VideoForm is the tool that’s going to let you harness the awesome powers of interactive and conversational video marketing, without sucking your bank accounts dry. This versatile tool lets you create customized and interactive user experiences that give viewers the feel of human contact that they so lack nowadays.

Where can you use VideoForm? Anywhere and Everywhere! VideoForm can help you build a watertight marketing funnel that’s going to help your company flourish and thrive in the new normal.

VideoForm is a video personalization platform that helps you create sales videos, video testimonials, contact forms, recruitment videos, product demos, collect video feedback, automate lead qualification, or just create random fun stuff. Efficiency through entertainment is one of the key foundations of VideoForm.  In fact, it’s illegal to make a boring VideoForm.

Here, we are going to focus on one particular area that you can use VideoForm in, employee training.

The Importance of Employee Training

Employee training is done by companies for the growth and development of their workforce. It’s great for the company, great for the employees, and ultimately great for your customers (read sales).

More and more employees are making opportunities for learning and growth a top priority for them. Millennials and GenZ especially, consider learning opportunities and on-the-job training provisions as a prime reason for taking or staying at a job.

According to LinkedIn Workplace Learning Report 2020, 54% of employees would spend more time learning if they had specific course recommendations to help them reach their career goals.

There are several benefits to investing in employee training.

1. Maintaining Brand Image

Today’s market is one where talent has great demand and you need to put up a good fight to attract and retain good people. If you have a reputation as a company that is invested in the training and development of your employees, it does wonders for your brand image.

2. Orienting New Recruits

The onboarding process for a new recruit teaches them about the skills needed to add value for the company, and also about company culture. Mass recruiting MNCs count on getting their new recruits efficiently trained to suit the job roles they are intended to fill.

Giving them adequate training at that stage is crucial for determining the performance that employees might give your company. 43% of L&D professionals promote learning programs to activate managers by integrating learning into the onboarding process itself.

3. Upskilling Your Employees

Upskilling refers to the process of learning new skills that add to the current job function of an employee. It helps employees keep up with the newest trends and technologies in the industry. It’s necessary to develop loyal and long-standing employees who are skilled and familiar with the workings of your company.

4. Motivation

Employee morale is crucial to ensuring the efficient performance of your workforce. Providing regular training sessions is one way to show your employees that you care about their growth and that you are investing in their future. This goes a long way in motivating your employees to do their best work and also in building loyalty to your company.

How VideoForm Can Help Create A More Effective Training Process

According to LinkedIn, 36% of L&D professionals identify increasing employee engagement in learning as their biggest challenge. COVID-19 has not been doing you any favors in that respect.

It’s getting harder to maintain connections with your employees in these times. You need help if you're going to bridge the physical gap between people that the pandemic has forced upon us.

The powers of interactive video creation that VideoForm puts at your disposal can be harnessed to create training videos for your employees and new recruits. It’s a revolutionary new way of creating training videos, that is simple to create, encourages engagement, and offers flexibility.

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1. Training Videos In The New Normal

It’s quite a challenge to keep your company functioning smoothly these days when your employees are scattered and all communication takes place via this thing called the internet.

But a silver lining could be found in the new normal if you know where to look. Although the training process is considerably harder to execute, the benefit of people being stuck at home is that they are more receptive to learning. They have more time in their hands, and people are always more willing to learn when they can do it at their own pace.

How can you encourage your employees as well as future employees to learn as well as make learning accessible in this new normal? Online training videos.

VideoForm lets you create online training videos without the usual mechanical detachment you see so often in such videos. It lets you replicate the feeling of offline, interactive training sessions.

2. Online Live Training Sessions Vs Pre-Recorded VideoForms

You might be thinking that the best way to ensure connectivity with your employees in the time of the pandemic would be to conduct live training sessions using online platforms like Zoom, Webex, or Google Meet. And those have their benefits, but they also come with a lot of hassle.

  • With online live sessions, there is very little flexibility in the schedule. The instructors and the participants all need to be present at the same time.
  • Variations in internet connectivity can also cause trouble with live videos.
  • Scalability is one of the major advantages that pre-recorded training videos have over live sessions. Several platforms have rather small participant limits.
  • It is hard to properly address queries and field engagement from a large number of participants in a live session. Creating and distributing training videos with a platform like VideoForm lets you connect with a large number of employees without compromising on the personal feel of the experience.
  • Pre-recorded videos like VideoForms deliver an overall smoother and better experience. You can easily work off a script, minimize mistakes, and set up a way better UI.

3. Add Personality to Your Training Video

You see a lot of training videos with a mechanized voiceover playing over some standard footage of whatever technology it’s trying to teach about. You don’t want that.

Your employees definitely don't want that. It would be best to record your own videos, with a clear idea of the energy that you're trying to get through. There are several ways to make sure that your videos have personality.

1. Using familiar faces

Recording training videos using your own mid-level employees brings a sense of familiarity with your videos, which breeds interest. It also makes people more open and comfortable with interaction and engagement.

2. Humor

Inject humor into your scripts. This makes your videos several times more engaging and entertaining.

3. Be Informal

Making your training sessions too formal can create a gap between the trainers and the employees. Make your sessions casual and pressure-free. This makes people comfortable and builds a positive association with your company.

4. Interactive, Response Based Training

Training videos are only beneficial if you can get your employees to actively participate in them. A four-hour-long lecture is going to put your viewers to sleep, no matter how interested or eager to learn they may be. Especially in these times when they are watching from the comfort of their homes.

You need training videos that encourage engagement. That tests the viewers’ attention, keeps them on their toes. You need custom training videos that suit the preferences of each employee.

You can utilize VideoForm to create videos that are interactive and engaging.

5. Flexibility

Research shows that 79% of learners prefer personalized courses. VideoForm lets you create structured and flexible videos. You can make video compilations that let the viewer choose where they want to go.

This offers the learner flexibility and lets them do things at their own pace. Viewers can choose the level of difficulty they are comfortable with for example, and according to their choice, they can be redirected to appropriate videos.

6. Quizzing

With VideoForm you can test the viewer on the subject matter at regular intervals by collecting responses from them. This ensures that the viewer is paying attention and understanding the subject matter. If the viewer fails the test you can give them the option of going through the content again.

7. Entertaining

VideoForm lets you make videos that are fun even while serving an educational purpose.

8. Feedback

You can take feedback from viewers at regular intervals, thus making sure you can improve and provide employees with the best experience possible.

9. Soft Skills Training

It’s not just about training your employees on the newest technologies and such in the field. Soft skills are high on the priority list for companies these days. Leadership and management, creative problem solving and design thinking, and communication are the skills most valuable to a lot of companies.

Interactive training sessions are the best way to learn these skills, as they are harder to learn without cooperation and guidance.

With VideoForm, you can create soft skills training videos that provide clear and concise examples and invite engagement from learners.

You can also have your learners record and send responses by prompting them within the VideoForm. This would also let you analyze accurately the current level of performance of your employees as well as gauge improvements after the training program.

10. Identifying Top Performers

Many companies use employee training to identify employees that perform well, and who could provide value to the company at a higher or different role.

With a tool that can record responses like VideoForm, you can also identify and evaluate those candidates that perform well in employee training, and recognize those best suited for leadership roles.


Are you looking for a way to train your employees better? Look no further than VideoForm. Our platform allows businesses to create personalized videos that help employees learn new skills quickly and easily.

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