Personalized videos are an excellent way to get your way around the prospects easily and impress them with your products and services in a unique approach.

Now, imagine if there is a much easier way of sharing your personalized video with your prospects on multiple platforms! That will save you some time and effort!

We are talking about a simpler way of sharing video files via an URL link.

With Videoform, a video personalization tool, creating a link for videos and sharing them with prospects is much faster and easier.

This blog post will show you how to create an easy-to-share link for videos using Videoform platform. This is the best way to engage prospects in your video content.

Simply because it's a hassle-free way of sharing Videos.

A video link is an easy way to share a specific piece of your video content on different platforms, in different formats. It's a great way of using videos in email marketing campaigns and creates an easier way out for the sales and marketing teams to share personalized videos.

It allows your prospects to get right into what they want to see without interruptions.

For instance, if someone wants to forward a specific video about your products or services, creating a link to that particular clip is going to make it easier for the person on the receiving end.

Also, links make it convenient around video size restrictions.

Links can be shared via email, text messages, messaging apps, social media platforms, etc., and can be forwarded to respective internal or external personnel.

Essentially, you will be saving a lot of time!

If you are looking to convert your videos to shareable URL links, there are many tools available on the internet. But, would you trust a random tool over the internet to create spammy-looking URLs to share with your business prospects?

You can also upload your video on the YouTube platform and share the link with prospects. but, would YouTube let your prospects respond with a prompt reply or a meeting schedule facility?

Absolutely not!

To impress your prospects, you need a professional tool with added features to elevate your sales pitch. A video should and must always help you sell and generate revenue.

That's what it is there for!

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Videoform makes your selling experience better with personalized video creation with visibility for your brand logo, call to action, contact information, your company links, and analytics

It's a great way to record, share and track videos.  

Now, let's dive right into creating a Video Link.

All you need is access to a Videoform account. Register here, and you’re all set.

Step 1

Create a Videoform account. You’ll be directed to the dashboard.

2 Click on "Video"

Step 2

Click on "My Templates"

Click on "Videos"

Open your video template

4 Open your video template

Step 3

  • Add text to your video using the ‘Text’ option
  • Add an image using the ‘Images’ option
  • Add buttons using the ‘Button’ option

Step 4

Click on ‘Save’ to save all your changes

12 After completion of your edits, click on "Save"

Step 5

  • Now your personalized video is saved and ready! All you have to do is one more step.
  • Click on the “Preview Icon” on the top right-hand side of the dashboard.  Check if you are satisfied with the final result.

Step 6

  • Click on the ‘Share’ option in the top right corner of your screen
  • Click on ‘Share link’ to get a link to the video
  • Copy the link by clicking ‘Copy link’ and share it with your prospects
2 Click on "Share"
3 Click on "Share as Link"
4 Click on "Copy Link"

All In All

The power of video is at your fingertips with Videoform. Send personalized videos from inside your favorite tools with the full-fledged video platform.
Sign up for a trial and see how it fits perfectly into any sales process!