A sales video is a great way to engage with prospects in an entertaining and personal manner.

Sales videos are quick, effective and can be an excellent medium to show off your company's personality. In addition, it helps to engage with prospects in a more personal way.

The best part about Videoform? You can share your outreach videos directly on LinkedIn!

Generate Video Messages That Are Effective In Engaging Prospects

The best sales tool you have is your personality. Videoform makes it easy to capture and share videos of yourself.

Videoform helps you take your message from boring and unemotional to engaging by letting users record themselves, their screen or both.

It enables you to embed videos into LinkedIn messages for humanizing the content and close more deals.

LinkedIn Prospecting

Through a video, you can show off your personality and expertise in a more engaging way.

Things that make us human are delivered far better with videos rather than just typing out words - from our faces to voices all the way down to how you communicate enthusiasm for something.

But first, here is what you should do-

Click on the Videoform icon to start capturing video messages on LinkedIn after you've installed the Videoform Chrome Extension.

How To Send A Videoform Message On LinkedIn? Step-By-Step Guide

1. Open LinkedIn Messenger

Open LinkedIn Messenger and select a prospect you would like to message, click the Videoform button in your profile, and start recording your sales video right away from LinkedIn.

Open LinkedIn

2. Record A Video

You can record videos by clicking on the following buttons.

Select any one option to start your sales video recording smoothly without a hitch!

Record A Video

3. Edit & Save Video

Click on the "Start recording" button and record your video! Once you're done recording, click stop followed by the right mark or if it needs more editing, just hit “X” for another take.

Edit And Save Video

Once you are done with recording, click on the thumbnail to add a cool video effect. The best way to make your video stand out is by including a CTA that will get viewers right into the action.

When you click Copy Thumbnail + Link, Videoform will pop up and confirm your selection for further action.


Paste the link in the prospects messenger and click on the send button. Now you can stay in touch with your prospects without having to go through all that pesky emailing!

Open LinkedIn Messenger

Videoform is a powerful and fully-featured video platform that can be used inside of your favorite tools.

Videoform - Video Email + Personalization Platform
Videoform is a platform for creating & sending video emails & personalized videos to grow your revenue. Convert leads, accelerate pipeline and engage users with personalized videos.

It provides you with the opportunity for an engaging outreach campaign, letting potential clients see what they will experience when working or collaborating on projects together!

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