If you want to generate leads and you’ve chosen Facebook ads for it then congrats, you’ve landed on the right page. Well, Facebook Ads have been the go-to for several marketers for lead generation.

Wanna generate some great lead through Facebook Ads?

In this guide, we shall walk you through the jargon of not just creating Facebook Lead Ads but creating effective ones that convert.

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What Are Facebook Lead Ads?

Facebook is great for Lead Generation because the social media platform is a whole marketing tool in itself. It lets you find your audience, understand them and target them.

Facebook Lead Ads work exactly like the other paid ads. You set aside a budget and create a great ad, targeted at a specific set of audiences.

But what makes Facebook such an effective platform is that you place them where your prospects hang out the most. An average user spends about 60 minutes per day on the platform.

Besides, the Facebook Lead Ads have an embedded form in which your leads can fill out the information.

Why Use Facebook Ads For Lead Generation?

The social networking platform has indeed baffled marketers with its incredible capabilities of helping businesses reach their sales goals.

In fact, 32% of Facebook users interact and engage with brands on the platform.

Lead generation through this platform has given fruitful results to several marketers. Here’s why:

1. They Make it Easy For Your Audience

Unlike the other lead generation platforms, Facebook Ads wouldn’t require your audience to go to another extra landing page to give their information.

This way the company too can save time and acquire leads from any device, build email lists and contact quicker and run more ads.

2. It’s a Universal Platform

In 2020, Facebook will have 1.69 billion users. With that established, the probability of finding your prospects on the platform is extremely high.

The best part is that Facebook lets you fully customize your ads based on your target audience. The dynamic ads feature lets you personalize an ad based on a user’s past interactions.

3. It’s Super Easy and Hassle-Free

The whole process of creating a Facebook Lead Ad and collecting the leads and their information is so much easier than on any other platform.

It works on the simple principle of a lead filling the form and the company downloading or extracting the information in a CSV format.

How To Create Facebook Lead Ads?

Creating a Facebook Ad is pretty simple. One can do it by themselves without having to depend on an external resource.

Here’s a step by step guide to setting up a Facebook lead ad -

  1. Open Ads Manager from your profile.
  2. Click on the Create option in the top left corner.
  3. Choose Lead generation as the campaign name
  4. After you hit “Continue”, Facebook lets you choose the page you’d want to use for your ad. Choose the lead ad page.
  5. Click on the View Terms option and agree to them after you’ve thoroughly read them.
  6. Then choose your target audience, budget and other specifications.
  7. The next step would be to choose the format of your lead ad. You get to choose between carousel, single image video, or slideshow.
  8. You can now view the preview of your lead ad. Go ahead and fill the headline, body copy, and a call to action.
  9. Once that is done, scroll down and click Contact Form. Here you get to fill the following - Here title, intro, questions, company’s privacy policy, and a thank you screen
  10. Click on the Finish option in the top right section. You can review and publish your lead ad in the Ads Manager.

You can then manually acquire your leads. All you need to do is go to your Facebook page, click on the Publishing Tools and then click Forms Library on the left side.

You can then click the Download link of the form you’ve created. Your leads will get downloaded in CSV format.

10 Tips To Create High Converting Facebook Lead Ads

Although creating Facebook Lead Ads is pretty simple, creating the ones that actually convert can be quite challenging.

Here are 10 tips that can be of great use to make effective Facebook Lead Ads-

1. Use Facebook Audience Insights To Your Advantage

Facebook’s native insight page gives you an in-depth analysis of your page and its audience. Use these insights to understand the buyer personas of your audience.

2. Be Smart About Your Target Audience

Before you dive into making a Facebook Lead Ad, ensure that you are crystal clear about your target audience. Build buyer personas, analyze demographics and other metrics to come up with a target audience profile.

You can now use these as your guiding lights while creating your Facebook ad.

3. Create a Valuable Lead Magnet

For a lead to give out his information, you need to give him something in return. That is why most of the lead magnets have something free and valuable to offer in exchange for details.

This could be in the form of a Newsletter Subscription, Discounted Process, Free PDFs, etc. And for these freebies to work, you need to deeply understand your target audience and their needs.

Define your buyer personas and create a lead generation ad that would best appeal to them.

4. Optimize Your Lead Form

Facebook lets you choose between two kinds of forms - More Volume & Higher Intent.

Both of them are equally good but would be effective only based on your requirements. With ‘More Volume’ type, you can generate more leads with a quick round of questions.

While with the ‘Higher Intent’ type, you get more filtered and highly specific leads.

Choose the type wisely and then optimize the questions in it to make it hassle-free for your leads.

5. Never Stop Testing

Different audiences have different requirements and touchpoints. Keep testing various tactics and content to entice them.

Find out what is working for whom and build ads accordingly. So that you can generate a new set of leads every time.

6. Create Separate Ads For Different Audience Segments

As we've discussed before, each set of audiences has different preferences and requirements. This is where audience segmentation comes in. Create a unique set of ads for each of your audiences. This way you can seamlessly provide solutions to their pain points.

7. Follow Them Up Immediately

Once you have acquired the information of your leads, remember to follow them up almost immediately. In fact, about 35% to 50% of the consumers prefer going to the vendor who calls them first.

8. Keep An Eye On Your Competitors

You and your contemporaries might be targeting a lookalike audience. This can tamper with your lead generation process to a large extent. Check out the ads of your competitors and make sure you are offering more value to the audience.

9. Be Creative

Like Dayna Rothman, the senior content marketing manager at Marketo, once said, “Content is the fuel to your Lead Generation efforts.”

No amount of tactics would make up for bad content. Make sure your Facebook ad has good content for your audience to feed on.

10. Don’t Forget To Retarget

Retargeting is one of the greatest strategies in lead generation. Because they have in some way interacted with your brand previously. This does not only decrease your marketing efforts but also increases the chances of converting exponentially.

The Takeaway

Consumers are fast-paced. That is why lead generation is a tough nut to crack.

Their decisions can change in a split second. In that case, grabbing their attention and then actually retaining it can be really hard.

With Facebook Ads, you are not directing them to another landing page. This way you are saving their time and buying yourself more chances of getting their information.

But to grab their attention, it is important to integrate all the best practices of a high converting Facebook Lead Ad.

Marketing is not a one technique thing but is an overlay of many, incredible techniques. Book a demo with us to know why!