Love em or hate em, videos are here to stay. If brands want sales, they need video content in their marketing strategy. Video is proven to convert at a higher rate than other types of content and it will make your brand more memorable

Video marketing is easy to consume by the audience and helps in reaching new audiences.

In fact, according to HubSpot, using a video on your landing pages can increase the conversion rate by 80%.

Each brand has its own strategy and its reason to use videos in its marketing strategy; it has a wide range of scope, be it increasing brand awareness, creating educational videos with better visuals, or boosting the on-page and off-page SEO.

Let's get right down to business...

Top 7 Reasons Brands Should Make Videos

Each brand has its own strategy and its reason to use videos in its marketing strategy; it has a wide range of scope, be it increasing brand awareness, creating educational videos with better visuals, or boosting the on-page and off-page SEO.

Here, I have devised the top 5 reasons why brands should make videos in 2021.

1. Prospects Love Face-to-Face Interaction

Cold calling on the phone or via email can often get boring and lacks the much-needed empathy. A video message is an effective tool and has a better chance of building that personal connection.

Face to Face Video

Personalized videos can often make your customers feel important and help build a long-term and strong relationship between both parties. Video marketing is amongst the best practices used by brands nowadays.

By making a personalized video for your customers or your prospects show that their business is important to you, and you are investing your time in understanding it.

It allows your customers to see how your words and your actions align with each other and builds much-needed credibility.

A better exchange of ideas can be done through a video message and your customer or your client will feel connected with you and actively listen to you.

An interactive video can be used to easily explain your entire product, demonstrate its features, and answer all the frequently asked questions.

2. To Boost Sales

Video marketing is a strategy that adds a fun element to your content and has a better chance of compelling people to click on a call to action. Videos are extremely loved by people as they are fun and pretty easy to consume.

People love videos and it has a critical role in engaging more traffic and user engagement on your website. You can see a large amount of positive change in your conversion rate as videos have a huge impact on the buyer's purchase decision-making process.

Let's look at these statistics below:

  • In the market, video marketing is used by 90% of marketers to execute their marketing campaigns successfully.
  • An increase of 6% can be seen by adding a "video" word in your email subject line.
  • The subscriber engagement improved by 41% by embedding video thumbnails in emails.
  • Struggling with the click-through rate? 300% of it can be improved just by using video content in the email.

Still doubting whether you should use video or not?

Try incorporating videos in your emails today and see how your open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates improve.

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3. Increase Brand Awareness Through Video Views And Shares Across Multiple Platforms

Surviving in the corporate world is tough as the competition is fierce. Are people even aware that your brand exists in the market?

One reason brands use videos is to increase brand awareness and attract new viewers and audiences to their social media pages and websites.

Brand Video

You can use a short piece of video along with your email to act as a cherry on the cake as it's eye-catching and can build your brand awareness. While building brand awareness, the first and foremost step is to set clear goals.

Be clear with the purpose of your video and have clear data-centric research on your target audience. You need to segment your target audience to increase your chances of conversion and continue appealing to new customers while still engaging with the existing audience to cover a wide arena.

While making the video to increase your brand awareness, the true purpose of the video will be served when you grab your client's attention in the first five seconds or at first glance!

An ideal video for increasing brand awareness should include the following:

  • Introduction of your brand in a unique way
  • Engage in storytelling
  • Explain the areas of your business
  • Tell your customer about the problems that you can solve

Do remember that a good video should have solid research as its foundation to make informative videos!

4. To Educate Your Customers

As a marketer, have you ever thought about what all it takes to make an amazing piece of educational video marketing? Well, when your customers are looking for information, you must educate them.

Educational videos are commonly known as "how-to" videos and can act as a quick and easier way for your potential leads to knowing the much-needed information.

Educate Your Customers

Educating through videos not only increases memory and learning but also helps in search engine optimization as it easily spreads through social media generating the much-needed organic traffic.

Whether it's about a new feature or some exciting giveaway, you have to make the most out of it by giving your customers the answers they are looking for.

Your existing customers and the new users of your product will have faith in you when they will see that you are educating them instead of selling.

Once you have taught your client something new in unique ways, they will be looking forward to more, and that would create interest and create curiosity towards your brand.

Your clients are constantly looking for answers too and you just have to make sure that you embrace the expertise in your business.

Teach them something new, help them acquire a new and in-demand skill, and always keep customer satisfaction as your topmost priority.

5. To Build Brand Authority

To emerge as an expert in your respective niche, you need to build the brand authority of your business in the eyes of their customers.

Videos are a fun and easy way to build brand authority amongst your target market. Your brand should show up in search results they are making a google search about a particular niche to build brand authority.

If your clients feel that their query is resolved after watching your video, then they will have faith in your brand and their curiosity will compel them to explore more about your offerings.

Remember to include a clear-cut and detailed explanation in a simple language that can be understood by your clients easily and provide them with the solutions that they were looking for.

This will serve the true purpose of the video to your clients, increase brand equity and authority.

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Video Sales Landing Pages

6. Video Adds Human Touch

Video is a great way to show and tell stories. Even more so, it can be humanizing by showing someone's personality in an engaging manner that may otherwise go unnoticed!

The use of video as a storytelling medium has been around since its invention. The ability for marketers and salespeople such as yourself to take advantage of this creative tool should not be passed up.

After all, we're living amidst information overload these days where prospects want quick results without necessarily giving much attention whatsoever.

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7. Video Results Are Measurable

Yes. There are many other things you should take into consideration when measuring the success of your video campaign, but video analytics is one of the most important ones to measure while you're optimizing your campaign.

Video Analytics

With Videoform’s video analytics feature, you can measure the open rates and click through rates of the video.

All In All

As video marketing is becoming more and more popular, affordable, and widespread amongst the social media community, thus it's the right time to invest in video marketing now as the importance of video is increasing.

Both big brands and small businesses are realizing the importance of video and are indulging in creating video content.

Still, processing whether you should indulge in video marketing or not? Well, it's one of the most efficient and effective ways to reach your target audience and new viewers in this modern era, especially on cell phones and social channels.

A powerful video marketing strategy helps to increase brand equity, conversion rate, and sales but makes an impact on the audience as well! Sign up for Videoform now!