Have you ever had a customer that needed troubleshooting for their product, but they are out of the country?

Or maybe you just want to show someone how to use your software before they buy it.

Screen recording videos can help make instructions more clear and engaging for your customers.

They also allow you to walk someone through an issue remotely without having them on the phone or in person with you - which could be helpful if they're not local.

Let's dive in...

Screen Recording With VideoForm

A screen recording, also known as screencast or screenshot recorder, captures video of your computer screen or your mobile/tablet screen. Screen recordings are a great way  to explain how to video or complex content.

You can record your video, record screen or do both of them simultaneously and also add personalization, CTA to your video and send everything via an email.

It does sound like a panacea. And it is! All your recording troubles have a solution now.

Screen Recording Video

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Benefits of Screen Recording Videos

  • Use for educational content/tutorials
  • Product demos
  • How-to or explainer videos
  • Instructional or presentational videos
  • Ability to create a wide range of content
  • Easier to explain problems and solutions
  • Easy to explain complex concepts
How to Email a Screen Recording Video?
Record your screen with Videoform!

How To Record a Screen Recording Video?

Record anything and everything you want to present with simple steps as mentioned below

Screen Recording

Step 1: Login to your VideoForm account

Sign in to Videoform

Step 2: Click on “Start Recording”

Start Recording

Step 3: Select “Screen Recording" option

Screen Recording

Step 4: Select the option you want from “Entire Screen” or “Window” or “Chrome Tab.”

Then click on stop sharing once you are done.

Share Screen

Step 5: Click on “Continue”

Record Your Screen

Step 6: Your screen recording video is ready to share!

Add the CTA’s and other personalization like thumbnails and custom brand colors as per your requirement and start sharing your video with prospects and customers.

Customize Video

Isn't the whole process very easy and simple?

Create your free account with VideoForm today and start testing the waters to create better sales pitches and to create a good impression on your prospects.

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