Think you've seen the best of personalized video marketing? Not even close. Check out these five brands that took the approach to a whole new level.

These businesses are killing it with this cutting-edge marketing technique, from innovative uses of dynamic content to customer engagement through video.

So if you're looking for some inspiration or want to see some amazing examples, read on!

We curated a list of companies/brands using personalized and interactive video marketing techniques to gather audience attention and increase subscribers and sales. These examples are from all over the world!

1. CANAL +

Canal+ is a French television/media channel that produces various content for entertainment.

When Canal wanted to invite subscribers via form, they didn't go the usual boring route. They used a video to keep subscribers entertained even while filling out the form.

They recruited 2 famous personalities to do the video and deliver a personalized experience while keeping the form interactive.

This experiment gained a lot of attention and increased their subscriber's number.

Watch it yourself and decide if it gives a personalized feel or not!

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2. Delta Airlines

DigitasLBi and Delta Air Lines have partnered to make a series of videos personally customized for Delta SkyMiles® Medallion Members.

They created hundreds and thousands of personalized videos for their most loyal customers. They named the campaign "The Path You Make".

Here is a glimpse of the video that the Medallion members of Delta airlines received.

This video attempt made its members feel special and made a memorable impact on its members, retaining them for life.

3. Instagram

The 2021 year in review feature, Story!

By the end of 2021, in December, Instagram launched a new feature that plays back all the memorable stories or most viewed stories as a review or recap of the past year.

It compiled the best stories posted by a user in 2021 and showcased the top 10, making it a short video like Story to be shared on the user's account.

The users were thrilled with such personalization and shared stories across accounts tagging their friends and family, who are fellow users.

This created visibility and acted like a trip down the memory lane, giving users a unique, personalized experience.

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4. Deloitte

Deloitte, the consulting giant across the world, made a Personalized interactive video for recruitment. They used gamification techniques in their personalized video to analyze if their new employees would fit in or not!

The video provided an interactive recruiting experience by showing a scenario and asking the applicants to respond to the scene to assess the applicant's fundamental values.

Have a look!

5. Netflix

Netflix developed an AI-based algorithm and offered personalized recommendations and feed on their website.

They even kicked the personalized game a notch higher with their interactive show Bandersnatch - A unique black mirror where viewers get to decide the next move in the episode with opinions on screen.

If this isn't a personalized experience, then we don't know what is!

5. VideoForm

VideoForm can take your video content and make it more personal with the help of CRM data points. The team at VideoForm will create a tailored message for you, giving each user their own unique attention from start-to finish!

The future of marketing is here. The technology harnessed by VideoForm will let you create a personalized user experience for each individual viewer, delivering targeted messages that engage your audience deeply - all thanks to data-driven insights into what they like and how best communicate with them online!

The power in this tool comes not only from its ability generate highly relevant content but also because it can be used across many different channels.

Closing Thoughts

The brands featured in this post are just the beginning- there are countless others who have seen success with personalized video marketing.

If you’re looking for more inspiration, be sure to check out our real-world examples page of how personalized video can be used to increase engagement and drive results.

Ready to give it a try yourself? Our team is here to help you get started.