You have two weeks left to finish your company's holiday video, but you still haven't started?

Well, don't worry! We're sharing this article with all of the creative ideas that will help get it done.

With the holidays fast approaching, now is the time to connect with and thank your customers and clients for their business. Leave them with some cheerful spirit with these holiday video ideas!

Benefits Of Creating a Holiday Video

  1. Connect with your clients without being "salesy." As there is no sales intent, people are more receptive to holiday greetings from businesses.
  2. Sending a personalized holiday message puts a face to your brand.
  3. Videos are an excellent way to show customers who the real deal is. It can make your brand more relatable and evoke trust in just seconds!
  4. Helps increase word-of-mouth advertising and loyalty with customers.

Holiday Video Ideas You Can Steal For the Next Quarter

1. Plain Holiday Wish Video

What better way to impress the customers than a well-intended Christmas wish video? Gather all your sales team, wear some holiday cheer props with a Christmas-themed background, and wish "Merry Christmas."

Holiday Wish Video

2. Year in Review

What better way to end the year than with a year in review video? It's like you're telling your story and highlighting all of those moments that made this past 12 months so great.

“A Year in Review” video demonstrates your business' growth, and agility inspires the audience to stay tuned for more of what you have planned next year. This should be encouraging as it showcases all aspects of culture through team members working hard every day!

Year in Review

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3. Straightforward "Thank You" Video

A simple and straightforward "Thank You" holiday video for your customers can do wonders. It is an underused technique, but it's one that we recommend nonetheless because the payoff in customer retention rates will be worth it!

"Thank you" videos are a popular way to show appreciation for your customers during the holiday season. Featuring C-suite executives in an official style, these can be fun or serious depending on how you want it delivered!

Thank You Video

4. Office Decoration Video

The holiday season is about people. So, don't forget to showcase your team's personality in a fun video without requiring a script or new location!

All you need is a camera and decorations for some good old-fashioned office party spirit with costumes and props galore--to make this year brighter than ever before. This is one of the best holiday video ideas you can implement.

Office Decoration Video

5. Holiday Promotion Video

There is a significant increase in sales during the holiday season, and companies know that they need to do their part for customers.

Holiday promotion videos are one way of doing so by capturing an emotional connection between staff members and potential buyers with commercial messages tailored specifically around each product or service offered at your business!

Holiday Promotion Video

Here is an easy to use holiday message template you can use in your campaign -

Send Holiday Greetings | Video Automation Template
Send video greetings to your customers for christmas or holidays - Video Marketing Automation Template.

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