Videos in Real Estate have begun to garner a lot of attention lately. More and more realtors started to implement videos into their marketing strategy.

Videos are a revolution in marketing.

Videos alone have the ability to pack a lot of emotional and visual stimuli, all in one go. It has also been found that videos have a greater retention rate when compared to any other means of information.

It especially works wonders for Real Estate because the field revolves around the emotional quotient of customers.

With that established, it wouldn’t be wrong to predict that video marketing is here to stay.

Why Is Real Estate Video Marketing So Important Today?

COVID-19 has created an unprecedented predicament to a lot of industries and Real Estate is one of them. With the painfully less capacity of a realtor to show the properties to his clients in real time , the industry has come to a standstill.

Thanks to Video Advertising that realtors and real estate agencies are now able to reach to their clients virtually.

The foundation of real estate is based on Trust and it cannot be won without the client thoroughly examining the property. The clients usually visit and revisit the site multiple times to get that extra sense of assurance.

In the midst of a pandemic like this, getting to do the same with nothing but your fingertips is a HUGE relief!

That is video marketing for you.

In fact, real estate agencies with video content garnered 403% more traffic when compared to agencies without them.

The reality is right in front of you.

How To Create Real Estate Videos On A Low Budget

The moment we hear “shooting”, we visualize a fancy SLR camera with expensive lighting and of course, a make-up man. But in marketing, this is seldom true.

Here’s the fact - people are looking for genuine content. Super fancy and over the top video are likely to be less trusted upon.

For recording videos for your real estate business, you could just use a smartphone with a good quality camera.

However, you must ensure that your video is neither shaky nor shady. It is always a good idea to shoot in sunlight. It instantly lights up the video and enhances quality. An additional light source would definitely be an added advantage. Besides, investing in a flexible tripod can save you a lot of money.

If you have the budget to level up your video marketing game a bit further, investing in a drone is a good idea.

A neatly taken video with decent visibility is enough to woo your customers. It will also complement your brand image.

Simultaneously, it is also important to have real yet great content in the video.

Firstly, find someone who has a compelling voice and flair in narration. This very human element in the video can add humongous value to your marketing strategy. It is also simpler to convey more about your business when a person is doing it.

Besides, it is always better to start with having a concrete premise and script, if not in the paper, in your mind at least.

After, your well-conceived script is shot, use video editing tools for the post production.There are tonnes of them in the market. Here are a few nice picks-

But remember! The key is to stay as close to reality.

How To Use Videos In Real Estate Marketing

The Sky's the limit when it comes to videos.

You can be absolutely creative while making them as long as they are relevant.

However, here are some tried and tested Use Cases of Video Marketing in Real Estate.

1. Videos For Brand Awareness

This is an absolute must-have for any business and real estate is no exception.

Brand awareness is one of the first and immediate benefits you can fetch out of video marketing. Brand Videos have the ability to take your agency right into your potential customer’s screens.

Make videos that talk all about your business, highlighting the values and goodwill. These videos especially work much better when they are of good quality and have a great story line.

2. Virtual Property Tours

Property tours are hands down the best bid for Real Estate video marketing.

A prospect can virtually walk through the entire property - inside and outside - even before contacting your agency for the first time. This is one way to entice your prospects into taking the next step.

You could also show the amenities, neighborhood, parking and other facilities of the property.

Aerial footage of properties have been garnering a lot of popularity lately. Such visuals too can be added in the property tour video to give your prospect that extra dose of information.

Besides fetching sales, property tour videos save a lot of your time and that of the prospects. Time saved is indeed money saved.

Property tours are also great for generating leads and figuring out which website visitors show interest in new properties and are potential clients.

3. Client Testimonial Videos

Client testimonial videos can be the biggest sales drivers.

It is said that 67% of consumers go through up to 6 reviews before trusting business and 64% of viewers are more likely to purchase after watching a video.

Video testimonials are a combination of these two highly converting strategies.

When a prospect watches a client speak well about you, he instantly builds trust. This is because of the human connection they form. And videos are a lot more effective than the regular text ones because it is as good as a word of mouth recommendation.

You could either record a video of your client giving his feedback or ask your client to send a self-recorded video.

There are so many other videos that you could make for leveling up your real estate video marketing strategy. Videos with you answering FAQs, educational videos for clients, top property listings, etc. are some suggestions that you could try.

7 Video Marketing Strategies For Real Estate Agencies

Well, you know the types of videos you can create to boost your real estate marketing. It’s time to show you how to create the best videos of each type. Below are a couple of tips to keep in mind when creating your real estate video.

1. Create Emotional Content

Real Estate is an industry that is largely dominated by emotions. Customers feel quite personally for the properties they buy. You could use this very aspect to your benefit in video marketing. Add human elements that stimulate emotions and instantly give your prospects a sense of assurance.

This could be a client sharing their experience or a team member narrating in the video. The possibilities are ample.

2. Make Consumable Videos

The world is fast-paced. So keep your videos aligned to their pace. Unnecessarily lengthy videos can be quite off-putting. Every extra second can cost you a prospect. Find the ideal length for your video that lets you fit all the content in, without making things too dragged out.

Videos with a duration of less than a minute tend to retain more than 80% of its views until the last second.

This is huge and rare.

You could use this to your advantage by making videos less than a minute.

3. Mean What You Show

Video marketing is your opportunity to stay true to your audience.

Use this opportunity to keep your work culture, customer relations, etc transparent. This way your prospects would feel inclined towards your agency.

4. Create A Video Sales Funnel

Use your video marketing videos at different stages of the Sales Funnel. Have a clear plan as to what video would be shown to which prospect and at what stage. Keep building the impact  with every stage.

You can, in fact, build a whole video marketing sales funnel with all the above use cases.

5. Start Using Virtual Reality

Trust me! Virtual Reality 3D Tours and Property videos are here to stay. Such videos have their own ways of making a person feel like they own the object.

In fact, research found that VR has an affect on a customer's cognitive, emotional, behavioral, sensory, and social responses. Exploit this very aspect to give your customer the best video experience .

6. Add A Touch Of Drama

You heard it right.

Keep an eye on your competitors and be a little extra in whatever you do.

For this, you might have to come up with a unique strategy that aligns to your brand values. Market yourself as the best choice for real estate.

7. Tell A Story

Humans fall for stories.

Videos that tell great stories to connect to the audience at an emotional level, compelling them to feel personally for your brand.

For this, you might need a strong script and a great narrator who can bring the script to life.

Boost Real Estate Conversions With VideoForm

There are a lot of tools that you could use in your video marketing strategy. is one such tool that lets you interact with your prospects face-to-face.

VideoForm lets you record your own video, embed it on your website and receive responses from prospects  in the form of video, audio or text, directly on the platform. In the real estate business, this is proving to be useful for a variety of use cases.

With a global pandemic underway, it is impossible to meet your prospective clients and show them on a tour around the property they wish to purchase. VideoForm solves this problem by allowing you to create an interactive virtual house tour, complete with your own personal touch! Here's an example:

That’s not all - you can use VideoForm to collect testimonials from existing customers as social proof for new clients, receive feedback on your real estate agents, even schedule calls and meeting on Calendly!

Check out VideoForm Free today, and find out how you can power up your lead generation strategy and take your real estate business to the next level!

The Last Word

Video marketing is amazing. It has the potential to change the way you market your real estate agency. But it is very important to keep them relevant.

For this, all you have to do is stand in the shoes of your audience and understand them. Make videos that would be truly valued by them.

With the prevailing times of pandemic, Videos are definitely be the best choice for a strong marketing strategy.