The holidays are a time for not just family & friends, but also to make good impressions on prospects, to show you care about them and how much they mean to you.

Companies usually host holiday parties for potential clients or existing customers to connect with them, which has been affected these past couple of years. So, how do you make a personal connection this holiday season?

By bringing long-distance closer and by sharing some personalized messages with your prospects and existing customers via videos!

Doesn't this sound like a great solution?

Video greetings are becoming more and more popular as holiday seasons approach. They offer creativity and fun ways to share personalized videos with prospects & customers this holiday season.

In this blog post, we'll be talking about how to make your holiday video greetings shine by following these ten steal-able tips for creating an engaging holiday video:

10 Simple Ways To Make Your Holiday Greetings More Exciting

1. Keep It Short (Less Than Two Minutes)

Your viewers want a quick greeting from you; they don't have time for long, drawn-out videos. So, prepare the video script ahead and keep it short and simple.

Always set the right tone in your videos, and don't forget to use the phrase "happy holidays."

2. Ask Questions

What are their plans?

Where will they be on Christmas/any holiday? What traditions do they have planned?

Make a video that addresses the questions. These questions help create a connection with your prospect that will let them relate to you at a personal level.

3. Have A Holiday Season Theme

This is the perfect time to include holiday music, seasonal decorations, and holiday items in your video. Make sure your video clips include the specific holiday theme.

Holiday Theme

4. Make It Personal

A holiday greeting has to be touching and make a personal connection with your prospect. Address them with their first name and include wishes to their team, family members, and pets if they have any in your personalized video.

5. Be Creative

Get their attention with holiday greetings in a unique way by adding a holiday song to the background music of your video greeting!

Or, you can go a step further, pick up that instrument, sing a song and make a music video for your prospects.

6. Include Others In Your Holiday Greetings

You can invite your entire sales team, manager, and customer care team to join you in the video to wish your prospects and clients this holiday season. This creates a more personal feel.

Send Holiday Cheer With Team Members

A great example is to share internal video footage behind the scenes to let the team feel inclusive.

7. Don't Forget To Include Holiday Traditions

What are your holiday traditions? Share them in the video for others to know more about you and, if possible, include a short story, add photos of your traditions. You can make your greetings informative & cross-cultural too.

8. Send Out Holiday Greetings On Social Media

You can easily share a personalized holiday greeting through Facebook, Twitter and other sites. Also, make sure you tag those you want to be included so they'll be notified of it!

If you have any corporate holiday videos made professionally, make sure you share them on social media and tag your prospects and customers.

9. Start Early

Send holiday greetings out as soon as possible to have enough time for all of your holiday wishes to reach your prospects. Most American holidays fall on a Sunday. So,  send your video greetings ahead by Friday to hit your prospect's inboxes.

10. Set Up Your Scene With Props & Background

Add an interesting background to your videos. For example, if it's Christmas, have a Christmas tree in your background and use props like a hat to make it look fun.

You can also choose to record your video next to a Christmas tree. You can use anything from costumes and makeup to music as background.

Video Storytelling - A Complete Guide
Humans love stories. That is why the most popular brands aren’t the ones with the best products/services, they are the ones with the best stories. Hubspot hit the nail on the head - “Storytelling is the process of using fact and narrative to communicate something to your audience.

Types Of Video Greetings You Can Create

Holidays are not just limited to Christmas & New Year.

There are many seasonal holidays and festivals, not to forget the national holidays and days we pride ourselves in as a nation.

Here is a list of Public Holidays for your reference, so you can create some video templates and prepare your content ahead and share the most unique kind of video greetings to give your prospects and customers a thrilling experience.

We are mentioning below some important public holidays observed by the United States and are celebrated across the country by each alike.

  • New years Day: 1st January
  • Valentines Day: 14th February
  • St. Patrick's Day: 17th March
  • Easter: 22nd March to 25th April (floating Sunday)
  • Mother's Day: 8th to 14th May (floating Sunday)
  • Memorial Day: 30th May
  • Fathers Day: 15th to 21st June (Floating Sundays)
  • Independence day: 4th July
  • Halloween: 31st October
  • Veterans Day: 11th November
  • Thanks Giving: 22nd to 28th November (Floating Thursday)
  • Christmas: 25th December

You can create seasonal greetings, set the tone and graphics accordingly and share the videos in email with prospects, existing clients, and business associates.

There are many more observed days by State and Nation. Here is the detailed list:

Holidays and observances in United States in 2021
Overview of holidays and many observances in United States during the year 2021
Observed By State and Nation

Other Video Greetings You Can Create

Not just public holidays, you can also create and send a personalized video to your prospects for various other occasions. Here are some ideas.

  1. Birthday video greetings
  2. Work Anniversary video greetings
  3. Congratulatory Video greetings
  4. Celebratory Video greetings. Use Videoform to create the most interesting and unique greetings, this holiday season.