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Swap out boring and cliche stock images and footage and make your content richer with high quality stock content from JumpStory. In this article, we take a look at this new stock content platform and show you why you need to start using it right now!
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    Pictures and videos add dimension to your words. They add color and emotion and life to an otherwise flat and monotonous series of characters.

    The pictures you add to your website or blog post need to be well thought through, because there is more to them than you might think. The same goes for the stock footage you use in your videos. Cliche pictures and videos can make your content seem boring - even fake. Having the right visuals to support your words is crucial to make sure you're getting the right message across.

    So picking something random from the same old collection of stock photos that every other marketer has their hands in just won’t do. You need something more. More intelligent, more emotional, more unique, more special.

    Importance Of Stock Images & Footage In Marketing

    A picture is worth a thousand words. It may be a cliche and overused proverb, but that doesn’t make it any less true or any less relevant. And in marketing, images and videos are undoubtedly of great relevance.

    Visual content that inspires viewers and conveys emotions to them are crucial for the success of your content in marketing. Visuals hold people’s attention better and stay with them longer.

    According to a study, an average person remembers around 10% of the information they heard three days ago, but with a picture added, retention goes up to 65%. According to another report, online content with good images gets 94% more views than those without. 

    It’s not just about adding videos and images, it’s about their quality as well. If your content is of low quality, your content looks cheap and fake. Really bad visuals can even do more harm than good.

    The good news is, if you think you have to break your bank to get your content equipped with high-quality visuals that stand out, you're wrong.

    What Is JumpStory?

    JumpStory is the world’s first stock footage platform, where you only get authentic and high-performing images and videos instead of millions of cliché ones. Their tagline, “Images with Impact,” says it all. They are revolutionizing the image and video marketing industry.

    In their words, they are “simplexifying” things. That means using complex technologies for the best results but providing the simplest user experience possible.

    JumpStory uses Artificial Intelligence to look for photos and clips with humans and emotions that feel a lot more real, and can create an actual emotional impact on your audience. Pretty cool, right?

    What does that mean for you? It means that with JumpStory, you're sure to get pictures that bring value to your content and videos that can truly inspire your readers. If we’re talking numbers, it means it can improve your click and conversion rates by up to 80%.

    You don’t need to be caught up in the technicalities of AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and all that. JumpStory is easy enough to navigate, and feels a lot more user-friendly than other stock image websites. They describe the process as “using AI to make the world more human.”

    JumpStory sources from more than 500 million images from photographers and creators around the world. Then they use AI to comb through their collection and remove images that don’t look authentic. The library contains only high-performing images and clips of real people with real emotions at the end of the process.

    Why Choose JumpStory?

    JumpStory is not just another stock image platform. Getty, Shutterstock, iStock, we have enough of those already. JumpStory offers an alternative to hours spent sorting through cliched videos, overused images, and reading through complicated license agreements.

    The competitors in the field are obviously bigger and more well-known, but JumpStory offers several advantages over them.

    • Jumpstory stock content has 80% better performance compared to others in the field.
    • You can remove backgrounds from photos and videos, edit and archive images, optimize image sizes, and tag images with a simple click.
    • $25 per month for unlimited downloads and commercial licenses on all images.
    • AI-powered fast and intelligent search.
    • Library of 25,000,000 photos, videos, icons, vectors, and illustrations. Around 30,000 new images are added every day.
    • Global insurance on all images. No need to worry about lawsuits or copyright claims.
    • The JumpStory API simplifies image searches by integrating into your website builders, marketing automation platforms, and landing page software, thus enabling you to find and use videos or images with one click.

    Try JumpStory For Free

    One of the main reasons why marketers hesitate to give too much importance to good quality visuals is that they are worried about the expense. A lot of them just invest in whatever stock photos they can and call it a day. But a good quality visual experience is worth the investment. And JumpStory offers you great content at the best prices.

    If you do decide to make the right choice, you can join the monthly plan for just $25 a month and enjoy unlimited downloads. JumpStory also offers an annual plan at $125 per year.

    If you're still shy of commitment, you can try JumpStory free for 14 days to be sure of your investment.

    Don’t Get Left Behind

    32% of marketers say visual content is the most important form of content for their business. And according to another study, 25% of marketers say they intend to spend 11-20% of their budget on visual content in 2020. So if you're not investing in good images, you will fall behind. Enrich your content with images and videos that tell a story and be amazed by the results.

    Abhishek Ekbote
    Founder - Videoform. I write about leveraging video to grow your revenue

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