You may have heard of personalized videos before, but did you know that they're the future? Personalized video campaigns are an excellent way for you to reach your target audience.

With a custom-made film explicitly tailored toward your business and its needs, it is possible to engage with potential customers at much higher rates than traditional advertising methods allow!

Personalizing videos in this manner makes them feel more natural - which means people will be much less hesitant about clicking on those advertisement campaigns.

Basics of Personalized Video

Personalized video marketing is a new approach to reaching out to specific clients, consumers, and prospects.

For the first time, each person's preferences or purchasing patterns may be used to create a personalized video by brands and use these videos in marketing campaigns.

Personalized video campaign

It's a ground-breaking method used by companies for creating data-driven videos using information from your existing client database. As a consequence, you'll be able to connect with your consumers in ways you've never done before.

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About Personalized Video

An example of personalized videos is Facebook memory videos and life-event videos they publish for individual users.

These videos include personal elements like name, selective photos and small video bits, all made into a nice personalized video with animations.

Here is a screenshot of mortgage loan template from VideoForm:

The most effective version of this personalization is built right within the video.

It's made on-demand and may be utilized in marketing materials, onboarding initiatives, continuous employee education, benefit modifications, or policy changes, with data points like hiring dates, financial milestones, and training accomplishments incorporated.

For example:

Video Personalization

It's simple to understand how personalized video can attract and hold an audience's attention, especially given video dominance as the most widely utilized form of media today.

A study proved that personalization converts 202% better than non-personalized marketing. At the same time, it can boost consumer loyalty and satisfaction.

How to Convert Leads with Personalized Videos?

Imagine your team pursuing a huge corporation, and you have 10 contacts in your Marketing Qualified leads list who work there.

Instead of sending them a boring text email, you might send them a short personalized video that introduces you, your company and its values, or an explainer video about your products and services that can address your prospect’s challenges.

You put their logo or company name in the video, and you may customize the email and the video further by inserting their first name.

Your video should raise awareness about your products or services among your target market. Adding a thumbnail would make it easier to send the message and make your video more watchable. A thumbnail in which your name or the name of your company is added, is hard to ignore.

It's all about creating trust and a 1:1 relationship with your leads who are in the contemplation stage of your sales funnel.

Personalized video builds confidence and assures your prospects in the decision making stage that they are making the right decision by choosing your brand.

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Personalized Videos in Marketing & Sales

Here are some use cases on how to use personalized videos in sales & marketing:

  • Put a face to that name by encouraging your sales reps to use and create personalized videos to converse with prospects and clients
  • Make a video introducing your business, products, services and team
  • Use bits of videos or short clips of videos from business events and share with customers to build a trust factor.
  • Add a brief personalized intro to existing video content.
  • Customer testimonials about how your company helped them flourish in a comparable sector.
  • Event invites or create personalized invitations for webinars or events.
  • Custom demonstrations and screen capture videos about products and services and the features.
  • You can also create screen-sharing videos or selfie-style base videos to look more natural and convincing to create personalized experiences.
  • Customized proposals that include all of the information clients require.
  • To convince people to buy, offer them personalized discounts or promotions.
  • A video suited to their industry/role that answers FAQs.
  • Follow-up videos.

Here are a few personalized video templates to get you started.

How to WOW Customers with Personalized Video

In order to create a Personalized Video campaign, there are four basic procedures to follow. At Videoform, make sure we follow all these steps and create a unique personalized video for you.

1. Come Up With A Strategy

Determine the campaign goals and story architecture in collaboration with your team.

2. Data Collection

We extract relevant information from your data source, such as CSV or API of your users, with personalized elements in the datasheets you provide.

3. Video Production

Our team uses video templates and makes one video for each client of yours.

We use a base video that you upload for personalized video creation and can produce a few dozen or tens of thousands of unique videos at one time with personal details of your clients.

We can work with video materials or create new ones for you.

4. Where can you Deploy these personalized Videos?

You can host the videos online and offer a unique URL for each film or share them in your emails in your marketing campaigns, or you can distribute them to your consumers by eblast or any other method.

Customers may post these videos on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

Wrapping Up!

This blog covered some key takeaways of using video personalization for your marketing efforts.

You have also learnt that sending tailored videos with the viewer's name and the viewer's details not only boosts click-through and open rates but also assures that none of your mailings go unnoticed.

While sharing business videos, when your viewer sees their company name, logo, and other details while sharing videos with their clients, you are making sure that you are spreading awareness about your brand and grabbing viewers' attention immediately by personalizing their experience.

As a result, audiences become intrigued and, as a result, motivated to do the desired action.

So, get in touch with us to get started with your personalized content today!