Did you know that personalized video marketing can increase click-to-open rates by 16x?

No? Neither do a lot of marketers and sales representatives out there. Companies often underestimate the power of video.

It might come as a surprise to you if you heard that including a personalized video in your marketing strategies can increase unique click-throughs 4.5x times higher!

Personalized video marketing is all about delivering relevant content to your audience in a way that feels tailored just for them.

And judging by the stats, it works!

So if you're looking for a way to take your online campaigns up a notch, read on for five myths about personalized video marketing that is worth busting.

So let's begin to debunk these myths!

Top 5 Myths of Personalized Videos You Need To Know

Myth 1: Personalized Videos Are Expensive To Make


Personalized videos are the best!

The truth is that personalized videos are easier to make with just your webcam or your mobile devices at almost zero cost. All you have to do is subscribe to a high-quality, easy-to-use tool, VideoForm and bingo! Here is your low-cost alternative to making the best video that offers higher conversion rates.

Make your customized videos look professional without spending a fortune. Design amazing marketing campaigns and share your product demos, personalized travel offer, month in review videos, or product pitches with your prospects and customers.

Kickstart your next marketing or email campaign with a personalized video message to your audience.

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Myth 2: Customizing Content For Each Customer Takes Too Much Time


Go for video personalization

The great thing about personalized video is that you can reuse your video content and provide a personalized experience.

If you are making a personalized video, you can create a campaign to shoot the same content to a group of prospects and customize the tags like first name and other personal details by integrating with a CRM like zapier. All you have to do is feed the user data.

Use video automation tools to send your personalized video messages in bulk and still manage to make it look like the message is drafted just for your particular prospect.

Keep your video content short and sweet in the video campaigns. And if your content is compelling, you will find people are more than happy to watch the videos in their entirety (even when they might be shorter), which means less time spent customizing each video for your customers.

Myth 3: Customized Videos Are Less Engaging Than Other Types of Content


Video personalization myth

The truth is that video is the most effective way to connect with customers.

Customized videos are more likely to engage your viewers because they're tailored specifically for them.

This makes it easier and quicker than creating other types of content, which can take hours or even days before you end up sharing anything with anyone!

The more personalized your video, the better! In this day and age, we are all about being individualized. Why not use one of our many customization tools to ensure each customer has their own experience?

Also, when shared on social media, personalized videos reach a larger audience. According to a survey by Animoto, 57% of people who watch a personalized video will share it on social media, vs. 38% for non-personalized versions.

This means your highly-customized video content is more likely to be shared and thus more likely to reach a larger audience.

Myth 4: You Need Professional Equipment To Make An Engaging Personalized Video!


Debunking myths of video personalization

Have you always wanted to make a video but felt intimidated by the thought? Well, now is your chance! You can be as creative and detailed with personalized videos because we all know that nobody wants stodgy content.

The best part about this process: there's no need for professional equipment or big budgets- just some creativity will do it every time.

With a simple phone, laptop, creativity, and editing skills, you can make engaging personal videos that will surely entertain, educate, and inform your target audience.

Myth 5: Lifestyle Products and Services Only Use Personalized Video


Users prefer personalized videos

Video personalization can be done for every industry, company, brand, product or service. There are no hard and fast rules on using personalized video content.

For example, you can use a personalized video message to pitch your sale, greet clients or prospects for holidays or birthdays, send that proposal, showcase your products & services, and create event invites for your webinars. As you see, there is no limit to where and how you can use videos.

Here are some use cases to help you decide if it's for your industry or not! (be rest assured, whatever your line of business is, Personalized video is for you!)

30+ Video Personalization Templates
Send a personalized video by weaving in customer information into a video. Choose from 30+ video personalization templates !

The Deduction!

So there you have it - 5 myths about personalized video debunked!

Armed with this information and the key takeaways, you're now ready to start creating your videos for your business or organization. Get started today and see the amazing results for yourself!

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