So we assume since you're here, you’re already part of the VideoForm family! You’ve created an account and created one or more VideoForms of your own. Yay!

But are you getting the most out of your VideoForms? Or is the complete potential of VideoForm still untapped? Are you using VideoForm across your marketing funnel and ensuring you're not missing out? Are you fully aware of what exactly this little tool at your disposal is capable of?

Don’t worry, we’re here to make sure that your VideoForm experience is as productive and rewarding as it can possibly be.

Why Putting Effort Into Your VideoForm Is Important

It might be tempting to simply put some sprinkles on our ready-made templates or a funny GIF and call it a day. And it is true that having any VideoForm is better than having no VideoForm. but you could be missing out on so much potential if you don’t explore the full capabilities of this amazing tool.

VideoForm offers such versatility in terms of both purpose and execution. There are so many places you can use one and so many different ways to create one. You need to ensure that your VideoForm is taking just the right ‘form’ for you.

You can do so much with a VideoForm. You can have personal, one-on-one conversations with customers and prospects, and eliminate the need for the mechanical and inhuman feeling of chatbots. You can create videos to suit a wide variety of needs in the easiest ways. You can collect responses through the format chosen by the viewer- video, audio, or text. Ultimately you can help move prospects down the marketing funnel by encouraging them at all stages, and improve customer interactions and build relationships.

So are you getting all of this out of your VideoForm?

How To Get The Most Out Of VideoForm

VideoForm can help you create all kinds of content, so there's no one way to ensure that you create an interactive video that really trumps other forms of content on the market. However, if you keep some things in mind, rest assured, you'll create a VideoForm that really wows and engages customers, giving them a memorable experience to associate with your brand.

1. Start With A Plan

VideoForm lets you tell a story with a series of meaningful videos that fit into each other. If you don’t fully understand the importance of planning out this story to get the best outcome possible, you just might end up with a random collection of videos mashed together in your VideoForm.

VideoForm offers you so much flexibility. You can mold it into whatever you want to do, but you do need to have a clear idea of what you want to do. Each one of your videos on your VideoForm should be deliberate and thought out. Your VideoForm should tell a story that flows smoothly from start to end, and in the end, it needs to give you the output you want.

What are the factors you need to consider while planning out the different details of your VideoForm?

2. Audience

Who is the video for? What type of videos would elicit the best responses from your target audience? Like all video marketing strategies, and even all marketing strategies, knowing your audience is the first step to planning your content.

3. Purpose

What do you want to achieve with your VideoForm? Is it a product demo, a customer testimonial, feedback form, or something else? Do you want your viewers to go to your website, give you their contact information, or leave a question? Your VideoForm can be and should be multipurpose, but each of those purposes must be defined and decided.

4. Video Content

There is such a wide range in the type of video content you can include in your VideoForm. You can record instant, unpolished videos, you can use GIFs, you can choose from our templates, you can upload a professionally made video, you can use screen recordings, and so on. The video content you decide to use should be based on a variety of factors like audience response, purpose, budget, and so on.

5. Pathway

The unique and most attractive feature of VideoForm is that each VideoForm is a journey that can have twists and turns and several possible endings. Prepare a flowchart to better help visualize the journey of a prospect.

6. Create the Human Touch

We have some amazing video templates for you to choose from, that’s true, but to add that special personal touch, you can record your own videos. It doesn’t need to be professional, in fact, people prefer down to earth and authentic videos over polished ones.

Put your most cheerful employee on screen with a big smile and have them give the intro. Talk directly to the camera and make your viewers feel like you're connecting with them. If you don’t think your employees are up for it, you can use a charming model to do the talking for you.

It isn’t about reading off a script and serving them the usual drivel. Talk to them like you're having a one-on-one, personal conversation. Talk to them like a friend and not someone trying to sell them something. You will have won over viewers in no time. Especially in these trying times, when people are craving human contact, VideoForm can help businesses cope in the new normal.

For displaying your products or showing off a feature of your software product, you can make use of the screen recording feature.

7. Build A Multi-purpose VideoForm

The amazing thing about VideoForm is that there are so many options you can add to it. With the same VideoForm, you can do so much. And the best VideoForms are those that do multiple things at once.

