There are many benefits to sending out personalized thank you videos in emails, but the most important one is that it makes your prospects feel appreciated.

When you take the time to send a video of yourself thanking them for their purchase or scheduling an appointment, they're more likely to connect with you and your brand.

It's also a good chance for companies to show off their culture and values while showing appreciation at the same time. Here are some tips on how you can start sending personalized thank you videos in emails.

Video personalization

Let's explore some creative ways of doing so with a personalized video from VideoForm.

Why Should You Send a Thank You Video in Email?

The current crisis in the world has turned every one to depend on digital assets for communication. It has left salespeople and consumers alike to fend for themselves in the virtual world.

This is where personalized video email comes into play. Since many companies have already replaced business communication with face-to-face video conferences, it is time you adapt to the change.

Video Emails offer a distinctive element that reflects "you" in digital strategies and gains prospect's trust. With VideoForm, now you can send a personalized "Thank you message" with the prospect's name on it.

How to Make a Thank you Video?

One of the best ways to express gratitude is by sending a thank you video. These innovative, personalized videos are more than just an expression of appreciation. They also create and maintain lasting connections with customers, clients, and partners alike.

If you are unsure of how to make and send thank you videos, let's dive in to see some fabulous techniques.

  • Add VideoForm Chrome Extension to your browser; you can install the extension to get a VideoForm icon like this in your Gmail or CRM software.
Video Email Icon
  • Record a video with a personalization saying something like this -

Hey Joffrey,

Thank you for being interested in my product.

I hope it is of interest to you and your company as well. If not, please let me know!

Thank you again for your time and consideration

  • Redo the video again if you are not satisfied with the way you sound, and send the video to your prospects with a personalized subject line!
  • Not only can you record video with your screen recorder, but VideoForm also enables you to share what is on your screen and add a personal touch.

Do you like the concept?  Then be a part of the million-dollar club by crafting your thank you video with these tips in mind.

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5 Tips to Send the Best Thank You Video to your Prospects

1. Focus on “Thank you”

Before recording a video, write out the key points you want to include in your message. Then, focus on saying thank you and keep it short and sweet.

"Hey there, I saw your message, and I just wanted to say thank you."

2. Show Your Genuine Personality

You don't have to be a perfectionist when you are sending a thank you video. VideoForm customers usually send a lot of video messages once the prospect becomes a paying customer. The sales team sends a short video thanking the prospects for their business and ask for a review.

While recording, don't be afraid to go off the script and don't cringe when you say "uhh." Why? Because this gives a personal touch to the videos, making them even more entertaining for the customers.

Hey John,

Thank you for your interest in ____________!

We're flattered that you took the time to visit our website. ____________ is a service designed to make life easier and more fun.

3. Time Limit

Record your thank you video in email in under 1 or 2 minutes. With this time frame in mind, it will not take much effort to build your script. Moreover, it keeps your prospects or clients positively engaged.

Send Video Emails from Gmail with Videoform
Send Personalized Video Emails to your prospects without leaving Gmail. Use VideoForm to send record videos inside Gmail
Video Emails in Gmail

4. Send Thank You Videos Often

When you send a thank-you message, it's not just about saying thanks. It also serves as a simple reminder for prospects to know that they can count on your business in the future when they might need assistance.

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5. 1:1 Engagement

A thank you message can be a chance to show your appreciation to clients and prospects. In addition, you are building a long-lasting connection with the recipients without meeting them face-to-face.

When you send a thank you video, your prospect feels like they were the only one to receive it. It’s more personal and memorable than just sending an email or text message thanking them for their purchase. Take advantage of this opportunity by getting creative and use video emails in your sales strategy!

This is your chance to get back in the game! Sign up for our free trial and start sending videos!