Human interaction is something that people crave for the most in these turbulent times. So it makes sense that marketing strategies that focus on providing that human touch are what works the most in these times.

Video marketing is one such strategy that has especially risen in popularity these days. Personalized videos take video marketing one step further, making your customers feel valued on an individual and deeply personal level.

What Is A Personalized Video?

Personalized video is video that has been made to feel like it’s tailored for each individual viewer, by using data you have collected on the individual to insert some personal element into it.

What are the elements that are used to personalize videos?  The recipient's name, industry type, company name or logo, title, age, gender, location, and other such tidbits are used to provide viewers with an intensely personal experience.

Personalized video content can help you send impactful messages that transcend cultural boundaries.

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean recording separate videos for each separate client. But how else can we do it? The miracle of technology of course. Software nowadays makes editing well-placed elements out of a video a lot easier than it used to be. In fact, it can even be easily automated.

Say you want the title shot of your video to say “Hi” followed by the name of each person on your mailing list.

You don’t have to spend your time editing a hundred videos. The process can be automated using contact forms or by integrating the video with your CRM, letting you send each of your recipients the feel of being personally called up.

Individually Made Personalized Videos vs Automated Personalized videos

They serve the same purpose, but the process behind making them, the effort required, as well as the impact of the final product is different for both.

In an individually made video, you are recording or creating a new video from scratch for each individual you want to reach.

In automated videos you are automating the process, creating a template that can be personalized for each individual in a process that requires limited intervention from your side for each video.

Create personalized videos traditionally, or automate the production process.

But creating a personalized video template takes a lot of effort and expense. The effort that goes into an individually made video, on the other hand, depends upon the complexity of the video.

Even a simple phone recorded script that includes personal details of your recipient can have a huge impact. It allows for a lot more flexibility than using templates and would result in better reception than using templates.

The major point where automated personalized video wins is on scalability. Although the initial effort is large, once that is done, you can use the same video on a thousand different recipients, and each of them will feel like it’s been made for them. Individually made videos can work for a small group of people but become next to impossible on a large scale.

Benefits Of Personalized Videos

So why go to all the effort and expense that a personalized video requires?

  • Helps your message stand out
  • Better customer satisfaction
  • Improves conversion rates
  • Increase in email open rates
  • Higher click-through rates
  • Improves lead nurturing
  • Encourages engagement
  • Helps to deepen customer relationships
  • Improves customer loyalty
  • Improves brand image and trust
  • Ease of use due to automation and scalability

Reports show personalized CTAs perform up to 202% better than regular ones.

In the sea of marketing messages and content that looks alike, a personalized video helps catch the attention of your prospect. Using a customer’s name in a message can have a huge impact on how they receive it.

A lot of marketers use this already, but that is mostly limited to using customer names in the subject lines and greeting lines of emails. Personalized videos go a lot further than that.

Personalized video content can go a lot further than just using the viewer's name - all it takes is a little creativity.

The large scale that personalized videos allow for means that you can use the same template to send videos to your entire mailing list and each person would feel like that video was made just for them.

Why Are Personalized Videos So Important?

Why personalized videos do good basically boils down to some simple traits of human psychology. Everybody likes attention. Everybody wants to feel special. They want to be humanized. They want to be seen. They want to feel like more than just another name on your mailing list.

Personalized videos humanize the process of marketing. Conventional marketing emails or messages feel like two inboxes are having a conversation, not two people. With personalization, the customer feels seen.

Personalized video content adds a human touch to your customer experience.

Think about receiving a short “Happy Birthday” video with your name on it. How much positive emotion would that invoke in you? Imagine how that can help keep brand loyalty alive.

Where To Use Personalized Videos

There are several different ways to incorporate personalized videos into your sales funnel. If you're already building a video sales funnel, this is just a natural step forward really.

