The best salesmen are not necessarily the ones that can sell ice to an Eskimo. It's actually the one who can get inside their prospect’s head and understand how they think, feel, and act.

Using psychology in your conversations with customers is a great way to make sure you hit home with them.

Keep reading if you want some helpful tips on using sales psychology tricks in your next sales conversation with examples & transcripts to start conversations in the video.

9  Sales Psychology Tips and Tricks You Must Know To Start Your Sales Conversation

How does your first conversation start? Just like any conversation, it begins with salutations. Enquiring about general things like "How are you?" It's a great way of starting because it genuinely shows your concern.

But with almost every salesperson beginning the conversation with the exact phrase, do you think you can make the most of your precious time slot?

How can you have different conversations in the initial 1-min of the introduction or write to your prospects or potential buyer? We are talking about the immediate opening lines that come after the generic salutations.

You can start with the below sales psychology tips to sell more:

1. Understand the Goals and Ask About Your Prospects' Story

Identify your prospect's goals and tailor your video message to address specific objectives your prospects might be keen on. In psychological selling, showing interest in your prospect's story and asking about it can provide key insights into their requirements.

2. Understand Cognitive Bias

Understanding the psychology of humans and cognitive biases will help you develop an effective sales pitch and make exciting conversations. Understanding consumer behavior concepts come in handy for you as a salesperson and improves your conversational abilities and communication skills.

These mental shortcuts of understanding the cognitive biases are called heuristics.

They are used to analyze the tremendous amounts of information we receive daily and to make cognitive decision-making and solve problems.

Heuristics can be like the mental shortcuts that help us in decision making and decrease the pressure.

Examples: The use of trial & error, rule of thumb, a guess, historic data analysis. etc.

3. Flaunt Your Expertise to Build Credibility

You can't be a effective salesman if your customer doesn't trust you. The more authoritative and trusted that YOU become, the easier it will be for prospects to buy from YOU!

Your product is more than just a sales pitch! Your expertise and experience should be highlighted in order for prospects to trust what they hear from you.

If it's software, talk about how your team works with visionary developers who have been behind some of the most innovative products on this planet; if there are physical goods being sold then focus primarily on research studies that back up why these particular solutions work better than others.

4. The Anchoring Effect

Your prospects give more weightage to the first information they receive, and that information is anchored in their brains. Any subsequent opinions formed are based on the initial information alone. The initial information is the deciding factor for subsequent decisions made.

Anchoring Effect

So, use this information to your advantage and make conversations. The first information you provide to your prospects should hit the bulls-eye to make them decide to favor you and your products/services.

A price drop!
A price drop on your products or services as a Christmas offer or thanksgiving sale makes your prospect think that the services or products are affordable and give a good deal for them. Your prospect will remember this information and make a biased purchase subsequently, too.

5. The Ambiguity Effect

Ambiguity plays with mistrust your prospects have about things they don't understand.

Make sure you give the right amount of information in a crisp and easy-to-understand way. Tell a compelling story that your prospect can register in his brain while making a decision.

When you send a video email explaining your products and services to your prospects, you are personalizing and humanizing the experience and simplifying it to them.

Remember not to overload your prospect with information on your first video message. Focus on key points and highlight how you are creating value.

6. The Bandwagon Effect

This effect deals with the trust your prospects have in social proof. Your prospects make decisions based on recommendations and testimonials from other customers.

Customer Testimonial

Make the most of this and share some customer experience and testimonials regarding your products and services. A video testimonial works best to create a better impact.

Let your customers talk about it and get that dialogue running on social media. Work on case studies that you can share with prospects to close the deal. Social proof is a powerful tool, and it hits the right chord with prospects.

7. The Confirmation Effect

Confirmation bias is explained as finding proof to validate the preconceived notions. Your prospects might have some gathered information and might want to see evidence only on similar descripts.

Confirmation Effect

Listen to what your prospects might have to say and provide supporting information accordingly. Start your sales conversations in the same tone and pitch your products and services accordingly.

It's not easy to disprove your prospects' notions. So, make the most of it by presenting an argument that supports their beliefs about particular information and caters to them. It's not easy to change your prospects' preconceptions.

8. Use Storytelling to Make an Impact

The power of storytelling can be used to make a difference and change perceptions. Storytelling helps the storyteller to address their audience on a personal level.

Knowing your audience and what you want them to do after they've heard your story will help you craft a more compelling narrative.

For storytelling to be successful, it needs to connect with its listeners emotionally. For this reason, sharing true stories from someone's own experiences is one of the most powerful methods - because it can connect with all of us on an extremely deep level.

