Face-to-face interaction is the most effective type of communication and communication is key to a successful business.

With technology advancement came a change in business communication while emails and text messages took over the business world.

But, the big question is: are emails and texts as effective anymore?

Emails and texts can get lost in translation and take up much time to read and respond. But, video connects with potential customers on an emotional level that text simply cannot match up to!

This article will discuss why, where, and how business communications should be done face-to-face instead of text with 9 video email examples.

Engage Your Audience With Personalized Video Messages & Emails

Traditional text-based emails can be impactful with the right words but it still misses an important element. The connection and the non-verbal communication!

It's hard to express emotions through text in very few words. Whereas via video, you can communicate it all in under a minute and manage to convey your thoughts without the prospect having to put their imagination.

Video conveys more with less effort! It is as good as face-to-face interaction when robotic communication and chatbots take over a personal touch.

80% of customers are more likely to purchase products and services of a brand that provides personalized experiences. So, there's no wonder personalization is getting more accepted and becoming increasingly popular in the business world.

Moreover, when you personalize your video to your prospects, your voice will definitely be heard and most likely be responded to.

Personalized videos addresses the prospects directly by their name and lay the road for one-on-one interaction. Imagine your prospect's reaction when a video email is drafted with their name and other up-close personalization!

Personalized videos create exactly that effect with your prospect. It builds trust between you and your prospect and makes them more connected to you.

Now that we learnt that personalized video email is the best way of communication let's see how to use video emails in different scenarios.

Types of Personalized Videos

There are a variety of personalized videos you can create in Videoform, but not all work or fit your needs. Here's how to decide which one is right for you:

1-1 Video Personalization

One-to-one personalized videos are the most customized versions that you can create. They're designed for one important prospect and speak to a unique pain point, challenge or need they have!

The degree of customization depends on YOU - but it also takes some time to get used to this type of video creation process...but once mastered? You've got them all wrapped up like candy.

1-1 videos are used mainly in all stages of the sales funnel to connect with prospects and can be used in phases like Awareness, Interest, Desire & Action to connect with prospects

Bulk Personalized Videos

Bulk personalized videos are a little different from one to one videos. Bulk personalized videos are made one time and are shared with a larger group of prospects or audience.

It include unique elements that are artfully inserted into video content like your prospect's name and company logo or any other identifier you think will make them feel special!

Bulk customized videos are used in both marketing and sales processes to design a campaign sent out to a larger group of prospects.  

With Videoform, you can personalize at scale with unique personalized identifiers that integrate with your CRM. You can design your email campaign at various stages of the sales funnel and send it to multiple prospects at once!

You can show your personality and also close at scale!

Degree Of Personalization!

You can personalize the video emails according to your business needs. The most common kind is simple personalization and in-depth personalization.

Simple personalization allows you to include your prospects name {{first_name}} and the email includes a video message that particularly addresses prospects interests or challenges that they are facing.

In-depth personalization means researching your prospect, their company size, age, gender, industry type, job title, company name, geographic location etc., to draft a hyper customized pitch to your prospects.  

How To 'WOW' Your Customers Using Personalized Videos

A personalized video can be sent to your prospects based on their product usage and requirement. Personalized video emails can be used to send for product demos, event invites, testimonials, holiday greetings etc.

You can use video analytics to determine how effective your video pitches are and tune your follow-up video emails accordingly. Also, with Videoform Gmail & other email client support, you can now send one-on-one videos from your email easily.

1. Personalized Videos In Cold Emails

Whether you are getting started on your prospect and at the top of the sales funnel stage or trying to know your prospects better in the awareness phase, a video always helps break the ice over text.

Try Videoform way and close that deal. Here's a perfect example of how video can be used in emails and engage on a personal level.

Personalized Videos in Cold Emails

2. Inbound lead

When a prospect shows interest in your products or services and drops an enquiry, converting them to your clients becomes more manageable with a friendly video email. Use this template to get that lead converted.

To Inbound Leads

3. Outbound Prospect

It would be best if you sounded convincing when you were dealing with an outbound lead. Use all the research and intel you have on your prospect to correctly personalize the video email for your prospect.

Talk about their pain points and offer a direct solution. You can use the below template to drive a personalized campaign.

Outbound Prospect

4. Follow-Up After Sales

Did you know that, for a lead to convert, you'll need to follow up at least 7 times with your prospect?

If your follow-up emails sound just the same all 7 times, do you think you have a chance at converting the lead to a customer?

You have to do things differently and think out of the box when following up with prospects.

Here is a template you can use to begin with. Use a personalized video email to follow-up, and for the subsequent follow-up, don't sell your product but sell your charm!

Give prospects information that's useful, share case studies, and testimonials.

Follow-Up After Sales Video Email Template

Send a checking-in email after the first follow-up.

Checking-in Email Template

5. Personalized Video For Holiday Greetings

Your holiday greetings might not be boring. Sure, you'll add a greeting or an image. Do you think that is exciting for your prospects? They would get 100's of emails with greetings and images.

You can go a step further and create an exciting video weighing your prospects. You can also include your entire team in the video and share it across with prospects or customers.

Personalized Holiday Greetings

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6. To Onboard New Customer

Customer support plays an important role in keeping the customer happy. Send a warm welcome to your newly onboarded customers with a personalized video to give a personalized customer experience.

Email For A Newly Onboarded Customers

7. Video Created For The Industry Or Vertical

Video has a fantastic power to convert leads to customers, and it has no limitations in the usage. You can use video in literally every industry and every vertical.

Be it real estate, be it SAAS, be it F&B or Hotels or Gym.

Introduction Of Your Hotel

This video email can be sent to prospects in the hotel industry who are looking for a comfortable stay and enquired about your hotel.

Introduction Of Hotel

How a vertical-specific email sounds.:

Text Email

Isn't the email with video format much better? Don't you want to play the video right away?

That's what we are talking about when we say video drives better conversions and conversations.‍

8. For Virtual Conference or Webinar or Event Attendees

How would you usually invite your prospects or customers for a conference or an event?

If you think that inviting them face to face is the best possible way, you are right! Nothing beats a personal invitation.

But what if you can't travel all the way to invite them in person? Video is the next best option.

Invite your prospects and customers to join you for an event, webinar, or conference with a personalized video. You can even get an RSVP response via adding call to action to your video.

For Webinar Attendees

9. Video Templates For How To Do Something

How-to videos are the most popular. These kinds of videos demonstrate the process of your service or product or a procedure in an easy way.

How-To Video Email Template

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