Screen recordings are a great way to show your prospects how to use your app. In addition, by using a screen recording, you can eliminate any confusion about what step they should take next.

This blog post will go over some tips and tricks for emailing a screen recording video with Videoform so that your prospects always have access to it.

Importance of Recording Your Screen

Recording your screen is nothing but getting a video of what's happening on your screen.

There are plenty of reasons to record your screen. Maybe you want to demonstrate how your product works, or perhaps you want to build a genuine connection with a prospect.

This method saves you from writing long-form emails.

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Steps To Record Screen With Videoform (With & Without Chrome Extension)

You can now easily share your screen recording without having to download other video softwares. Instead, simply speak while you record the screens and if it is clear, stop filming because there's no need for a long-winded explanation.

Without Chrome Extension

  1. On the Videoform page, select the screen recording option.
Screen Recorder

2. Select the particular tab you want to share while recording

Select The Tab

3. The screen recording video will start now. You can start explaining what's on the screen. To stop the recording, click on the "stop sharing' option anytime.

Stop Sharing

4. You can click on "Hide" on the toolbar to access it again by navigating to it. ( You will see it as a new browser window)

Screen Recording Video

5. You can see the preview of your screen recording just like below.


6. You can click on "click on continue to add your response" to the next step or retake the video if you are not satisfied.

This is how it looks once you save the video on the Videoform details page:

Click on continue to add your response

7. Type the recipient name and click on send. (Make sure to add an attractive subject line and introduction text to entice the prospect)

With Chrome Extension

  1. Click on the VideoForm extension in the top right corner of your browser.
Click on Videoform Extension

2. Select the "Screen + Audio" recording option

Screen + Video

3. You will get a popup asking to grant microphone access for the extension. Click on "Allow."

Grant Access

4. You will get a toolbar added at the bottom of the screen. Click on the "Play" button in the toolbar to start screen recording. ( The maximum recording time is 5 minutes )

Click on the Play Button

5. Select the tabs you want to share in the popup and click on "Share."

Select the tab

6. After the 3 second countdown, start recording your screen or redo if you don't like the outcome.

To end the recording, click on the finish recording button from the toolbar or click on the "stop sharing" option.

Finish Recording

7. Your final video preview will be shown in the popup. Click on "Submit" to save the video and go to the next step.

Click on submit

8. Click on the desired email client like "Gmail" or "Outlook" to send the video.

Choose email

9. Choose Gmail, click on "Copy Link + Thumbnail" or directly copy the HTML code.

Copy link + thumbnail 

10. Paste the link in your email body, personalize it, and click on send!

Send Video Email

Closing Thoughts

Your prospect can easily figure out the context of your video simply by watching it.

With screen recording, make a personalized message more memorable and engaging with videos to share and explain complex ideas in a simple manner.

Moreover, you can also record your screen with a camera to drive home your point.

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