As a salesperson, you should find ways to capture prospects attention. Now the question is, why should salespeople use captivating video thumbnails for their campaigns at first glance?

Well, the answer to all the questions is quite simple. Video thumbnails let prospects see what's inside your video before they watch so that no time is wasted by clicking through without knowing if they want to spend more time.

A video thumbnail is a small image that previews the video with a clickable link. The right video thumbnail can make your videos stand out and get more click through rates in your email.

A video thumbnail along with the right words can increase conversion rates by as much as 80%.

How To Get Your Sales Video Noticed?

Your video has the power to grab people's attention, but it could be tough if there isn't any thumbnail  accompanying your sales description.

What you need is a  video thumbnails. These little icons will make all of those important seconds count when someone warms up on the video email you sent.

A cool, professional-looking graphic with some hook to get prospect interest will likely do better than an amateur still. By adding eye-catching thumbnails to your B2B sales video, you can make a huge difference in encouraging the prospects to watch the videos.

Videoform has a thumbnail feature that will help you stand out.

If you're in the video, find a good picture of yourself and use that as a thumbnail. Otherwise, try to find an interesting object related to the content or place your subject against a white background.

How To Add Custom Thumbnails On Videoform?

Step 1: Sign in to your Videoform account

  1. Enter your email Id
  2. Enter your password
  3. Click on sign in

Step 2: Click on the create Videoform button to record your sales video.

Step 3: Creating Videoform

  1. Click on the camera tab and record your video
  2. You can screen record video
  3. You can also record video + screen share at the same time

Step 4: Record your sales video. You can also add a script on screen while recording your video.

Record Video

Step 5: Add/ edit/ customize/ and save video thumbnail. You can also add GIF/ Load images to your thumbnails.

“No more Photoshop tools to edit thumbnails. Use Videoform to edit your videos in a few seconds.”

Step 6: Once you are done with your video recording, it's time to share the video! Insert the email ID of the prospect and include an eye catching subject line.

Introduce yourself and provide product info. Finally, don't forget to click on "Send Email"!


A cool, professional-looking graphic with some hook to get prospect interested will likely do better than an amateur still.

Tips For Customizing Thumbnails

  • Use the right thumbnail size
  • Clear out the clutter
  • Focus on face emotions
  • Check color and contrast adjustment
  • Include a logo on the thumbnail of your video
  • Create a design for your video thumbnail
  • Write headlines for video thumbnails

Benefits Of Video Thumbnails

Sales reps are turning to user-generated videos to make personal connections with prospects when they can't be there face to face.

A big part of what makes it effective is how quickly you're able to get a prospect's attention and have them listen to your pitch.

With Videoform - record and send a video email where a thumbnail instantly grabs their interest. Grab your 7 days free trial here!