Sales teams don't want to waste time with low-quality leads brought in by haphazard email blasts and PPC campaigns anymore. It is best to spend precious resources on people who are actually interested in buying from you!

High-value accounts are the backbone of any company's sales strategy. They're also notoriously difficult to get in contact with, which is why it's essential to have a tried and true list of tips that can help you get a reply from a high-potential prospect.

It might sound new but sending them a video email is often the best way to get through - especially when reaching out for informational interviews.

The key is using a little creativity in your outreach strategy so that these high-value accounts feel like they are being heard again - even if they don't want anything right now.

Want some ideas on what exactly this could entail? Read on!

What is Account Based Sales?

Account-based sales is a process that generates leads and nurtures them until they are ready to buy.


The goal of this method is to give each account or market segment an Account Executive (AE) who will be in charge of your connection from start to finish!

Instead of attempting to persuade prospects on everything your firm has to offer, you'll be focusing on one answer that matches their requirements and interests - which may lead to improved conversions for both you and your team.

Account-based selling requires collaboration not just between salespeople but also marketers, who must work together to create a cohesive customer journey throughout the whole purchasing process. To run effective account-based selling, everyone must be on the same page!

Sales Video Playbook - 17 Tips to Win at Video Outreach
Whether you’re struggling to book meetings or just want some fresh ideas, this playbook will make sure that your videos deliver on your goals.

Why Should You Understand Prospect Psychology First?

Prospect psychology is about understanding the human brain and how it operates. You can use this knowledge to create a more successful video email marketing campaign for your company or business.

By learning prospect psychology, you'll understand prospective clients' perspectives to make them happy with your service/product.

Prospects are more likely to buy from you when they feel like your company cares about them because of your due diligence.

It's the Psychology of Attention, Conviction, and Commitment!

9 Ways To Get Replies From High-Value Prospects

Getting email replies from high-value prospects is not easy, but it's important. Here are 9 ways you can make the process a little bit easier for yourself:

1. Get Personal Through Sales Video Emails

Sales video email is an excellent way of getting your message across in an engaging, creative, and professional manner.

Sales Video Email

An easy way to personalize your sales email is by using a personalization tool like Videoform. You can use it at any point in the sales funnel, such as announcing new products or services that you have available and highlighting different features of a particular product.

It's a great way of showing your recipient that you’ve taken the time to learn about their needs

2. Emotion Works Over Logic

Emotions motivate prospects more than anything else and can help you decide what products or services they'll appreciate the most! Emotion is what makes a hottest lead buy.

Emotion Works Over Logic

If you want to sell them something, the key is understanding their emotional state and playing on that feeling in order for sales or conversions.

3. Send One Email At a Time

The old saying is true: "One step at a time." When sending out emails, don't send more than one mail-in succession; this is considered spamming by some people who receive them often. Instead, space emails out in time; you can wait one or two weeks, for instance.

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4. Avoid Fluff Words That Don't Add Meaning

Avoid using fluff words that don't add meaning. Make your video email as short as possible by avoiding elaborate descriptions, unnecessary emoticons or punctuation marks (except quotation marks), and generic greetings such as "good morning!" rather than saying hello personally.

It's essential to keep the high-value prospects engaged from beginning to end. When sending out video messages on behalf of businesses, you must always consider what information needs transferring and how your audience may react when watching the video!

5. Write The Perfect Subject Line

When high-value prospects open your video email, they want to read it as quickly and casually as possible. Your message will be more likely to get heard if the subject line has a clear, professional tone.

The perfect subject line makes you want to click. It has a relevant keyword and an attention-grabbing hook at the end.

6. Use Video Call To Action

Video emails are a powerful way to connect. When utilized correctly, they can help build long-lasting relationships with your customers or clients and increase brand loyalty!

Call To Action

The key to a smooth call to action is video. By adding this in the form of an action shot, your customers feel compelled and inspired by what they see, thus leading them into taking their next step with you!

7. Stay in the Sweet Spot When it Comes to Length

According to Boomerang, the best length for an email is 50-125 words. Do not write more than this, as it will decrease your chances of getting responses from readers who are busy with their own lives or don't have time to get the right message.

Short and Sweet Email

Just introduce who you are and what the email is about in a few words and segue into telling the potential buyer to watch the video.

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8. Ask For A Response In Your Subject Line

It sounds simple, but sometimes all you need to do is ask for a response. "If an email needs an answer and it ends with Response Needed, then that's what prompts me in my inbox" says St Louis-based professional organizer Janine Adams.

It's not always easy reaching out when there are so many other things on our plates; But if someone puts "Reply Required" at the end of their subject line like this one sent from, then your ideal prospects are inclined to reply.

9. Use Humor

Humor in sales can be a great way to get prospects on board. Whether it's making your outreach emails have an enjoyable and playful twist or injecting comedy into calls with them - if done effectively, you'll stand out from all of those other salespeople who are attempting to reach out!

Use Humor

Here's how: never mock someone yourself - only use self-deprecating humor when making jokes about yourself in an entertaining manner that doesn't hurt the prospects or your sales cycle.

The Bottom Line

If all these techniques fail to break through the high-value prospects, it's time to take some risks.

This can mean a whole number of different things. But the worst thing anyone could do is stay away from their prospects without at least giving it everything they have got!

Stay respectful – law-abiding – never stop working towards getting that sale from the high-value prospect.

Here's the thing, if you want to impress the prospects positively, make sure to use video emails that add a human touch to your emails. No more boring text emails. So if you're looking to boost your sales, start by personalizing your emails. It just might be the difference between getting deleted and getting a sale.

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