VideoForm is an interactive video creation platform that’s designed to help brands leverage the power of interactive video to attract prospects, engage customers, educate employees and so much more. Create all kinds of VideoForms that take your customer through their chosen path of content based on their responses. VideoForm is a versatile and multi-purpose tool. You can use plenty of elements including in-house videos, GIFs, pictures, animation alongside MCQs, forms, Video or audio response requests for creating VideoForms catering to every section of your customers.

VideoForm is designed to take care of several use cases, one of them being Customer Service. The platform helps you chalk out brilliant strategies to provide your customers with a great customer service experience and be at their beck and call. Read on to know-how.

What Is Customer Service?

Customer service is the assistance that a brand representative gives to customers who have purchased their product and services. This assistance can be in the form of anything right from helping the customers understand product/service to addressing a customer’s grievance. While great sales and marketing funnels convert a lead into a customer, a great customer service decides the success of that conversion and ensures that customers are retained. Some brands like IKEA and Costco owe a huge chunk of their success’ credits to their customer service strategy.

Why Is Customer Service Important?

Customer Service is an intangible part of any brand that’s trying to attract more customers to its business. A great customer service experience helps you boost your brand loyalty, reputation and in return the profits of your business. Here are 5 reasons why you cannot miss out on Customer Service:

1. Retain Your Customers

Conversion is easier than retaining customers. This is because a customer with a bad experience would never return to the brand whatsoever. However, the right kind of support will create humongous value for your customer encouraging them to come back to your brand. Besides, retaining existing customers has a better return on investment when compared to customer acquisition in the long run.

2. Your Customers Start Recommending Your Brand

Nothing can beat the power of Word of Mouth Marketing. Good customer service will help you keep your customers happy and this would reflect in their day to day interactions. In fact, according to Hubspot, 77% of customers have shared positive brand experiences with others.

3. Enhances Your Brand Reputation

A great customer experience can help your brand create an extremely positive impact in the minds of not just your customers but the general public too. Shopify and Apple are two exemplary examples of companies that have built amazon reputation through their customer service.

4. Can Be a Lifeline for Your Business

A lot of businesses have failed in the past and more would fail in the coming future too. But good customer service can be a lifeline for your failing business. The better the customer service, the greater will be your relationship with the customer. The greater the customer relationship , the more patient they’d be with your service in your bad times.

5. Increases Your Brand’s Longevity

Happy customers are repeating customers. By making a customer’s experience satisfactory, you are building a base of audience who would be loyal to your brand. This will help you weather the storms at all times, improving your Brand’s overall health and longevity.

How VideoForm Can Help You Boost Your Customer Service Experience?

89% of companies now expect to compete mostly based on customer experience. While some automate most of the process, missing out on the human touch, some companies go huge on manpower, costing them some extra budget. On the contrary, VideoForm lets you balance it by automating the process while retaining the power of human touch. Here are some different ways of using VideoForm to boost your customer service Experience.

1. A More Human Chatbot

Chatbots work brilliantly for customer service. They help you tap every visitor (lead) personally and solve each of their problems almost instantly. However, these chatbots do not uncover the full potential of personalisation. The visitor would still not get the feel of talking to a real person.

That is where VideoForm comes into the picture. The tool helps you elevate the whole user experience by giving your chatbot a face, your face. At the same time, you can give your visitor the choice of responding via video or audio.

2. Interact With Customers At Scale

Interaction is a very integral part of customer service. It helps you keep your customer form and in return helps you retain them. Customers tend to feel a sense of familiarity with the brand that interacts frequently. Besides, these interactions help you collect data which can be leveraged for increasing your CLV. However, interacting with each of the customers at a personal level might need a large investment of time and manpower. Most companies would rather channelise these efforts towards warming the leads, losing out on an opportunity of keeping in touch with the existing customers.

VideoForm helps you fill this void by letting you interact with customers at a scale. With each response leading to a different path, the whole process feels very personal for each of your customers. And it also comes very handy for data collection. You can create VideoForms to assist the customers, take feedback or even send out a whole tutorial.

3. Bring Personality to Every Touchpoint

Consumers no longer associate with products and services. They associate with brands and stories. However, showcasing this personality of your brand at every touchpoint is a tricky task. Your content, design, marketing and sales team should be in perfect sync to showcase your brand personality at all times. The other way to do this is via VideoForms. The advantage of VideoForms is that you can incorporate your brand’s personality at every point of communication. It is a way of interacting with your customers almost personally.

4. Create A More Consistent Marketing Funnel

Brands that are consistent with their messaging have experienced revenue growth of 33%. That is the power of having a brand voice. 13% of consumers would pay up to 50% more for your products or services if they had the impression that your business makes a positive world impact. VideoForms let you incorporate your brand message at all points of your sales and marketing funnel. Even if your team misses out on the same at a few points, VideoForms can fill the gap by being your brand representatives. Be it while pitching a sale or asking for a testimonial, they can be the perfect instruments to do the talking and uphold your brand value.

Your content, your design, your sales team and the marketing team should be in perfect sync to do so. The other way to do it is to let your VideoForms do the talking. Letting these interactive videos be your brand representatives will help your customers build a sense of familiarity. VideoForm also lets you keep your voice and tone intact at every point of the sales or marketing funnel. This way you can keep your messaging consistent at all times.

5. Build Interactions That Evolve With the Situation

Another great advantage of VideoForm is that you can leverage its feature of interactiveness to address your customers’ requirements. You can create VideoForms that evolve with the interaction and lead the customer through a path where his specific requirements are fulfilled. The best part is that a single VideoForm can be used to provide different customer services. For instance, a single VideoForm can be made for addressing a customer’s grievances and for collecting feedback/testimonials. A happy customer can be led to the feedback form while an angry one is led to the grievance form.

6. Help Your Customer Support Agents Serve Your Customers Better

Angry customers are the nightmares of every business. It is especially scary for customer service executives. A little heated back and forth between the executive and the customer can scar the relationship forever.

One great way of avoiding such a scenario is by using VideoForms as a tool to calm down the angry customer. This can be done by sending out a grievance VideoForm to the customer. By doing so, the customer service/success executive gets the advantage of knowing the problem beforehand and dealing with the situation with preparedness.

The Takeaway

VideoForm is indeed one of the best tools to boost your customer service. But this is just one use case of the tool. One can make VideoForms for every bit of their sales and marketing funnel. Try VideoForm for free today.