It has been scientifically proven that relatable customer success stories are more powerful than simply listing out all your benefits. This helps motivate prospects into taking whatever desired action you want them to take!

9. The Halo Effect in Sales

The Halo effect is the first impression effect. The Halo effect is a phenomenon where prospects tend to be influenced by the positive impressions of a person, company, or brand. The prospects also get judgmental about previous performances.

Halo Effect

If your prospects like one aspect of your content, they are more likely to judge the entire content positively and base their opinion of the rest of your content released in the future based on their initial impression.

First impressions are essential. If you can make an impression within the first 90 seconds, you'll sparkle a connection. Sales reps making your first impressions must most likely lead to positive associations and even a sale.  

A video prospecting email is best suited to make your first impression in under 90. secs. You can plan a script, add an attractive thumbnail, deliver your pitch, and send it across with a CTA; what is better than this!

In your video, try to mirror your prospects' mannerisms if possible. This will help you hit that chord. This can include your posture, the tone, volume of your speech, and facial expressions. Use this to your advantage in your sales pitches to come up with a solution to your prospect's challenges.

Focus your sales pitch on the best element of your product/service and let that halo shine on your prospects.

Video Script Examples To Start A Conversation And Ask The Right Questions

Using the information mentioned above, we came up with some video scripts for you to get inspired from or use as they are in a situation you might encounter in your sales life cycle.


1. Ask a Personal Question

Ask the right questions in your video pitch to engage your prospects. Here is a scenario for you.

If you are a sales rep, writing to your prospect that you came across on Linkedin or some social media platform and want to drop a cold video email, asking questions will make them feel valued and make them think that you are making an effort to know them.

Hi Mark,

I saw you on LinkedIn, and I believe we know Chris from XYZ company as a mutual connect.

I am a sales head at ABC company, and my services/products have helped many businesses achieve their revenue targets.

I would like to understand your current goals and what you would be passionate about working on.

I am keen to dive into understanding your biggest challenges that are preventing you from achieving your goals.

Would you please book an appointment by clicking on the calendar button to explore more?

Thank you,
Jane, talk soon!

2. Providing Social Proof

As we spoke earlier, provide social proof to your prospects, creating the bandwagon effect. Your prospects will appreciate you coming forward to show them proof that your products and services work in real-time.

Here is a script for you to talk about social proof in your video content. Don't forget to share or attach the testimonial or case studies you have created along with your video email and add a CTA, so your prospects can immediately fix an appointment to discuss details with you.

Hi Mark,

Glad to connect again!

Continuing our last conversation, I want to share what our clients say about our products/services and how they created value for their business. If you have a minute, please watch this client testimonial video.

I also came up with a case study on how we can solve your business challenges. This is customized to address your business issues, and I believe our product team has done a good job.

Do have a look and let me know if you want to discuss further.

For your convenience, I am adding my calendar to let you pick your convenient time and date for our follow-up discussion.

Have a good day!

3. Announcing Free Trial/ Discounts/Price Drop

Create the Anchoring Effect by sending out those video emails announcing a price drop or a free trial that you curated specifically for your prospects. Make them feel special and valued.

A tailor-made offer just for them makes them associate positively with your brand.

Here is what you can say:

Hi Mark,

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am excited to share with you the special offer we curated just for you! Yes! You heard that right. I was hoping you could give our product/service a try, absolutely free, for 7 days.

Use it and know for yourself if it's worth investing.

I am sharing the credentials for this offer below as text.

Also, I have screen recorded the product demo video for you to understand "how it works quickly."

Have fun experimenting!

4. Work on Your First Impressions

How do you create an impact with your first video email? Using a hyper-personalized opener always works and it is one of the praised sales tips and tricks!

There's a tremendous amount of insight available on your prospects through social media like LinkedIn in most cases.

While reaching out to prospects on LinkedIn, research your prospect's needs, make a list of what they are looking for currently, and hyper customize your pitch and solution.

Another way of opening is by asking them questions and asking if they can guide you. This way, you are making a connection and starting a conversation without directly jumping into pitching.

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What better way to do this than send a personalized video email?

Let's get started!

Oh, wait! But what will you say in your video? Here's what you can say:

Hey Mark,

I notice you used to work at [COMPANY], how did you find the culture there?
A friend of mine also went to the same [UNIVERSITY] like you.

Looks like we have a common connection here.

It is very impressive to see you climb up the ladder very quickly, from SDR to account manager at [CURRENT COMPANY];

I would appreciate your mentorship and welcome a chance to talk to you in detail sometime.

Would you please respond to my CTA if you are interested in mentoring me?


Use the above scripts and psychology facts to have meaningful sales conversations.

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