What Channels To Use For Sharing Personalized Videos

Listed below are just some of the many channels you can use to share personalized video messages with your target audience:

1. Emails

Email remains the most popular medium used to send out personalized videos on a large scale. Personalized videos via email can be in the form of cart abandonment emails, product promotions, offers and discounts, and so on.

Email is the most popular channel for companies employing personalized video marketing strategies.

2. Company Website

How do you incorporate personalized videos into your website? Once you get a lead to fill out a form, you have the information you need to generate one.

You can flash a video message on the screen with a thank you message and their name. Or you can use automation software and website cookies to track returning visitors and give them a customized video experience at each step.

3. Social media

Social media campaigns can greatly benefit from the touch of personalized videos. You can greatly improve engagement through social media. The details that you need are also more easily obtained simply by going through a person’s profile.

Social media is a great place to reach out to your prospects and customers with personalized video messages.

When Should You Use Personalized Videos

In terms of situations, you can incorporate personalized videos into nearly every step of your sales funnel by using them on different occasions. You can use them as-

  • Promotional content
  • Welcome messages
  • Thank you notes
  • Introductory videos
  • Holiday greetings
  • Birthday wishes
  • Customer service
  • Product Demos and Tutorials
  • Event invitations

And so on.

Personalized video content can be created for almost any special occasion. Try sending out a personalized message wishing your customers this Christmas!

Personalized Video Creation Platforms

There's several video creation platforms out there that can help you create personalized videos. They come in all kinds of shapes and prices and have a wide variety of features to offer. To help you pick out a tool that works for you, we've listed out some of the best personalized video creation platform below:

1. Vidyard

Vidyard - personalized video creation platform.

Vidyard is one of the top players in the field of personalization. You can easily record videos using a phone, or camera, or screen record from your browser to create videos. The videos can then be personalized with unique messages and optimized with CTAs. Videos can be shared via emails or social media or embedded on your website.

2. Pirsonal

Pirsonal Editor is an easy to use video creation platform for personalized video content.

The video editor offered by Pirsonal Editor has a simple drag and drop interface that helps you create custom templates for your personalized videos easily without professional experience.

3. Imposium

Imposium - Create personalized video campaigns at scale.

Imposium lets you create highly quality dynamic video ads. Using UGC motion tracking, it enables you to realistically integrate user generated images, text, video, and such into any video.

4. Rocketium

Rocketium - Automate or manually create personalized video campaigns.

Rocketium helps in easy creation of custom branded templates and their automation.

You can combine designer-made templates with your data to create a great user experience.

Best Practices When Using Personalized Video

What are the different things that you need to keep in mind when deciding to invest in Video Personalization?

There are several factors that need to be kept in mind to create a brilliant personalized video.
  • The quality of your videos matter. People just aren't willing to consume substandard content anymore. It's better to keep it simple and classy rather than attempt to go overboard and come off as tacky.
  • Keep your videos fun and quirky. Videos that can induce an emotional response works the best, and entertaining videos are the most fail-safe way of doing that.
  • There's a thin line between attentive and stalker. If you use the data you have on your customer in a crude and obvious way, you might end up crossing it. There needs to be a subtlety to the art of personalization.
  • Most marketers are hesitant to enter the personalized video game because they cannot find a tool that combines good quality, scalability, and affordability. You have to figure out if personalized videos are the right investment for you, and if the ROI is worth it. Automated personalized video services can cost quite a bit at times, so you need to consider if a different video marketing strategy may be best suited for you.

If you're looking for inspiration to create your own personalized video, check out our blog on the best personalized video examples today.

Personalized video is one of the most popular forms of video marketing there is. Companies all over the world are investing in creating those special moments for their customers to ensure that they feel part of the brand's community and are retained by the business for the long run.

When you try to create your own personalized video, keep in mind that you're trying to create a video for your customers, not for your brand. Don't create a personalized video to sell anew feature or product to your customer, use it to show them that your brand cares for them.

With this key point in mind, and with all the pointers you have gathered in this article, you'll be creating successful personalized video campaigns in no time.