I'm sure you send standard, uninteresting emails to your consumers about the next destination. E-mails, on the other hand, are no longer effective in swaying customers' opinions. This is where video personalization enters the picture…

Video personalization is an important tool for travel companies to connect with potential customers.

By using video, companies can create a more personalized experience for each individual, which can help to increase conversion rates and encourage people to book trips.

Hence, there is a way to make travel offer more fun and personal - and it's called video personalization. Keep reading to learn more about the importance and ideas for personalization marketing for the travel & tourism industry.

Importance of Personalization in the Travel Industry

Personalization marketing offers the key to success for any business, especially in the travel industry.

It's no secret that consumers are willing to spend more when they feel like their trip was tailored specifically to meet their needs. Personalizing can be done by using various methods such as:

  • Offering different types of packages with varying levels of amenities, price points, and locations (e.g., beach package vs. ski package)
  • Customizing itineraries based on customer preferences or availability
  • Making suggestions about what destinations might interest a specific customer; this technique is known as "Destination profiling."
  • Suggesting add-ons such as excursions, spa treatments, etc.,
Video personalization

There are a few different ways that you can use video personalization. One way is to use customer data to create targeted videos that appear when someone visits the company's website.

You can easily do this with VideoForm; all you need is a few data points taken from CRM about the customer like name, age, interests, etc., to start with personalization marketing.

It is usually done by analyzing past purchases, interests, and location data. Companies can also use customer data to create custom landing pages for each visitor, showing them relevant videos based on their interests and preferences.

Finally, companies can send personalized video messages to customers who have already booked trips.

5 Ways Personalized Marketing Can Be Used in the Travel Industry

1. Tailored Recommendations

Sending targeted offers and deals to customers who have shown an interest in travel or a certain destination is a great way to attract customers.

Tailored recommendations made before or during the booking process are one-way travel companies employ personalization marketing. This may be done in various ways, such as gathering information from prior bookings or through CRM data.

With the help of dynamic personalization, you can create videos that offer wise suggestions for hotels, the size of the room they should choose, or rooms that are ideal for their budget once they have chosen a specific itinerary.

See an example by clicking here!

2. Creating Exclusive Experiences and VIP Programs for Loyal Customers

This is a great way to retain them. In addition, customers will feel special, valued, and appreciated when they are offered rewards such as free drinks or access to certain parts of the travel destination.

Personalized videos

It's also effective in creating word-of-mouth marketing because people love talking about their wonderful experiences at your establishment!

The key is making sure that these offers are attractive enough for customers to want them while still being affordable.

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3. Personalizing Customer Experience Before, During, and After Their Trip

(Through communication like email, social media marketing, etc.)

By addressing customers by their first name, for example, or mentioning something that they've shared on social media, businesses can make customers feel appreciated and valued. This personal touch can go a long way in building customer loyalty for travel brands.

Engage customers with videos

By taking the time to understand each customer's unique needs and preferences, businesses can better tailor their communications to ensure that each interaction is relevant and meaningful.

This makes customers feel appreciated and demonstrates that the business genuinely cares about its customers' satisfaction.

3. Leverage Video Analytics

Businesses can use video data analytics to understand customer behavior. Video analytics involves measuring, modeling, and understanding customer behavior.

You can use this information to improve customer experience and create more effective marketing campaigns for travel agencies.

Businesses can use video analytics by tracking whether the customers watched the video or clicked on the CTA button. Use this information to determine which is popular and which areas need improvement.

By tracking how customers interact with videos, businesses can determine whether or not the campaign was successful. You can use video analytics to understand how customers behave on websites.

4. Use Geotargeting

Personalizing marketing messages to specific geographic areas or regions is a great way to find success.


For example, sending a video message about a special offer on flights to London to people in the UK or a message about a special offer on hotel rooms in Paris to people in France.

5. Personalize Videos Based on Holidays, Birthdays or Anniversary

Personalized videos are an excellent way to make customers feel special. When you send a personalized video on their birthday, the recipient will know that you took time out of your day to put together something just for them.

And when they receive it on their birthday or anniversary (or any other day), it'll mean more than any card could ever say; we all know how much meaning is found in memories and moments captured on video!

Make sure to send a personalized anniversary travel offer with this template. It is sure to bring in more potential visitors.

Data That Speaks For Itself

Here are some data on video personalization marketing efforts with promotional content and social media platforms:

  • 57% of consumers are interested in connecting with companies that contribute positively to their everyday lives through personalized experiences (source: Think with Google).
  • Customers are 31% more likely to pay a higher price for travel experiences based on their behavior profiles (source: Think with Google).
  • According to a recent survey, only 31% of marketers think that the Travel & Tourism sector uses customization tools effectively. This emphasizes developing further in such a dynamic and healthy field.

Ready To Use Dynamic Personalization?

The power of personalized marketing is undeniable. Luckily for you, we've rounded up 5 different ways that companies in the travel space are using personalization successfully and increase brand loyalty.

We hope these ideas will inspire you when considering how best to move forward with personalizing your travel & tourism brand!