Just like the saying goes, "a picture is worth a thousand words." This holds true when it comes to selling your product or service. In this virtual era where anonymity is common, it is very easy to forget that there is a real person on the other end of an email or phone call.

Sales personnel's personality or their name is something prospects fail to connect within the process of remote selling. Perhaps that is the main reason for the deals not getting closed quicker. There is no way your prospect could know anything more about you as a salesperson beyond the information you provide them with.

But putting a human face on your email, on your proposals, and pitching can make all the difference in your business.

Find out how you can put a face on your name by reading this blog post!

Introduce Yourself With Rich Media Content

Put A Face To The Name

When you first write to your prospects, that is the time to connect with them at a personal level, make deeper connections, and make those initial impressions.

A boring text email won't cut it anymore. in fact, It might end up in a spam folder.

7 Ways You Can Put A Face To The Name

1. Send An Email With A Personalized Video

Video Email

Let them see your face and watch you talk.

Sound excited and enthusiastic about connecting and assuring your prospects that there is a human behind that email.

Personalized video emails are better than video calls or any video conferencing apps because they don't have a time limit, neither demands an active internet service or internet connection at a particular moment, or requires the presence of your prospect for a personal meeting.

Prospects can watch your video at any time and take an actionable response. Isn't this the greatest introductory email there ever was?

There is an ease of use to such video prospecting tools that come with professional features that convey your strong voice and build trust with your prospects.

There! You have already made the best first impression, and the rest is all about follow-up and coming up with an offer your prospects can't reject.

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2. Add A Picture To Your Email Signature

Email Signature

Since email is the most common method of communication these days, it makes so much sense to personalize your emails and add your picture to the email signature.

Always add a display picture to your messaging apps, emails, and other channels that you use, to communicate with prospects. Make your prospects know that you are a person on the other side of the texts and words.

Slash that anonymity and give it a name and personality.

3. Connect With Prospects On Social Media Platforms

Look for your prospects on social media channels & networking channels like Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and content contributing channels like Medium to strike a conversation whenever possible.

Be active on your social channels, speak your mind, and show your vibrant self. You won't go unnoticed. You could connect further on virtual meetings with prospects.

4. Humanize Your Product Or Service Demo Video

With increasing animation content and infographic content, there's hardly any facetime your prospects might get to assure them that there is a strong team of individuals behind all the efforts.

To beat that, add team images or footage of a team working to your demo videos and try to humanize the content as much as possible.

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5. Create A Follow-Up Video That Is Personalized And Customizable

This helps you connect with your prospects by showing you more than just words and another promise of delivery.

This also makes your prospects connect with you at a cellular level, realizing that you are a real, living person and not another conversational bot that automatically sends out follow-up emails.

6. Provide Pictures Of Employees & Team On The Website

It's always a good idea to share team pictures on your company website. It builds trust.

Your prospects will definitely do their background check on your business when you send a proposal or sales pitch. The first thing they stumble upon in this process is your company website.  So, make it interesting!

7. Feature Testimonials Videos From Happy Customers

As humans, we trust each other's words more. Hence word of mouth works better than any marketing and sales strategy.

Create video testimonials of your existing clients who would vouch for you and your products or services and share them across with your prospects. This will definitely get you a meeting with prospects.

Always Push For A Video Conference Over A Phone Call For One-On-One Time

Your efforts of connecting with prospects paid off finally, and you got that call to sit down and discuss final numbers with prospects. What would you do?

Remember! This is a real-time conversation. So, when you finally get that opportunity, encourage your prospects to join you on a conference call or a virtual meeting for that one-on-one face time. Turn the camera on, smile, and sound confident.

The deal is yours!

Now that you know how to put faces with names and win your prospects' confidence, we will tell you about a tool that provides ease of use.

Take a free trial and know for yourself!