You can ask your visitors what they want to do, and then have multiple videos in the same VideoForm containing all those. You can have a product demo, customer testimonial, and feedback from all in one VideoForm.

Offer them options to choose from - do they want to go through your catalog? Do they need product support? Do they have specific questions? You can create video content for each of these questions and create pathways between them to build a more effective, warmer, and friendlier chatbot experience that your visitors are sure to enjoy.

The key is to make it so that whatever your prospect or customer might want to do or might be open to doing, provide an option to do that. With the same VideoForm, you can target people in all stages of the marketing funnel from awareness to conversion.

8. Get the Branding Right

Branding is not just about including your logo at the end of a video. Branding encompasses:

  • Using your brand colors throughout all the videos in your VideoForms. This helps build that association with your brand in your viewers’ minds. It shows consistency in your videos and your user subconsciously recognizes your brand in each frame.
  • Your brand values are important in determining how you want to be viewed by a customer. What do you stand for? What are your core principles? What do you value most in your company? It is important to make your brand values clear and then make them shine through in all the stories you tell.
  • With the Premium plan, you can include your own branding in your VideoForms. You can include your brand logo across your videos and remove the VideoForm branding. This is important if you want to put the focus on your brand.
  • With the Indie plan, you’ll be able to make videos with reduced VideoForm branding, that is, your VideoForms will include a “Made with VideoForm” branding. With the Team plan, you can completely remove it and put your own logo in your videos. You can create your own Whitelabel VideoForms. If you need to create a logo for your business, we recommend using this AI powered tool - LogoMaker

Effective branding helps build a positive association with your brand in your viewers’ minds. It takes the emotions that the viewer feels about seeing the video and links them with your brand. It builds a feeling of trust and connection with users. This can be hugely beneficial in maintaining customer loyalty.

9. Focus on the Engagement

A VideoForm isn’t just a chatbot, it isn’t just a collection of sales videos or anything else. Your VideoForms should have a purpose. But they should also be fun, like a theme park ride that your prospects end up riding again and again because each ride is unique.

The key is to pique people’s curiosity, make it irresistibly entertaining. You need to keep people coming back to the form, interacting with it, again and again, trying out all the different buttons and options, and leaving responses.

It’s like R L Stine’s “Goosebumps” books. Even if you’ve already got yourself an ending, you're guaranteed to go back and try to find them all. That’s what a good VideoForm should hope to achieve.

VideoForm isn’t in any way just a form, it’s an experience.

10. Use GIFs Contextually

GIFs are fun and quirky. They can be extremely effective and simple to use. But be careful of peppering your video with GIFs that may be cute or funny, but makes no contextual sense. Like we said earlier, it is important to create a story inside your VideoForm. So use videos that add to your story, and not take away from it.

11. Add Tracker IDs to Track Progress

For embedded videos to be tracked using Google Analytics, you need to put to use your Google Tag Manager. With your tracking ID, you can see, the percentage of people are watching the video, bounce rates of viewers, conversion rates of viewers, and so on.

12. Analyze, analyze, analyze

Upgrade your Plan and you’ll get access to Analytics for your videos. With analytics, you can track the views and progress of your videos.

Analytics helps you optimize your VideoForms by showing you how well they are performing.

  • Analytics lets you track your VideoForm no matter across all forms it is in- as a Widget, a Standalone VideoForm, or an Exit Intent popup.
  • You can also see the combined stats for all the different forms.
  • You can track KPIs like Impressions, Interactions, Answers, and Completions, separately according to the device it is viewed on- Desktop, Mobile, or Tablet, or the combined stats across all platforms.


You can create VideoForms to suit a variety of needs- you can create video sales emails, get video testimonials, improve customer engagement, collect video feedback, create engaging forms, automate lead qualifying, or even just create random fun stuff.

VideoForm is versatile, flexible, extremely customizable, and really, really fun! By taking note of these best practices, you can make sure you're really sucking the marrow out of your Videoforms.

If by any chance you still haven’t signed up for VideoForm, don’t wait for a second longer. Join us today!