Customer testimonial videos are powerful tools in the consideration and decision stages of the marketing funnel. These videos have the uncanny ability to produce an emotional response in the prospect, while nudging them towards the purchasing decision, converting them into paying customers of your brand’s products and services.

The reason for this is customer testimonials are great forms of social proof. By putting an actual existing customer in your video, you create a sense of authenticity and build trust with the viewer. Also, watching an existing customer heap praises on your products and recommending them is way more convincing than any explainer video or commercial can ever hope to be. This makes customer testimonial videos a great way to push prospects further down the marketing funnel.

However, customer testimonials can at times get slow and dreary - especially when they’re not done right. That’s where VideoForm comes in.

VideoForm takes this already effective content format and adds a flavour of interactivity to it to make it all the more engaging for the viewers. In this article, we’re going to show you how you can use VideoForm to collect and create powerful interactive customer testimonial videos that convince and convert prospects into loyal customers.

Let’s get started.

What Are Customer Testimonial Videos?

A customer testimonial video is a branded video that features an existing customer of the brand talking about the brand’s products or services in a positive manner. Typically, the customer talks about the problem they faced before they started using the product and then tells the viewers how the product solved the problem for them. These videos are produced and distributed by the brand in question as part of its marketing plan to help interested, yet hesitant prospects see how the products and services have helped other customers, helping them make up their minds and move forwards to buying the product.

Why Customer Testimonials Are Important For Businesses

Customer testimonials are popular among businesses for several reasons. They’re one of the most used forms of video content for brands all over the world. Here are a couple of reasons why customer testimonial videos are something your business should be using:

1. Video Testimonials Vs Textual Customer Testimonials

Given the choice between reading text or watching a video, consumers prefer watching video content. Video content is easier to consume, unlike text which requires the reader to be active and pay attention as they read the information. Also, video testimonials carry a lot more emotional value when compared to textual testimonials thanks to the visual stimulus they provide.

Seeing a person speak is always more impactful than reading what the person said. Sure, video testimonials are more expensive and time consuming than textual customer testimonials. However, when taking the long term returns into account, video testimonials undoubtedly offer far more ROI than textual testimonials.

2. Video Testimonials Are Great For Content Marketing

Customer testimonials aren’t just for prospective customers who are thinking about purchasing your product. They work equally well as content for brand awareness for people who are unfamiliar with your business. With content marketing being at the forefront of the marketing strategies of all brands today, customer testimonial videos offer a huge potential that will give you a massive advantage over your competition.

3. Video Testimonials Boost Conversion Rates

Customer testimonial videos are proven to be highly effective at increasing conversions.

77% of people who watched a video testimonial say that it played a part in convincing them to buy the product or service. There’s no arguing with numbers like those.

4. Testimonial Videos Reinforce Credibility And Build Trust

Asking your customers to feature in a video and getting them to speak their mind about your product is one way to build trust. But hearing them say great things about your offerings is bound to boost your credibility and instill confidence in any viewer. By featuring actual paying customers in your video, you show prospects that you care about your customer experience and do your best to ensure that their problems are solved as efficiently as possible. This greatly humanizes your brand and makes your business look all the more appealing to your prospective customers.

5. Video Testimonials Are Cheap

Creating a customer testimonial doesn’t have to be expensive. You don’t need to rent out an expensive IMAX camera and find a studio with the best lighting to shoot your video. You could shoot a great testimonial video with a good smartphone. As for location, any well lit spot in your office space works. Or, you could also go to your customers house (with their prior permission, of course) and shoot their testimonial more authentically. Just ensure that you’ve got good lighting in your frame and have solid audio quality, and you’re good to go.

At the end of the day, customer testimonial videos are highly effective at convincing prospects that your product is what they’re looking for, and can boost conversion rates by massive amounts. So how does VideoForm fit into the picture?

VideoForm Helps You Create Better Customer Testimonials

Sure, customer testimonials are pretty effective as they are. But they can still be improved upon. VideoForm lets you use interactive video to create engaging customer testimonials that truly capture the audience’s attention and engage them like never before. Let’s show you how:

1. Use Interactivity To Engage

The biggest change that VideoForm brings to customer testimonials is the ability to add the element of interactivity. VideoForm offers several interactive elements like multiple option buttons, video, audio or text response, CTA buttons and so much more for your audience to play with. You could have several testimonials in one VideoForm, giving your viewers the ability to view the one they want to see by clicking on the right button. Or, you could add a contact form at the end of a testimonial for interested prospects to sign up to. With VideFor, engagement knows no bounds.

2. Convince Your Customers To Send In Their Testimonials Yourself

A big part of creating a customer testimonial is convincing your customers to sacrifice their time to record a video for you. This is easier said than done, especially if you’re approaching them with written emails. VideoForm lets you record and send out videos of yourself speaking directly to the viewer to take some time out and help you make video content. Having a person speaking to them rather than having to read a lengthy email for the same is bound to create a more emotional response in the viewer and convince them to take action and agree to your request.

3. Make Recording Testimonials Easier

VideoForm comes with the useful feature of allowing users to respond to one another’s videos with their own video, audio or textual content. This is great for businesses looking to start conversations with their prospects and customers, but even more useful if you’re looking to collect quality video testimonials quickly. Get your viewers to use the video response option on the VideoForm you sent them to record their own testimonials via webcam and send it back to you, right from the platform. This way, you save up on the budget requirements and the logistics of shooting a video testimonial yourself, while also bringing in an added sense of authenticity, since the customer themself created the testimonial.

4. Share Your Video Testimonials With Ease

You can share testimonial VideoForms with your target audience in several ways - by embedding it on your webpage, as a widget on your website, or as a link to a standalone landing page.

Have a list of contacts you want to reach through email campaigns? No problem!

VideoForm allows you to embed your testimonial videos directly to your emails. With VideoForm’s Chrome Extension, you can send out VideoForms to your Gmail contacts. If you’re looking for something more, our Hubspot integration ensures that you can add your testimonials to your hubspot marketing campaigns, allowing you to reach a wider audience and convince more prospects of your product’s potential.

Final Thoughts

Video testimonials are by far one of the most effective tools for marketing, allowing you to reach and convert a larger audience than ever before. Add a level of interactivity and you’re bound to engage customers and wow prospects, ensuring that your brand stays fresh in the minds of your audience.

With VideoForm you open the door for more prospects to become a part of your consumer base and offer up a unique brand experience that future customers will be dying to be a part of.

So what are you waiting for? Get a taste of interactive video by signing up for VideoForm Free today!