How to Embed Video in Gmail?

3 Simple Steps to add (Personalized 1-1) Videos to your Emails in Gmail
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    Here are two methods add Videos to emails in Gmail

    With YouTube

    Follow these 3 steps to add YouTube videos to your Email

    Step 1 - Select Video to be Shared

    Go to video on YouTube you need to share

    Step 2 - Find Shareable Link

    Click on Share - Copy the URL

    Step 3 - Paste Link in Gmail & Add as Link

    Paste the YouTube Video Link

    Add link using link button in Gmail

    Result - Video Added to Gmail (at bottom)

    Video gets added on the bottom

    With Videoform

    VideoForm is a great way to add interactive video content directly to your emails, allowing you to boost the performance of your email campaigns, grab the attention of your prospects and generate more leads.

    Here's how you send video emails with VideoForm:

    Step 1 - Add Videoform Chrome Extension

    Add Videoform Chrome extension to your browser.

    Step 2 - Record Video inside Gmail

    Videoform adds this button on Gmail.

    Click record button to create a personalized video.

    Step 3 - Use Videos from your Videoform Library

    Choose from existing videos in your Videoform library or record a new video as shown above.

    Step 4 - Send Video via Gmail

    Add the video to your email & send to your prospect.

    Result - A Video Email ready to impress!

    Users click on link to land of video hosted on Videoform link. You can customize the link to your brand & add call to actions on top of your videos with Videoform

    Note - Videoform automatically adds a call to action to allow your users to respond with Video/Audio/Text

    Create a Free Videoform account to send video emails from Gmail - Register Here !

    Abhishek Ekbote
    Founder - Videoform. I write about leveraging video to grow your revenue

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