Video marketing is not a new idea, but it has become even more important in today's modern society. Videos account for 64% of all online traffic and 65% on social media sites like Facebook or Instagram!

That means if you want your brand to be successful, there should definitely be some video coming out from time to time - especially since most people watch them within these platforms instead of just one channel alone (like TV).

Video marketing is an increasingly popular way to engage your customers. However, you may be wondering what it means and how video production works?

We've got all of this covered for you! In just a few simple steps (and some technology), anyone can create high-quality videos that will excite potential clients — or even make them laugh on purpose, so they remember you.

What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is an engaging and creative medium for businesses to reach their customers in new ways or educate people about products they offer like yours!

Video marketing has become an important and effective way to promote products & services. It increases engagement on digital channels like Facebook & YouTube and social media sites such as Twitter.

Video marketing

Videos also educate consumers about the company's offerings while reaching potential new clients through storytelling techniques that engage viewers emotionally - all this without having any intention of selling anything!

You're probably wondering how to use video marketing if you don't have a budget or team. Well, there are tons of ways for entrepreneurs and small businesses alike!

For example, you can create videos that educate your target audience on the benefits of using their product/service while simultaneously increasing engagement with customers through social media sharing and potentially doubling sales!

One popular strategy these days is live streaming, which allows people in different parts of the world in different time zones to watch the video and have face-to-face communication. This eliminates any geographical constraints preventing us from getting together physically.

How Does Personalized Video for Marketing Work?

Video personalization is a process of customizing the video content to each group that you identify - customers, prospects, and influencers.

There are multiple elements in videos that can be customized, including viewers' names or designations.

Video personalization is a great way to make video content more engaging for your audience. Not only does it allow you the option of customizing what's shown, but also when and where in order to keep them interested!

This is a great way for brands and marketers to take their message directly toward customers, prospects, or influencers with customized content that will be relevant based on who they are!

Example: If you have an iOS user base, then creating videos catered towards those individuals would show up differently than one using Android as its operating system of choice – considering technical specifications like screen size and culture preferences such as music preference (or lack thereof).

How to Make a Personalized Marketing Video?

Step 1: Have clear goals and marketing strategies in mind to create a campaign.

Step 2: Know where to use the video you have created. For example, it can be used on websites, email campaigns, social media, or personal messages.

Step 3: Make a video script, pick a video template and keep your content ready.

Step 4: Pick the best tool and create the video.

The need for a video personalization tool is clear. With the ability to customize fields and integrate with any CRM, Videoform will help you create personalized marketing campaigns at scale!

It is the perfect tool for creating videos that will make you stand out from competitors.

With features like interactive video creation, video automation, video email personalization, CTAs, analytics, you can create engaging content, and drive conversations with videos.

With custom thumbnails and brand colors or campaign theme options, Videoform enables businesses to generate more leads.

Here are some key takeaways from using Videoform. First, create personalized videos for your marketing campaigns.

Videoform for marketing

1. Humanize content with automation

Automate your processes with personalized videos and humanize your content. Use the user data available with you to generate qualified leads. Add a human touch with interactive videos and provide a personalized experience.

2. Bring in leads with video storytelling

Record videos

Record videos hassle-free from any screen to drive virtual selling. Put a face to your name with your video by recording with your webcam or capturing your screen, or do both simultaneously. You can also add videos in emails & follow-up effectively.

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3. Drive action with CTA's on videos


You no longer have to fret about adding the right call to action buttons to your email campaigns. Marketing efforts are simplified with inbuilt CTAs. You can now record & send personalized videos without leaving your outreach tools.

You can also send/share videos on LinkedIn messages & sales navigator along with sharing on social media. Just copy the video link to share on social media with the prospects.

4. Build interactive video workflows

Video workflows

High engagement = less churn.

Higher engagement = healthier business.

It is easier to retain customers than to acquire new ones. So build interactive 2-way workflows to engage your existing customers or prospects interested in your products on your website. Ask questions personally & get replies in video, text, or audio.

5. Video analytics to track engagement & results

Video analytics

Analyze your campaign and get detailed video engagement information with Videoform's detailed video analytics dashboard.

Know your watch percentage; track email open rates & see who opened your videos to develop a better follow-up strategy.

You can also see your video engagement data inside your CRM.

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6. Quickly record videos from anywhere

Record videos

Send videos without leaving your own sales outreach tools. With integrations for Gmail, HubSpot, Salesforce, LinkedIn, and others, you can now record & send sales videos in outreach emails or share them on social media.

Personalized Video Ideas to Run Marketing Campaigns!

1. Videos in Event Invites

You can use video personalization not just for an event but also for webinars, tutorials, and product launches. You could tell your brand story in a fun way using this content type to increase the number of signups at events or online courses you offer!

2. Promotional Activity Videos

Imagine a world full of customers interested in your product but not sure if they should buy from you. You could solve this problem by creating promotional videos for them!

These short, informative clips give potential clients the inside scoop on what makes your company stand out and why buying becomes an easy decision. Of course, these strategies work best when personalized with individualized content tailored specifically towards each person's needs.

3. Market with Explainer videos

Explainer videos are a great way to make complex products understandable. They can be informative, engaging, and persuasive because they're so easy for customers to understand.

Share explainer videos to generate more leads or to get more qualified leads by placing explainer videos on websites, blogs or sharing via emails and posting on social media.

4. Holiday Wishes Video Campaign

We know how important it is to show your customers that you care about them.

That's why we recommend sending out personalized videos as part of your marketing efforts during the holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries since these are perfect occasions for building strong relationships with potential consumers!

5. Show Social Proof with Testimonial/Case Study Videos

Testimonial case studies are an engaging way to show your prospective customers exactly what they will get with one of the ____ products. Testimonials videos provide social proof and lasting impressions.

Video testimonials are better than text-based since watching is easier than reading long paragraphs. Additionally, these short videos can serve as powerful demos in conference rooms when showing off new features or in product exhibitions.

6. Thank You Videos

"Thank you" is a great follow-up strategy!

Introducing your business through personalized thank you messages can effectively establish relationships and generate leads.

You can send a thank you video to the leads that came through your website forms or to event attendees for webinar attendees or your existing clients (this way, they might retain your services with the personal connection and might as well refer you to other prospects)

7. New Product Launch Announcement

You can run an email marketing campaign for a new product launch. Explain the key features of the product and an exclusive offer you are running for a limited period.

You can also make a short video with added features to the existing product, explain how the new improvement or feature benefits your clients or leads, and share it with your audience. Instead of sending a generic message; you can personalize the message.

Tips to Humanizing Content with Personalized Video Email Marketing

  • Introduce your company to your leads with personalized videos.
  • Nurture your buyers with personalized follow-ups campaigns
  • Introducing your sales team and customer support team with a unique video and share across
  • Place your CTA's strategically on the website, blogs, or email, so your prospects can reach you hassle-free and generate qualified leads.
  • Have a sensible thumbnail
  • Keep an eye on the video's loading time.
  • Make eye contact and talk about relevant points.
  • Make sure you record your video in a relevant background and with good lighting.

Closing Thoughts

You are not inventing anything new by adding personalized video to your marketing strategy. Instead, you are practicing the age-old element of humanizing the content.

But make sure you have your buyer's segmentation and personal before sending out those email campaigns or before using the videos on your website or blogs.

Variables like age, geographic location, purchase intent, past purchases, and products or services matter when segmenting your buyers.

To increase your personalized video engagement, monitor your marketing efforts, analyze the video campaign's metrics, and make changes accordingly.

To drive views, response rate, click-through rate, and conversions with videos, signup for a VideoForm and take a free trial today!