can capture qualified leads by adding subscriber forms with just a few clicks.

Now that you know about the custom video play that can manage all your business leads, give VideoForm a try!